Texans set to sign Zach Fulton

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The Texans were trying to sign Nate Solder to solidify their offensive line, but Solder will be going to the Giants once free agency opens on Wednesday.

They’ll make do by adding former Chiefs interior lineman Zach Fulton. The Texans were named as the favorites to land Fulton earlier this week and multiple reports on Wednesday say they’ve landed him in a deal averaging $7.5 million a year.

Fulton saw time at both center and guard while making 46 starts for the Chiefs over the last four seasons. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle expects Fulton to play guard in Houston with Nick Martin continuing to be their center.

The Texans are also expected to sign former Bills tackle Seantrel Henderson as part of their effort to remake an offensive line that underwhelmed last season.

7 responses to “Texans set to sign Zach Fulton

  1. This is the best Texans’ new GM can do? 7.5 Mil for a guard? And a Bills’ bust with Crohn’s disease at tackle. What are they going to give him, 10.5 mil? The line was so bad last year they almost can’t help but be upgrades so maybe this year they’ll only be sorta terrible. .
    Watson’s going to want a redo on last year’s draft.

  2. I wouldn’t have paid $15.5 annually to Solder either. Yeah the o-line was atrocious last season but you can’t overpay for one guy at the expense of every other position on the line and the whole line was garbage besides Martin. I’m happy Rick Smith is gone because he was terrible. He let Brandon Brooks walk to sign Jeff Allen and it screwed the team royally. Brooks is one of the best guards in football for the Eagles and Allen is a turnstile in pass protection. Couple that with letting Duane Brown walk and drafting Xavier Su’a-Filo at 33rd overall and it’s no surprise the line was terrible. Hopefully the new GM is way better at drafting and signing because the last one should have been run out of town years ago.

  3. @rickbarrs agree with you on Allen and powder puff Xavier Su’a-Filo (who knew we had the only powder-puff somoan in the NFL)

    Why Allen and powder puff is still on the team amazes me,

    Zach Fulton looks to be a good pickup without overpaying (AKA Allen) I am a little miffed on the signing of the Tackle from Buffalo but I will see still better than what we got

    I hope Newton can come back to the form he had before his injury

  4. @texanaggie Those two guards infuriate me. I have no idea how XSF still even has a job in the league. The Henderson signing is puzzling to me but I don’t see how it can be much worse than Clark and Giacomini. They paid Clark $6 mil for 2 years and gave Giacomini $2.75 mil for the one year but got 16 starts out of him. Henderson can make $4 mil with incentives so probably going to end up being less than that in the end. Either way, he can’t be worse than those two. I want Newton to come back but two patella tendons is rough. What I’m honestly hoping for is two linemen drafted in the 3rd round and one ends up being a good RT.

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