Julius Peppers returns to Panthers for another year

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The Panthers checked off another big box in free agency, though they still have work to do at the position.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, defensive end Julius Peppers will return to the Panthers, on what is expected to be a one-year deal.

The 38-year-old Peppers had 11.0 sacks last year in his return to the team that drafted him second overall in 2002, proving that he can still contribute at a high level.

The Panthers still need to find a starting caliber-defensive end after they released Charles Johnson, but having Peppers there to rush the passer along with Mario Addison is a big get for the Panthers.

Peppers has 154.5 career sacks, and is fourth on the league’s all-time list. There’s a chance he could pass Hall of Famer Kevin Greene (160.0) for third on that list this season, leaving him behind only Bruce Smith (200.0) and Reggie White (198.0).

14 responses to “Julius Peppers returns to Panthers for another year

  1. I really respect him, unlike these guys who sign one day contracts… He’s an example of finishing where you start

  2. Cam a/k/a “AceBoogie” a/k/a Superman and L-U-K-E are still gonna try and get you to The Big Game, Dr. Peppers. Just keep the faith!

  3. Exactly the news i was hoping to hear. This man is timeless. People thought he was just coming back last year for a token farewell tour, no. He came back to play and he still ain’t done.

    One more ride Pep. Let’s finish strong!

    Go Panthers

  4. I would not call Charles Johnson a starting caliber defensive end by the end of the season…I agree they need to get a DE, but its not like they are replace Reggie White here.

  5. @Anchour33 lol forealz dude even when he went to the packers he was clutch on a D-Line that couldnt generate any pass rush Peppers has been a stud even in his rookie year he balled out each year.

  6. Not a Panthers fan but is there any way this guy doesn’t get into the HOF? I don’t remember many DE’s putting up double digit sacks in their late 30’s

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the best news that I have heard as of yet. Julius is one heck of a player. We are so thrilled that you have decided to give us another year.

  8. The last paragraph made me realize 2 things:

    1. Julius Peppers truly is one of the best to ever play his position.
    2. What Reggie White and Bruce Smith accomplished is downright incredible, and may never come close to ever being matched.

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