Lions add Deshawn Shead to secondary

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The Lions’ quiet start to free agency has now grown a little louder, with an addition to the secondary.

Former Seahawks defensive back Deshawn Shead has signed with Detroit. It’s a one-year, $3.5 million deal, with up to $3 million more in incentives.

Shead had played both cornerback and safety in Seattle, and he was a starter in 2016. But in the playoffs after that season he suffered a torn ACL, and he played in only two games last year.

Now he’ll get a fresh start in Detroit, joining Darius Slay, Tavon Wilson, Glover Quinn and Nevin Lawson in what looks like it could be a good secondary for new coach Matt Patricia.

11 responses to “Lions add Deshawn Shead to secondary

  1. You’ll love this guy Lions fans! He’ll play his man perfectly, stay with him every step of the way, then when it comes time to make a play he won’t get his head around and the ball will whizz right past his ear hole for a big completion. He’s all yours!

  2. Great hawk and a classic self made player. Undrafted free agent who grinded and stuck during the LOB glory years. Grats bro you earned that $$$. Will be missed!!!

  3. Brandon in Northwest Suburbia says:
    March 14, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    Patricia likes to run a lot of big nickel looks with 3 safeties who often double as slot corners. Shead has experience outside but would seem to be a good fit schematically as a combo safety if he’s healthy.


    Patricia also often gets burned running that gamble and relied on Tom Brady and Belichick to win the game. Patricia is not HC coach material, the Lions are in a desperate free fall at the moment. Stafford has no OL, no TE, no RBs and one or two average WRs.

  4. Lacks speed, got burnt more than once in SB49. Clearly no coverage on speedy receivers within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Seattle, in need of CB’s, allowed him to walk because he could not fill the need. Just sharing the truth about Shead.

  5. Excellent addition at give-away prices for a CB. Shead, Lawson, and Tabor is indeed a formidable competition to play alongside as well as compete with Diggs for the near everpresent nickel/dime. I’d expect another 1-2 FA/draft to raise the bar even higher.

  6. Tough, tough break suffering that knee injury when he did.

    He had bested all of his competition and had the corner job opposite Sherm locked down, and was a perfect fit with his size and athleticism.

    Classy of Hawks fans to bash him on his way out the door.. SMH!

    .. if he’s finally healthy again, Quinn and Patricia could have a steal here.

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