Chase Daniel secured the right to buy his freedom in 2019

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New Bears quarterback Chase Daniel has a term in his contract that only a good agent would think to request.

The two-year, $10 million deal contains a provision that allows Daniel to secure free-agency status by simply writing a check, according to a source with knowledge of the deal.

To become a free agent in 2019, Daniel needs to pay the Bears $5 million. No other conditions apply to Daniel’s ability to void the deal.

While that may seem like a lot of money (especially since he’ll only make $4 million this year), it’s a small price to pay in the event that he gets a chance to play in 2018 and plays well. If, for example, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles had a term like that, he surely would have written the check, confident he’ll be getting a much bigger check.

The provision wasn’t inspired by Foles. Several years ago in Kansas City, Daniel had a similar provision in his contract, with the goal of parlaying a great performance into a shot at the open market.

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  1. That is brilliant for a quarterback who is expected to be the backup to request that term. If he carries the clipboard all year, stay for the 2nd year. If you’re Nick Foles this year, or Kerry Collins after Vince Young wrecked his knee in 2008, or Doug Flutie in 1999, if you come off the bench and save the season, you can buy your freedom and cash in.

    Think of everyone who could have hit the market over the years.

  2. You know, if I had to choose between this guy and sayyy Bradford for a year….screw it, give me Chase. Hear me out, please…

    At least with Chase you could be surprised. Maybe he totally blows and all your suspicions are confirmed, or not- but screw it, why not. He’s got this over confident attitude and I’d rather see this dude sink or swim than see my team sign Bradford who inexplicably keeps getting shots. Bradford has never in eight years been a difference maker. He has never eclipsed 21 TDs in a season and in fact averages 12.6TDs per year. 101 TDs / 8 losing seasons = 12.6 average. Never a winning record in 8 seasons, two of which he didn’t play due to injury, which he typically is. I’d much rather watch an unknown nosedive than watch a meritless loser in Bradford. I bet Chase can get 12 TDs no prob.

  3. Why even bother putting that in the contract? He’s not going to pay for them to release him. He should feel lucky he even has a job considering he’s done next-to-nothing his entire career.

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