Nate Solder gets $34.8 million guaranteed at signing

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After seven years with the Patriots, left tackle Nate Solder has left for the Giants. And he’ll be compensated very well for his decision to change teams.

Here’s a look at Solder’s full deal.

1. Signing bonus: $16 million.

2. 2018 base salary (fully guaranteed): $5.9 million.

3. 2019 base salary (fully guaranteed): $12.9 million.

4. 2020 base salary: $9.9 million.

5. 2020 roster bonus (due first day of league year): $3 million.

6. 2021 base salary: $9.9 million.

7. 2021 roseter bonus (due first day of league year): $4 million.

Solder also has annual workout bonuses of $100,000.

It’s a simple structure that guarantees Solder $34.8 million over the first two years. And in 2020 and 2021, the Giants will have to make early decisions on whether to keep Solder, given the seven-figure roster bonuses that activate on the first day of the league year.

22 responses to “Nate Solder gets $34.8 million guaranteed at signing

  1. Patriot fans to immediately weigh in “ not worth it” “ overrated” “ good riddance” etc. all of that will last until they see Brady on his keister every other play. I believe they need two tackles now right ?

  2. Sad that the Texans were unwilling to make that deal being that they are in desperate need of a good LT to protect Watson’s backside.

  3. Left Tackles don’t grow on trees. Hige loss for the Patriots. Yes the Giants have paid a lot but LT is a rare luxury and along with QB the hardest positions to evaluate going into th draft. For every hit there have been a hundred misses

  4. I know you all remember when Chrissy Berman used to refer to him as, Nate “Lay your head on my” Solder. Yep, that was Chrissy for ya.

  5. He was supposed to be the Giants pick in 2011. But everyone always seemed to know who the Giants were drafting. Not just the first round. They got jumped by Philly in the 7th for Chaney in 2010. Maclin, Leon Hall, many others. Reese era was annoying. I swear there was a spy in the building and I’m not even remotely one to think like that.

    So now he’s here. Hope Flowers was born to be a Guard.

  6. Wow, he really got paid! And good for him, too, he’s one of the genuinely good people in the league. As a Pats fan, I hate that it’s the Giants, but I’m happy for him.

  7. So NE enjoyed his services at a modest price for several years and when the time came for him to collect the back pay for that another team foots the bill. Got it.

    And glad he got it, great player, great guy. Prayers to his family.

  8. Smart move. Patriots let go of the one guy who checked his man while Brady was getting stripped sacked on the other side by Brandan Graham. Team is officially in shambles now.

  9. Asa Pats fan, I’m glad for Solder, but I completely understand the Patriots not wanting to pay him $35 million over two years. He’s a good tackle, but not elite, and the Giants are paying him “best tackle in the League” money. Of course, the Patriots have to address the need at Left tackle now, but they will fill that hole, and the other ones, too. They always do.

  10. Where are the Pats fans saying Solder was a bum & good riddance? I’m sure whoever replaces him will get the “GOAT” tag from the fanboys.

  11. Where are the Pats fans saying Solder was a bum & good riddance? I’m sure whoever replaces him will get the “GOAT” tag from the fanboys.

    You do realize fans of all teams say the same stuff about the players that leave their teams as well, right?

  12. “Will there be anyone left in New England?”

    Hilarious. Glad for Solder that he made his fortune

    BTW the Pats have this thing called a salary cap model and LT is not slotted for quite that much with the Pats. That same model has seen many players come and go since Belichick took over. That same model has helped them get to more playoffs, AFCCs and Super Bowls than any other team in that time period while people like you proclaim the Pats don’t know what they’re doing

    Lolz guess what they do, you don’t when it comes to the NFL

  13. Solder, Lewis, Butler, Ammendola, Garoppalo,… Suh, Landry, Pouncey, Parkey. Pretty big changes in the AFC East.

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