K.J. Wright on Seahawks upheaval this offseason: “This has hurt pretty bad”

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When the Seattle Seahawks missed the playoffs for the first time since 2011 this past season, most veterans in the locker room expected the team returning next year could look quite different.

Even so, the amount of turnover this offseason has caught several players by surprise.

Linebacker K.J. Wright said Tuesday that the upheaval has been difficult to handle.

It’s been one of the toughest offseasons to deal with,” Wright said on Sirius XM NFL Radio, via Alex Marvez of the Sporting News. “Every year it’s not fun when guys leave, but this has hurt pretty bad. You just didn’t see that happening the way it did.

“It’s a ruthless business. We know what we signed up for; however, it still doesn’t make it easier.”

The Seahawks released cornerback Richard Sherman only to see him sign with the San Francisco 49ers, traded defensive end Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Eagles and released cornerback Jeremy Lane. Deshawn Shead was also released, though they are hopeful for a return on a new contract. Additionally, defensive end Cliff Avril and safety Kam Chancellor both have their careers in jeopardy due to serious neck injuries.

That doesn’t account for the departure of eight assistant coaches – including all four of the top assistants on staff – and the six new coaches added to the organization, or the impending departures of Jimmy Graham, Paul Richardson and potentially others in free agency as well.

While there are reasons for why Seattle has done what it has this offseason, it’s likely difficult for members of the premier defensive unit of the decade to look at a roster that held the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles to 10 points in a Seahawks victory in early December and believe such change was needed.

Wright is still optimistic that the group they cobble together for the future will be able to find out a new way to deliver the standard of play they’ve performed to for many years.

“This is the NFL. A lot of guys are real talented,” Wright said. “I believe we have people who will step up for us.”

17 responses to “K.J. Wright on Seahawks upheaval this offseason: “This has hurt pretty bad”

  1. I live in the Seattle area. NO ONE refers to the Seahawks as a “dynasty” around here. That was made up by morons on the internet who root for a team that hasn’t been as good as the Seahawks have been. If you’re going to trash the Seahawks, please feel free to let us know who you root for, and we can compare “dynasties”.

  2. This website loves to dramatize anything Seahawk related. The bottom line is that Seattle has a great head coach and a franchise quarterback. They’ll be in the hunt for the playoffs. With a good draft, they’ll be in the hunt for a Superbowl. Philly was 7-9 last year. Seattle can easily make another run at it.

  3. Dynasty means more NFL championships within a decade than any other team. These include the Pittsburgh Steelers (1970s), San Francisco 49ers (1980s), and Dallas Cowboys (1990s). and the New England Patriots (2000s). This decade is not over but New England has won 2 Super Bowls, the only team to win more than 1 so far.

  4. So much doom and gloom talk. The Seahawks will be fine. I would like to see them draft Joshua Jackson to replace Sherman. McDougald will do fine and Shaq Griffin showed a lot of promise last year. Still have Thomas III, Wagner and Wright to carry the defensive torch. D-line will be a mixed bag, Frank Clark has looked great. On offense, they lost Jimmy Graham and P-Rich. Both are good but weren’t used as much to justify what they just got paid by their new teams. Look for Amara Darboh to replace Richardson and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins to fill the TE spot along with Nick Vannett (If Luke Willson leaves). Draft a couple more O-linemen and possibly sign Demarco Murray, the Hawks are right back in the fight for the division.

  5. What will be fascinating to watch is the Hawks likely shift to a team stronger on offense than defense.

  6. It hurts, but this is the NFL business model. Changes happens due to the salary cap, retirements, free agency, and front office decisions on who fits the teams’ scheme or long term plans. Last year’s team was basically the final attempt with that long standing core to try and get back to SB. It didn’t work for a variety of reasons, which everyone knows or expresses opinions about. Blame the coaches, kicker, aging players, injuries, or bad O-line. It doesn’t matter. All are being addressed in an attempt to improve. Keeping the status quo was not a very good option. This isn’t a total rebuild, but an extensive remodeling that is needed to compete at a high level.

    I wish the players who left well and appreciate their contributions to the team. I hope that the team fielded this coming season can jell and form a tight knit group who start their own legacy.

  7. Gee, it’s almost like the team was in cap hell due to overpaying overrated players and had to make a bunch of cuts. Yet every time that was mentioned here, the 12s shouted us down.

  8. LMAO, at “the 12” back peddling into their huts as their dynasty declarations burn up! Yes, when the Seahawks got Jimmy Graham many were on here popping off. Go back and check for yourself…it is out here on the internet for all to see. Check all the sports talk sites.

  9. Here we go again with that Dynasty nonsense that no Seahawk fan ever claimed, BTW. Can’t you trolls think of something original or is that all you’ve got?

  10. The Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL panicked and they changed a lot of players after losing to Nashville 4 straight in last year’s playoffs. They have 40 fewer points than last year so far. That translates to about 13 fewer games won since a team gets 3 points for a win. Changes, therefore, are not always good. Seattle fans may think that they will make the playoffs in 2018 despite the changes in coaching and personnel, and some may think that they are better because of the changes, but with so many good players either injured, traded, allowed to walk or cut, they would have a hard time staying above .500. I predict a 7-9 finish or even worse for the Putrid Sound Seahawks.

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