Case Keenum gets $36 million over two years

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The numbers are in on the new deal signed by quarterback Case Keenum in Denver. For a guy who made $2 million last year in Minnesota, he’s gotten a dramatic increase in his compensation.

It’s a two-year, $36 million deal, with all $36 million guaranteed for injury. Of that amount, $25 million is fully guaranteed.

That’s an average of $18 million, matching the average value of Blake Bortles‘ deal in Jacksonville. But Keenum is committed for only two years. So if he has a solid 2018 in Denver, the Broncos may feel compelled to extend the contract before getting into the franchise-tag dance in 2020.

The contract also includes a total of $2 million in incentives, tied to team achievements not individual performance.

The deal makes him clearly the guy for 2018. If he plays like he did in 2017, he’ll likely be the guy in 2019 and beyond.

41 responses to “Case Keenum gets $36 million over two years

  1. Congratulations to Keenum. Good for Denver. We Viking fans will never forget the Minneapolis Miracle. All the best to Case in his new job with the Broncos.

  2. Good for Case!

    But if he doesn’t have a supporting cast of players, he will struggle.

    Wishing the best for him and his wife.

  3. Wow 18 Million a year for a game manager. I guess the broncos are doing there best to challenge the Jets, Bills, or Browns for that number one pick next year. Thank god I am a Bengals fan.

  4. Good for Keenum and good for the Broncos, I don’t think Cousins is that big of an upgrade from Keenum . . . so I think the Broncos got a better deal at $18M. What I still can’t believe is that Arizona gave Bradford a $20M/year contract as I would have absolutely preferred Keenum to Bradford. Not sure what the heck the Cardinals were thinking, as $20M for somewhere around 5 games is a lot of money!

  5. killercats465 says:
    March 14, 2018 at 7:14 pm
    Good for Keenum… great season last year! But this QB money is getting crazy….


    Just nutz compared to a normal person, and a job.

  6. Love it. I’m so tired of the victim mentality culture and everyone being offended – I deserve vs I earned.

    He bet on himself and he EARNED it. Totally cool.

  7. Liberalsruineverything says:
    March 14, 2018 at 7:10 pm
    I’m happy Keenum got his money. I’m even happier it wasn’t from the Vikings. To bad for the Broncos they didn’t sign the rest of the Vikings.

    yeah think of all the lombardi’s denver might….oh wait

  8. Keemun and Cousins are both in the 15-20 ranking for NFL QBs. .Green Bay will take division over Vikings. Keemun does better indoors.

  9. christallize says:

    Green Bay will take division over Vikings.

    The Vikings have won 2 of the last 3 division titles. One with Bridgewater and one with Keenum.

    Rodgers is damaged goods (go rewatch the Packer/Carolina game if you doubt that) until he proves otherwise.

    The Packers released their top WR over the last few years and traded away their starting cornerback for a couple of packs of gum and a few scrap aluminum cans (Kizer).

    Now they have added a used up TE and a malcontent Dlineman – good luck with that.

  10. This guy performed a HUGE public service in Minneapolis this year and Vike fans are apprpriately appreciative. He showed up and played some danged fine football.

    I truly believe that without him, superior defense or not, there is NO way the Vikes win 13. He had a charmed season and NEVER blew his own horn. The guy has good form.

    Congrats to him.

  11. Good for Case. I am.happy for him but I am also glad the Vikings didn’t re sign him. He floats way to many passes, also he doesnt play as well outside. Good luck in Denver.

  12. The average age of commenters on this thread has to be 10 to 12 years old, has to be. Anyway, Case provided a bridge until we find our next QB, obviously the Vikes do not think Case could duplicate the past season or elevate them to the next level. I like the fact they cleaned house at the QB position, I think Kirk C. Will have a great year but that’s a lot of money so it’s Super Bowl or the move was foolish. He really just has to manage the game and maybe win one or 2 but not every game like Aaron R. Thinking GB takes a step back with letting Jordy go but new TE should help some. New TE seems afraid to be hit at times hence the dropped balls, when by the goal line other teams cannot really get the “big hit” so he will still have some success there. Not sure I understand bringing in a problem child on defense like GB did, really going away from their normal way of doing business and think it hurts them, should have cut the long hair LB who has been stealing a pay check the past 2 years rather than Jordy and their defense is still not good enough so Aaron R. is right back to having to put the team on his back to out score opposing teams. Who is their running backs and who is going to block the Vikings, Aaron will be running for his life again. Vikings win the division and will face the Saints or Eagles to get into the Super Bowl is the way I see it, I think this is the first year you will finally see the Patriots take a step back and regress as the end is near for them. Seattle is done as well and great signing by the 49ers with mcKinnion, will fit perfectly in catching passed out of the back field, team to watch this year as well with big upside. Denver will be in trouble as Case is not the answer if they do not put enough talent around him. Ik, now finish your milk an cookies an off to bed you go.

  13. Nice job Case! The miracle will never be forgotten. If Zimmer trusted you, I’d miss you more.

    Good luck in Denver, unless its against the Vikes!

  14. Case was good, but as a Vikings fan I’m still glad we are getting Cousins. Cousins is better and everyone who says he isn’t is looking at his losing record and not the stats. Cousins is the only player in the WHOLE NFL with 4000 passing yards and 25+ TD each of his last three years starting. Cousins had his worst year and still threw for 1000 more yards and more TD’s.

    Cousins has the stats and resume just a bad win-loss record. The redskins have had terrible defenses the past 3 years to. I guess if Cousins is bad…Drew Brees is to? He had a losing record, or close to .500 as a starter for the Chargers but had amazing stats. went to the Saints, and did really good for the Saints. Also Brees has had amazing stats but the Saints have not made the playoffs more than once in the past few years due to terrible defenses.

    Case played great and is a great guy, but will he play good for a less talented Broncos teem? In MN he had a top offensive line, one of the best WR tandems (Thomas and Sanders are good to), a good running game, and the #1 defense. Case has had one good year, Cousins has had 3 with less around him. Talk all you want about the high price, etc, but that is how the market is thanks to Stafford from a few years ago…who has never won a playoff game either.

    I wish Case luck, but I’m glad we got Cousins. Case as good as he played is very inaccurate, and floats the ball a lot due to not a strong arm. He played well thou, and I hope he proves me wrong and plays good again.

  15. Somehow the guy who proved durable and a better option than Sam Bradford…will make #2M less than Bradford next season.

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