Dolphins create $17.8 million in cap space with restructurings

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Trading and cutting players aren’t the only ways to address salary issues on a cap-strapped team. The can can still be kicked by restructuring deals.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have created $17.8 million in cap space by restructuring veteran contracts.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill dropped his cap number from $19.8 million to $8.6 million, creating $11.2 million in cap space. That $11.2 million will apply to future years.

The other $6.6 million came from the restructuring of safety Reshad Jones’ deal.

14 responses to “Dolphins create $17.8 million in cap space with restructurings

  1. Safe to say the Dolphins are committed to Tannehill through at least 2019, what with how big the cap hit would be to cut him before then ($13.4M in dead space if cut next offseason).

  2. By restructuring Tannehill, they are clearly betting on him being the starter for the next couple of years. Don’t expect the Dolphins to be in play for a QB in round 1 of the draft. They do need a backup QB, which they will pick up in later rounds.

  3. Feel like Tannehill is going to get Blake Griffen’d team friendly deal then they will draft a qb. Teams would have to cut me, I don’t get these players having that much loyalty to teams in their earning years, but then again I would never sign more than a 3 year deal, because essentially that where most of the pay is at in most of these deals.

  4. The dolphins might be the dumbest franchise and for one of the wealthiest owners in the league he might not be too bright in football decisions but genius in real estate
    It’s just crazy to how that works out

  5. In the meantime, they got out of Cap Hell in 3 days and have more than 16 teams to spend. Tannehill did a good thing here.

    Now to address a few stupid comments: Being a Billionaire has nothing to do with it. Every team has to spend the same amount. It’s a Cap get it? If you are criticizing Tannenbaum, I understand. I am not a fan, but like all GM’s and Coaches’s, they need to get their guys. Gase inherited 95% of this team. Finally, to TYLAWPICK6 – Amendola is getting a 2 year $8M deal with incentives. Are you kidding me that a clutch WR is not worth $4M? Is that breaking bank to you? I get you are Trolling, but you make yourself look really foolish at times.

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