Cardinals take the full Tyrann Mathieu cap charge in 2018

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The Cardinals have moved on from defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, a move that was coming but that is nevertheless stunning.

Primarily a cash/cap move, the Cardinals have opted to take the full cap charge in 2018. The team did not take advantage of the rule allowing the transaction to be processed as a post-June 1 designation, resulting in all remaining dead money hitting the cap in 2018.

That means he’ll count for $9.3 million, down from the $14.1 million charge if he were still on the roster. His salary of $10.75 million will be avoided, and he’ll be off the books in 2018.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals reportedly will pay Sam Bradford $20 million this year.

The Cardinals could have spread the cap hit over the next two years, with $3.1 million applying this year and $6.2 million next year. However, they would have had to carry the $14.1 million cap number through June 1.

The question now becomes whether Mathieu can get more on the open market than the best offer the Cardinals made on a reduced offer. Whatever the numbers, there surely will be a high level of interest in his services. He’s a great player and, as anyone who watched All or Nothing witnessed, a great presence and influence on other players in an organization.

16 responses to “Cardinals take the full Tyrann Mathieu cap charge in 2018

  1. redlikethepig says:
    March 14, 2018 at 1:58 pm
    What’s the over/under on how many games Bradford lasts before he’s on IR?
    I’d say four. That’s $5 million for each game played.

  2. They’re doing the right thing. They won’t compete with the Rams and the Niners this year. Dump payroll, hoard draft picks and have plenty of money for a proper rebuild in 2019. They were smart by only giving Bradford 1 year. If they like a QB, they should get one in the draft and do what the Rams did with Goth. They’re doing the right things to turn the ship around.

  3. Sad to see him go, love his energy. But after 2 knee injuries, he’s not the playmaker he once was

  4. Welcome to Detroit Mr. Mathieu.

    Where you will strengthen the backend of our defense with Glover Quinn.

  5. He’s not a great player. People seriously need to stop thinking of Honey Badger like it’s 2014. It’s not. Two ACL’s surgeries will do that. He’s also more tentative. He also wasn’t form tackling anymore.

    I wish him well.

    Meanwhile if you look at who has a bunch of cap space for 2019, you might understand the move even more.

    The guy just isn’t the same player, and isn’t worth it to be paid like a top 5 db (cb AND safety) in the NFL.

  6. Bradford is a great QB when he is healthy and actually plays. As a Vikings fan I loved watching him play and if I knew for a fact he would never get hurt I would keep him instead of going after Cousins. But….we don’t know that….so on to Captain Kirk.

  7. “He’s a great player and, as anyone who watched All or Nothing witnessed, a great presence and influence on other players in an organization.”

    If this was the case he would not currently be looking for another team.

  8. Since we’re comparing oft-injured players, I would take Mathieu on my team over Bradford every day of the week.

  9. So they cut Mathieu yet they paid Bradford $20M. Someone in the front office doesn’t seem too bright.

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