Joe Thomas will make a retirement decision soon

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Browns left tackle Joe Thomas says he’ll let the team know soon whether he plans to play another season or retire.

“As far as a decision goes, we’re still kind of working through that process,” Thomas said, via “I’m keeping the Browns apprised of everything I’m doing and trying to make the best decision for myself and for the team, and when that decision comes, I’m not quite sure just yet, but I know hopefully it’ll be soon, right around the corner.”

The Browns have already added two offensive linemen, former Broncos right tackle Don Stephenson and former Steelers right tackle Chris Hubbard, in free agency. And they’re making a push for Patriots free agent left tackle Nate Solder. That suggests they’re expecting Thomas to walk away.

But before he was injured last year, Thomas was still playing at a high level. So if he wants to return, the Browns would surely be happy to have him.

22 responses to “Joe Thomas will make a retirement decision soon

  1. Something tells me that if you’re seriously pondering retirement then you should probably just retire. There’s no way you’re giving 100% out there if you have any reservations about being there. It’s not meant to be a slight towards the great Joe Thomas, it’s just true.

  2. .
    If Thomas retires, he’ll be walking away from the best Browns roster of his career.
    At least this year they should be marginally competitive.

  3. His decision is based on two factors….1. Play another year and make millions. 2. Play for Hue Jackson another season. Now, that’s a coin flip.

  4. Make your mind up already, you’ve milked enough attention and the Browns need to make a decision – you ain’t that good

  5. The most OVERRATED player in NFL sports history. People in cleveland act like the LT is an impact position, yes it’s important…. BUT please MOVE ON from this guy ALREADY!!! Thank You.

  6. Will he hurry and retire so I don’t have to hear any more
    spare comments or stories on him.

  7. With what he has put up with around him his entire career, and seemingly never complaining, no me-first attitude, he will go down as one of every football fan’s favorite players, regardless of who your team is.

  8. heymister24 says:
    March 14, 2018 at 9:52 am
    The Browns gave Thomas a $1.5M bonus in december and now the jerk is due $3M roster bonus on 15th.

    Uh, both of those bonus offers were initiated by the Browns. The first was in November, not
    December. it was a roster bonus so he wasn’t being a jerk. He’s going to announce his decision before the other bonus kicks in.

  9. nnagi says:
    March 14, 2018 at 7:39 am
    Make your mind up already, you’ve milked enough attention and the Browns need to make a decision – you ain’t that good

    10x pro bowler… yeah, he’s terrible. On top of that he stayed and played in Cleveland when there was essentially no hope and nearly any competitive team would have been HAPPY to sign him. Talk about lack of appreciation for what is probably the Browns best player since they came back in to the league.

    Trashy fans.

  10. Quit crying Niner fans. He was correct. Sherman got taken to the cleaners with the Niners. You should all just shut up and be happy.

  11. I’m sure he’s waiting on word from ESPN or NFLN for a spot. He’s already forced the Browns hand in this matter with them signing Hubbard & Stephenson. The writing is on the wall.

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