Does Carlos Hyde take Browns out of Saquon Barkley business?

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Plenty of people reacted to former Penn State running back Saquon Barkley‘s performance at the Scouting Combine by putting him in play as the first overall pick in the draft. Here’s a reasonable reaction to the decision of the Browns to sign former Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde: The Browns may not be in play for Barkley.

Hyde reportedly will make more than $5 million per year, with more than $6 million reportedly being paid in 2018. This suggests that Hyde is the guy, or at least enough of the guy to make the decision to draft Barkley a waste of his talent, since he wouldn’t be used as an every-down workhorse. If he won’t be used that way, why would anyone make him the first overall pick?

It would be foolish to invest so much draft capital in a running back if the running back won’t be used to the fullest. If the Browns will be splitting duties among Hyde and a rookie, it would be far more sensible to have the rookie be picked in one of the later rounds of the draft.

Of course, another team could trade up to No. 1 and select Barkley. But it wouldn’t make sense for the Browns to make him pick No. 1, now that the Browns are slated to have Hyde.

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  1. Not necessarily if he somehow fell to Pick # 4.
    The fact that we are taking a QB first already took us out of the Saquon Barkley at Pick # 1 business

  2. Offensive talent been addressed already. May as well go defense with Minkah or Chubb at 4 and QB at 1

  3. I am with Packernet. While 27 is hardly old, look at his stats – no season over 1000 yards, 3.9 YPC last year (yikes), one season of significant receptions. I like Hyde but I do not think he is being brought on to “solve” the RB problem. At those numbers he might just be a utility back. Plus I think the fans will go nuts if we don’t take the best available player in the draft.

    Taylor (underrated with slow receivers and a bad offense in Buffalo, TD:INT ratio in the class of only 2 other QBs….Rodgers and Brady) doesn’t take the Browns out of the draft for a “top QB” (I really don’t like any of them, I’d rather draft positions players). Hyde definitely doesn’t take them out of the Barkley game.

  4. “It would be foolish to invest so much draft capital in a running back if the running back won’t be used to the fullest. If the Browns will be splitting duties among Hyde and a rookie, it would be far more sensible to have the rookie be picked in one of the later rounds of the draft.”

    If this was any other team, I’d agree with you fully, however this is the Browns we’re talking about given their drafting and player development history over the past 20 years or so.

  5. John Dorsey took over a team with the most cap space and most assets in the NFL. Say what you want about Sashi Brown but he did tell you that this team was in rebuild mode, unlike the Giants and Broncos gm’s who actually thought they would be competitive this year. In a span of a couple of days, Dorsey has given away a 3rd round pick for a “bridge” QB, has signed an average RB for 6mil/year and while Landry is a very good receiver, you dont need such highly paid wr’s to win in today’s nfl. Basically, it seems like the Browns are just trying to make moves to make something stick. I still believe they should go Rosen at 1, Fitzpatrick at 4 and get Guice with one of their second round picks. No need to take Barkley at 1, Hunt and Kamara proved that elite rb’s can be found post round 1.

  6. This would be a smart call by the Browns. Barkley is Reggie Bush 2.0. He’s ridiculously overrated.

  7. Barkley will be lucky to go in the top ten. Browns certainly will not take him. They’ll take their QB at one, whoever they like and want. I expect the first three picks to be QB’s, so the Browns will have their choice of the best non QB player in the draft. I’m thinking that will be Chubb.

  8. .
    It looks to me like the Browns are angling to vacate the #1 position. They have a serviceable QB and RB, so they could trade out, accumulate more picks and still pick up a quality QB at #4.

  9. The Shelton trade makes it look like they’re going with Chubb. These are disappointing moves, I was excited about the prospect of an elite talent like Barkley added to a pretty good receiving corps, along with all the young talent on defense.

    I hope Dorsey knows what he’s doing. Hyde isn’t a player who scares anyone.

  10. I hope this doesn’t rule Barkley out… it would be amazing to have both of those bruisers in the backfield with Tyrod running some options. Factor in the relatively cheap rookie contract that will last at least 4 years… They won’t have to pay Barkley big bucks until after Hyde’s contract runs out in 3 years and he gets close to 30. Seems like a good situation to have, something akin to DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart in Carolina a number of years ago. Or the succession plan of Murray and Henry in Tennessee. I would love to see that in Cleveland.

  11. The Browns will select Lamar Jackson with the number one pick because they are the Browns and that explain why they traded for Tyrod so he could learn from him.

  12. They can take Chubb at #1.
    This will most likely lead to a scramble to trade up to #’s 2 and 3 by some other teams in order to secure a q.b, which will leave Barkley sitting there at #4.
    They can still trade back into the 1st round and snag Lamar Jackson.

  13. How does Carlos Hyde make Saquon Barkley irrelevant? Hyde is a backup running back on a good team. Barkley could still get 250 carries as the #1 back and Hyde would fill in. Hardly anybody uses a single running back anymore. This move at least gives the Browns flexibility to take whoever they want at #1.

  14. Carlos Hyde is not a 4 down physical freak workhorse franchise back. NO, this does NOT take them out of the Barkley equation, just like “i can almost pass for 200 yards per game” Tyrod Taylor doesn’t take them out of the QB equation at #4.

  15. Duke Johnson should be the Browns’ #1 back and Carlos the compliment. Duke is very talented and has been criminally underused. I love Barkley and would love the Browns to take him BUT the biggest issue remains solving the QB issue. You’re either trading down 1 or 2 slots for someone going up for Barkley or you’re taking a QB at #1. I don’t think they wing it and cross fingers for their QB at #4.

  16. Saquon Barkely is not a workhorse. He is a Triple Crown stallion and he does not necessarily need to come off the field if Hyde is in. They can have a 2 back set, he can go in motion, he can line up in the slot or wide. Also,I think they may want him to return kicks and punts.

  17. How has no one pointed out that John Dorsey has never taken an RB in the first round, and only 3 in the top 3 rounds in his entire career?

  18. offthelows says:
    March 14, 2018 at 12:52 pm
    I see no reason to believe a $5m year back can’t be viewed as a backup… that isn’t a big salary, even at RB.

    It’s the 8th highest salary of any RB in the entire NFL. Taking Barkley with the slotted salary at 1 or 4 would double what is committed to that position group.

  19. All the posters talking about how this is the Browns are right–they don’t have a history of making smart moves. However, there is a new sheriff in town (Dorsey) so I think it’s fair to see what he’s doing before all the talk about how the Browns are clueless. I think they’ve made some good decisions (not sure about bringing in Tyrod Taylor though) and time will only tell if it works out. It does seem to be better than it was under the previous GM and his analytics approach. My guess is they are going to get a QB with one of the picks and trade down out of #4 and get some extra picks. It’s also possible they could trade the #1 pick, at a premium, and still get one of the top three QBs at #4. Either way they will add some extra picks and they need them to inject more talent into the roster.

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