Browns expected to sign Carlos Hyde

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Running back Carlos Hyde played his college football at Ohio State and he’s reportedly heading back to the state to continue his professional career.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Browns are expected to sign Hyde once free agency opens on Wednesday afternoon. It is set to be a three-year deal worth more than $15 million with Hyde earning $6 million for the 2018 season.

Hyde, who joined the 49ers as a second-round pick in 2014, is coming off a 16-start season that saw him run 240 times for 938 yards and eight touchdowns. He also caught a career-high 59 passes after catching 50 over his first three seasons in the league.

He’ll join Duke Johnson in the Browns backfield and will be part of an offense that’s also adding wide receiver Jarvis Landry and quarterback Tyrod Taylor in a pair of trades.

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  1. Is this guy rly all that much better than Isaiah Crowell?? Smh. Fail.

    SF didn’t even want to keep him, and the 49ers are definitely on the rise. Which should tell you the Browns are getting a stagnant/declining player. He’s not going to get any better and, if anything, his best days are behind him.

    If trading for Taylor and signing Hyde makes the Browns believe they no longer need to take Saquon and a QB at #1 & #4…this should scare Cleveland fans more than excite them.

    It’s going to be like passing on Wentz and Watson all over again.

    Then they’ll draft another Weeden, Quinn, Hogan type in the mid rounds…smh lol

  2. Really interesting Draft implications here. Does this mean the Browns have no interest whatsoever in Barkley? Is Darnold a lock at #1 or do they surprise everyone and go a different position entirely, perhaps Bradley Chubb?

  3. If Cleveland goes non QB at 1 it will be Chubb. But……i think they will take Darnold and trade 4 to the Bills.

  4. Dorsey never drafts a Rb in first rd let alone first overall…Rb by committee…he’s taking Donald 1st then trading 4th pick to Buffalo for their 12th,22nd and thier late 2nd or 3rd rd they gave for taylor…just what I think…sounds logical tho !

  5. Thankfully this puts am end to the Barkley talk. This team is in dire need of secondary help. I can’t help but think Minkah was always the guy at 4, possibly a trade back with a team in range to still get Ward. Dorsey gets it!

  6. Well AFC North O Line coaches looks like you’re gonna have your hands full with Chubbs and Garrett. Good luck with all of that….

  7. How does this end the chances that Barkley’s taken #1, Hyde has been good but nothing special. Now they have a solid RB when they bring in their rookie and it eases the pressure.

  8. Cleveland takes Darnold no. 1 and then open to trades for no. 4. They’ll have a taker, some team desperate for a quarterback, because there are only 4 true first rounders in this draft.

    Barkley … isn’t a quarterbcak.

  9. My gut says this says QB at 1 and they know Barkley will be gone by 4. They’ll probably have a deal in place to trade 4 to Buffalo if Barkley is definitely gone.

  10. So the Browns know who their QB of the future is and he’s going #1.

    They will then be offered t0 trade their #4 to the Bills for 12,22. According to the chart the Browns would have to throw in pick 64 and the Bills would then have to throw in #96.

    I don’t think I would trade out if I were the Browns, unless it was Denver. The highest percentage of all pros come from the first 15 picks. They have 3 of the top 33 picks and signed a bunch of FA’s. One QB sits. One starter at need at #4 and then they can go BPA the rest of the way.

    If I were the Bills, I’d sign McCarron (he’s only being offered back-up money) to a 2 year tweener deal (2 for 20) and pick whatever QB is their at 12. It might be a blessing in disguise. Some of these guys might slide and their guy might be there.

  11. As a Niners fan, I really liked Hyde – it just wasn’t the right system for him in SF. If you have a big line and run downhill, I don’t think there are many backs better than him.

  12. I like all of the other moves Cleveland has done, but I don’t like this one. I actually like Duke Johnson over Carlos Hyde at this stage of their careers. Johnson isn’t a feature back, but he’s versatile. Barkley seemed like a perfect complement to Duke.

  13. I think it is presumptuous to assume that because they bring Hyde on that they’re not going Barkley at #1, or that they’re planning on trading out. There is no reason that Barkley and Hyde cannot coexist – different skill sets. That said, I don’t know that I like the pickup. I just don’t think it is necessary.

    Johnny D I hope you are reading these. You have fans that want Barkley at one. Stop the Sashi madness and take the best player available (who is Barkley) at #1 and don’t trade the pick.

  14. I love the comments about Buffalo trading for one of the Browns picks. Not because it’s a ridiculous idea but because of how doing it would basically mean the Browns got Buffalo to give them picks and Tyrod Tayler and not give up anything.

    It’s the same thing they did to the Texans last year where after free agency and the draft was done what looked like a trade with the Texans in essence ended up being the Texans paying Cleveland for the right to draft Watson and Cleveland giving up nothing.

  15. Follow up. I am still not panicking about this move – but I still don’t like it. Young back, never had 1000 yards in a season, currently running 3.9 yards a carry behind a fairly solid Niner O-Line. The contract doesn’t suggest feature back, and neither does the performance – although in today’s world I am not sure what a feature back gets paid anymore. I still think they’re in on Barkley.

    Or is that just hope I am projecting?

