Brees has $20.7 million in 2018 base cash

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The below-market deal signed by Saints quarterback Drew Brees is even more below-market than believed.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that Brees’ contract includes a $10.5 million signing bonus and a $10.2 million base salary in 2018. That’s $20.7 million in base compensation.

Brees also can earn up to $3.3 million in incentives. Without knowing the triggers, it’s hard to know how easy or hard it will be to hit the numbers.

If the $3.3 million in incentives are classified as “likely to be earned” (which doesn’t mean they are actually likely to be earned), Brees’ cap number for 2018 will be $24.75 million.

Per Yates, the cap number in 2018 is due to be $33.5 million, which could force the Saints to make a difficult decision if they notice any decline in Brees as he approaches his 40th birthday next January.

6 responses to “Brees has $20.7 million in 2018 base cash

  1. Nice work by his agent on this deal….he really earned his 3%. Hahahahaha! What a joke that any agent would even accept any payment for negotiating this laugher of a deal. Perhaps his agent works for the owner? Appears so.

  2. and the Vikings are paying Kirk Cousins the world for nothing but potential. I think most Saints fan should feel pretty comfortable this upcoming season with their cap and QB situation.

  3. What a mess this league has become in producing and developing the next wave of QBs. It’s appalling that 2 of the 3 best QBs in the league are at their 40’s! I get that we have a few upstarts (Wilson, Ryan, Wentz) but where are the 10 other “above average-to-very good” level of guys in their 30s to stand with Rodgers and Big Ben??? And don’t give me Rivers. This league has far more bad QBs than good and in 5 years when Brady, Ben, Rodgers & Brees are all gone it’s going to be much, much worse.

  4. I blame high school and college. I’m a Purdue grad and saw all of Drew Brees’s career and Kyle Orton after him. We produced QB’s ready for the NFL. That’s not the focus now and it’s a lot to expect it to begin once they get there.

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