$18 million fully guaranteed at signing for Trey Burton in Chicago

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The Eagles didn’t want to keep him. The Bears couldn’t wait to pounce on him.

Tight end Trey Burton intends to sign with the Bears after the new league year begins. Here’s a breakdown of his deal.

1. Signing bonus: $7.5 million.

2. 2018 base salary (fully guaranteed): $2.8 million.

3. 2018 roster bonus (due on fifth day of league year; fully guaranteed): $1 million.

4. 2019 base salary (fully guaranteed): $6.7 million.

5. 2020 base salary ($4 million guaranteed for injury at signing; fully guaranteed on third day of 2019 league year): $6.7 million.

6. 2021 base salary: $6 million.

7. 2021 roster bonus (due fifth day of league year): $1 million.

He also has workout bonuses of $100,000 per year for 2019, 2020, and 2021. The deal likewise includes annual incentives of up to $700,000 for receptions, receiving yards, and Pro Bowl.

As written, $18 million is fully guaranteed at signing. As a practical matter, he’ll likely have $22 million guaranteed, since it’s unlikely he’ll be cut before the third day of the next league year, given that his 2019 base salary of $6.7 million is fully guaranteed.

8 responses to “$18 million fully guaranteed at signing for Trey Burton in Chicago

  1. Got him in one of the last rounds of my dynasty draft waiting for this moment. Dude is a baller and will be the young QBs top target and safety valve. The bears kid basically only threw the ball to the TE until his leg exploded. Trey is going to explode in this offense.

  2. Followed him since he came to UF. A true class act. He visited a sick friend of mine in the hospital several times because my friend was a big Gator fan, really brought a smile to his face in his last days. I am not sure that the “Eagles didn’t want him” so much as they are dealing with cap issues. He is definitely underrated and is a great addition to the Bears.

  3. If he’s so butthurt over the eagles, tell him to resign from the bears and come back to the eagles for a fully guaranteed minimum

    We loved you Trey, and you’re welcome back anytime. But the eagles gave you a chance when no other team did and you slowly flourished. Now you get paid. Don’t hit back at the Eagles man

  4. Eagles absolutely would’ve kept him but they knew they didn’t have any money to give him a respectable offer. Is it more disrespectful to say thanks for your time, we can’t afford you, OR offering some ridiculous Jordy Nelsonesque lowball offer?

  5. The Eagles wanted him.

    They didn’t want an $8 million salary for a 2nd or 3rd TE that is undersized and not a good blocker.

    They already have one subpar blocker in Ertz. They need another Celek now.

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