  16. my take on this
    there use the 1 on barkley if they keep the 4th GET JOSH ALLEN “has better upside and ceiling then all of them all he needs is coaching and too sit “not a long sit but 1 season and a half” but if we trade the 4th for more 1st round and 2nd round picks this will be interesting as u can really build a team with more 1s and 2s

  17. as a Bills fan..We don’t have cap space to sign a Qb unless he’s willing to take a low level contract..we have picks But won’t waste them on a journey man…need and looking at FA’s for the cheap..(Matt Moore..Derek Anderson) so we can trade for Cleveland 4th overall and take a Top Qb in draft !Next year Bills will have $80 mil in cap space to sign more pieces !!!!!..its a process..

  18. I like Hyde, wanted CLE to draft him when he came out.

    But if they don’t take Barkley #1 now becuz of Hyde, I’m gonna freak.

    Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield should be there at #4.

    Don’t screw this up!

  19. I’m a Browns fan and while I’d love Barkley at #1 it seems pretty obvious they’re going to take the QB they want. The last regime passed on some good first round QBs and Pettine/Farmer were forced to take the albatross of Manziel by Haslam.

    I can understand the Browns being gunshy about taking a 1st round QB, but they need to keep it up until they find one.

    I’m fine with them getting Hyde – he and Johnson will make a good pair in the backfield. Now, if Barkley is still there at 4…who knows.

  20. “Well AFC North O Line coaches looks like you’re gonna have your hands full with Chubbs and Garrett. Good luck with all of that….”

    Garrett is the real deal. I have my doubts the Browns will get Chubb. If they dont draft Barkley, I think they are going after Minkah. That being said, I am glad the Steelers Oline is as good as they are. If the Browns have Chubb and Myles, they are going to be a handful.

  21. CLEV getting a TON of hype for all this 2ND-TIER talent. Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry & Carlos Hyde. So it’ll be the same old Browns & keep trading draft picks for next year, passing on BARKLEY a generational player, & ANOTHER QB, and just settle on more 2ND-TIER players.

    ORRRRRR…..maybe they are just loading up with depth. Which they SHOULD be doing. Taylor is a perfect bridge/backup/trade piece QB. And Hyde is certainly no franchise RB, but a good 1A or 1B type RB. He can’t stay healthy so obviously cannot take a full workload. Hyde & Duke? Pretty sweet. Buuuuuuut……Barkley & Hyde/Duke? MONEY. And yes, Barkley hasn’t played 1 NFL down but it’s dead obvious he’s at worst the next Tomlinson.

    I’m a Bills Guy. But I just like seeing teams turn it around. CLEV needs to draft Barkley 1st & pick, in their eyes, the best remaining QB. Or even trade up from #4 if they are in love with a QB. They have enough picks to move up.

  22. The best part of the Browns FA period is seeing Haslam slide down to the last knot on his rope while all these over paid stiffs are laughing all the way to the bank with his money. True Karma!!

  23. And by the way….my belief, since BUFFALO made zero noise at QB, they are trading up to #3 with INDY. I pray they don’t waste a #1 on Foles. The only arm left is McCarron, who I am ok with [because I’m an expert] as an affordable veteran bridge QB.

    I also don’t believe there are any QB’s in this draft worth TWO #1’s. So I hope BUFFALO stays put & drafts Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph @ #21 or #22. So don’t sweat it CLEVELAND fans Barkley is still all yours at #1. Josh Allen looks to have the most promise.

  24. As a Steeler fan, can’t say I like what I’m seeing the Browns do. As a fan of the NFL, these are solid moves leading up to the draft.

    The fact that we’re sitting here looking at the many ways the Browns can use or trade their picks, given the potent offense they’ve already assembled, means they’re doing good things.

    I don’t mind if they go 14-2 next year 😉

  25. reddzen says:

    March 14, 2018 at 10:38 am

    “Follow up. I am still not panicking about this move – but I still don’t like it. Young back, never had 1000 yards in a season, currently running 3.9 yards a carry behind a fairly solid Niner O-Line. The contract doesn’t suggest feature back, and neither does the performance – although in today’s world I am not sure what a feature back gets paid anymore. I still think they’re in on Barkley.

    Or is that just hope I am projecting?”

    Niner fan here. Hyde is a good back. Biggest concern with him is staying healthy which he was able to do last year. He just isn’t a good fit for Shanahan’s system. He hasn’t accumulated a lot of yards but part of that has to do with being on some bad offenses and the 49er offensive line has not been good in years. Last year the oline was not good and struggled run blocking. I wouldn’t be too concerned with Hyde’s numbers in SF. I think he was very good with yards after contact

  26. The Vikings had a somewhat-recently signed Chester Taylor in 2007 and still drafted Adrian Peterson despite the national sentiment that they didn’t need a running back. If Barkley is as generational of a talent as it seems, don’t pigeon hole the new GM in Cleveland into not drafting the best available player.

  27. These moves should really move the needle for Cleveland. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they will at least double their win total over the past two years. 2-14 or possibly 3-13 is within reach.

  28. As a 49er fan I thought Carlos was going to be a top 5 back after watching him as a rookie. It just never quite panned out for him.

    Some people say he’s a power runner and some say he’s better for zone but honestly he looked the same in either system.

    He has average vision and would get nagging injuries so that even if he played he would just not be effective. He’s a capable but not a natural pass catcher and I know the 49ers wanted that badly.

    He is a very physical runner when he wants to be so I think Browns’ fans will be pleased with that come Winter time.

  29. artliedtocleveland says:
    March 14, 2018 at 8:40 am
    Another Buckeye. I’m noticing a trend
    A trend? When they sign Hyde and maybe Pryor that would be 2.

  30. This is a sign they are likely to trade one of their top four picks. This is going to get interesting.

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