Joe Thomas explains that he physically couldn’t do it

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Browns tackle Joe Thomas took every snap deep into an eleventh year before an injury ended what would become his last season. On his podcast, The ThomaHawk Show, Thomas explains that the decision was driven by his body’s inability to continue to absorb the grind.

“As a competitor, you always think that you can still do it, but there a point in your career that you get to that crossroads and you say I just can’t do it anymore, I just don’t have it in my body,” Thomas said. “My mind is good, but my body is not willing, and I think that’s where I am.”

Thomas said that he has a knee that simply won’t allow him to continue to practice and play.

“For me, looking down the barrel of a knee replacement, I think that definitely becomes a decision where you’re like, ‘Hey, this football has been amazing, it’s been more than I could ever have expected, but you have to take other things into consideration if you’re deciding if you’re going to be able to play football anymore,'” Thomas said. “The last two to three years of my career it’s been almost impossible for me to practice.”

And so Thomas will be moving on. The sure-fire Hall of Famer never played in a playoff game, and only one of his teams had a record above .500.

Just imagine how much worse the Browns would have been over the last decade without him.

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  1. As a football fan, I just hate when elite talent is wasted on a terrible franchise. I have nothing but respect for Thomas and his love for the Browns, but I really wish he would have been traded to a contender sometime in the last few years.

  2. He says his mind is good but his body isn’t willing. Well, if his mind is strong he should be able to “will” his body to do whatever he wants it to. It’s called “mind over matter”. He should be able to use his strong mind to block out any pain in his body.

  3. wow, one of my favorite players, a class act. I know whatever Mr.Thomas does in the future, it will be done full force. Never forget the NFL Draft he went fishing with his dad on a boat, away from the media and lights. great guy and player you will be missed Mr.Thomas

  4. No offense… but… Andrew Whitworth is/was a better team leader/player.

    “I’m not sure why he doesn’t get voted in; he’s one of those guys that’s deserving every year,” Thomas said. “You look at the tackles in the AFC and we’re very strong. It’s a question every year who is going to get in. I think Andrew deserves to be here” – Joe Thomas

    “I watch him and respect him, but I wouldn’t try to do the things that he does because he’s so much bigger than I am,” Thomas said. “He wipes them out. I can’t do the things he does because of how big he is. He’s a great athlete, but we’ve got two different kinds of technique.” – Joe Thomas

  5. As a life long Steeler fan, I knew Joe Thomas was an outstanding human being when he went fishing with his dad instead of attending the NFL draft zoo.

  6. He’s been a class act for a decade, but I think losing took its toll on him. The last few years he was consistently in the headlines for his opinion on other players. It looks in bad form when he amped up the hot-takes the last year, then immediately retires the moment Cleveland becomes players in free-agency and actually has a pulse as a franchise.

  7. Joe Thomas explained, “football interfere’s with my ability to Tweet and express my thoughts about other players……”

  8. I knew when he dropped 50 Lbs it was over.

    HOF career, engaging guy and until further notice, the 2nd best player in Browns’ history.

    10K snaps and every Olman would rather run block than pass block. Since they were always behind, there sure were more pass blocks.

    I’m sure he told the Browns before today. He drives a truck and isn’t a me me me money guy, so hoping he enjoys a happy and as healthy a life as possible.


    I don’t understand trolls. Like I don’t understand criminals. The effort it takes to be either, can actually produce positive results. But some people are just born to be jerks.

  9. rainsarge says:
    March 14, 2018 at 3:04 pm
    Joe~I’ll be back better than ever. Team signs Tyrod Taylor. Yeah I physically can’t do it.
    You know he likes Tyrod Taylor and thinks the team is moving in the right direction, right?

    If anything, you gotta respect him for admitting he doesn’t have it when he could have stuck around longer, got paid and possibly won some games for a change.

  10. Ravens fan here. Enjoyed watching you play Joe. I’m sure that Mr. Suggs and you exchanged some pleasantries over the years (lol). Good luck in retirement. I hear the fish are biting!!

  11. This was the best and smartest move he could make. Spending 11 years in the trenches will destroy your body.

    However, and say what you will, it’s not just the physical aspect that brought him to retire. I remain convinced that all the losing, the coaching changes, not knowing who your next quarterback will be, all of that got to him and mentally broke him. Being a Brown will do that to you.

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