Cardinals cutting Tyrann Mathieu

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The Cardinals and Tyrann Mathieu had talked about re-working his contract, but in the end they were too far apart.

Mathieu has been informed he’s getting cut, Jay Glazer of FOX reports.

The 25-year-old Mathieu had played two years of the five-year, $62.5 million contract he signed before the 2016 season. He’s still a good player and he started all 16 games last year, but he’s not a player the Cardinals wanted to pay like one of the elite defensive backs in the NFL.

Mathieu will now become an unrestricted free agent, and he’ll undoubtedly have a market for him. Several teams will see him as a player who can help their secondary, even if he doesn’t necessarily fit into what every team does in its secondary.

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  1. 2 bad knees. Loss speed. Only playing a full season once. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for the cardinals but he isn’t worth the money anymore

  2. Great player, but not worth $15-16 million a year. It hurts to cut him now, but this was a necessary move at some point. This contract is Keim’s biggest mistake to date, because HB still counts $9 million against the cap this year and only clears $5 million in cap space. Still better than paying him $16 million next year!

  3. For all the bragging MN does about their number 1 D – they sure seem to need to add to it.

    Then again, 38-7 will show a lot of people the reality too….

  4. They sign Bradford now this. Are the Cardinals trying to tank before season even starts?

    Nevertheless this a Blessing in disguise for Mathieu.

  5. wib22 says:
    March 14, 2018 at 1:31 pm
    Belicheat is on line one


    And somewhere a crotchety Don Shula is yelling a some kid to stay off his lawn…

  6. He had a child with Todd Bowles step daughter lol not only that but he’s his former DC who the players loved and would be the perfect last piece to what Todd Bowles has been trying to do on defense as the S/Slot/Nickel CB.

  7. This may very well be a decision they will regret for quite some time, especially if he signs with an NFC West team. The Cardinals may not consider him, an elite player, and perhaps he isn’t, but he is a very good player and he’s only 25.

  8. “Vikings are swooping in and Sendejo can be primary backup to both safety spots”

    If only you didn’t just empty your piggy bank for an average QB.

  9. Welcome to the rebuild, Sam!

    Now that the Cowboys won’t have the chance to pay Hitchens, maybe they should give Mathieu a call.

  10. Yeah Bettcher is the Giants DC and probably knows Mattieu better than any coach out there, but after the insane price we just paid for Solder there is zero chance he comes to NY…unless its with the Jets.

  11. As a Cards fan who bought his jersey, loves his story, and hopes for his success…I will say that if we play him this year I would target him all game long. Truth is simple, he was guaranteed $19 million for next two years if on the roster 2 hours from now, and with two bad knees and last few years of play doesn’t justify it. Anyone who pays him more than $6 million/yr is taking a big risk.

  12. They settle for last place in the FA QB shuffle with Bradford & Glennon and now this?? Last place in NFC West.

  13. He’s due for a comeback season. Cardinals painted themselves into a corner with that balloon contract. He had a 14 million dollar cap hit. No one would pay that for him.

  14. People really need to look at how he’s performed the last two years and the cap charge that was about to be cemented before judging the decision.

    Just about everyone here has got it wrong.

  15. Well they signed him to an extension when he was injured and now they cut him? Buyers remorse, I hope he goes on to have a great career. He was a special player when healthy.

  16. Sign a 1 year deal with the Pats. Play in the SuperBowl. Then re-enter the FA market and sign another big deal with some other (lesser) team. Get a ring AND get paid!

  17. Anyone who says this is a bad deal obviously doesn’t watch the Cardinals. Two ACL’s….he’s not the same player. Before you jabber on the board know what you’re talking about. He’s not a top 5-8 player at his position. He’s lost his quickness and is not very good in coverage.

  18. Pittsburgh. They’ve created nearly $20 million in cap space since cutting Mitchell, Gay, and restructuring AB and Big Al. And they aren’t done making cuts and restructures. Sensabaugh and Wilcox and their bloated money are out the door too.

    Tyrann Mathieu is a Steeler-type of player, hard-nosed and fearless. Tomlin would love him.

  19. Honey Badger, the Saints are waiting. It’s about time we start putting a few LSU Tigers in the Black & Gold! C’mon home, son! Super Bowl 53 awaits!

  20. I thought he still has the superb play recognition skills, but he has definitely lost a step. His numbers are indicative of that, especially when you put them in the context of the fact that he played more defensive snaps than anyone in the entire NFL in 2017.

    So why pay $15-16 million for a pretty good safety, especially when you have other talented safeties on the roster? Take that $$$ and address other team needs!

  21. ajzinnecker says:
    March 14, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    This guys is a stud! Come to the MN Vikings please. We could use you in our #1 defense.

    41 104 Rate This

    The #1 defense that back up Nick Foles torched? Also I don’t think Vikings are bringing in any big name high priced talent when they are about to severely over pay Kirky

  22. Next to Cam Newton he’s the most overrated player in the NFL. He’s more famous for his draft day journey than being the elite DB people tried to hype him up to be. Just keeping it real.

  23. This is a bitter pill for the Cards faithful. especially all the kids who wear his Jersey and are a tribute to the work he has done in the community, however, it’s probably a blessing in disguise for Tyrann who can’t help but do better elsewhere as Steve Keim is allowed to continue making a train wreck out of the Cardinal defense.
    You will always have fans in Arizona Tyrann, but you’ve seen how this organization is (mis)managed, and, so, Best Wishes and many thanks. You are a savage and deserve better than you will ever get in Arizona. I just hope DJ, Budda, and the other young guys are paying attention to how Arizona treats it’s players when they need to cover their own mistakes with managing finances!

  24. Silver and Black attack says:
    March 14, 2018 at 3:19 pm
    Next to Cam Newton he’s the most overrated player in the NFL. He’s more famous for his draft day journey than being the elite DB people tried to hype him up to be. Just keeping it real.


    Keep dreaming. At $25M per year Derek Carr may be the most overrated player in the entire history of the NFL

  25. Imagine being a Cardinals fan for a second.


    Come into this free agency dreaming about Kirk Cousins or maybe keenum or foles…..and you end up with Sam freaking Bradford. The NFC West knows Sam Bradford well and none of us like him. I really don’t understand what the Cardinals were thinking.

  26. He seems like the perfect fit for the Packers, a team who now seems to epitomize overpaying for once great players at the expense of not signing its own players. Wilkerson (quit playing after he got paid), Graham (turns 32 during the season), about to break the bank to make Mr. Rogers happy, all while letting go his best friend Jordy. Everyone knows the window for teams like GB and Seattle is slamming shut. In about 10 years we’ll start hearing, “The Pack is back” chants. Queue the “we have more championships”. Ya, a grand total of 2 with arguably the two best QB’s in NFL history. Well done.

  27. teal379 says:
    March 14, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    For all the bragging MN does about their number 1 D – they sure seem to need to add to it.

    Then again, 38-7 will show a lot of people the reality too….
    number 1 DEFENSES win CHAMPIONSHIPS. Until MN wins a SB, that D is not #1

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