Trey Burton disappointed he wasn’t a part of Eagles future

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Former Philadelphia Eagles tight end Trey Burton is set to a sign a four-year, $32 million deal with the Chicago Bears once free agency officially gets underway on Wednesday.

But despite the new deal with the Bears, Burton is disappointed there wasn’t much discussion with the Eagles about staying with the Super Bowl champions.

Nah, I was really disappointed, man, honestly,” Burton said on WIP, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. “If I’m going to be open and transparent, I was really disappointed there wasn’t any offer. Didn’t even seem like they were really trying to make it happen. In reality, you can make anything happen if you really want to. That was my mindset. I’m really disappointed in that. It kind of hurt me a little bit.

Burton tossed what may be the single most memorable pass in Eagles’ franchise history to Nick Foles for a touchdown on fourth down late in the first half of Super Bowl LII last month. Burton also posted a career-high five touchdown receptions this season for Philadelphia before throwing for one of the most important scores in Philadelphia’s maiden Super Bowl victory.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t excited about the opportunity with that Bears.

“But I’m excited about where I’m going and where we’re heading. I think it’s a great fit for us. Really good days are on the horizon,” Burton said.

He won’t be stuck behind Zach Ertz and Brent Celek when it comes to playing time. He will play in tandem with Adam Shaheen as they try to replace the production lost to Zach Miller‘s devastating knee injury last season.

30 responses to “Trey Burton disappointed he wasn’t a part of Eagles future

  1. Don’t be disappointed. This is your first lesson on how this business works. You got the ring now reap the other benefits of this business. $32 mill for 6 career TD’s is a gift. Sign that deal and don’t look back.

  2. Rewrite this: “Man, I know they don’t have any cap space, but their offer was INSULTING.” No win situation.

  3. Trey be happy with your payday! I too was hoping they’d find a way for you to stay. Good luck in the Windy City.

  4. I’m sure they’d have had him back in a heartbeat but there’s no way the Eagles would be able to even come close to competing with the other teams money-wise. We were 10 Mil over the cap, if they could have brought you back I’m sure they would

  5. Trey — any offer made would have been an insult. No one wanted to see you leave, not the Eagles and not the fans. The Eagles literally couldnt afford ya man. Philly roots for and expects to see big things from you! God bless and thank you TREY BURTON!!!!

  6. You’re gone 5 hrs are you’re already disrespecting the team that drafted you and gave you the chance to be a player that other teams wanted. You had every day in practice + playing time when Ertz was out to unseat him it to increase your playing time. You also could have worked with the best blocking RB ( Sproles) and one of the best blocking TEs in football ( Celek) and still your lack if blocking skills cut into your playing time. Being undersized at TE you could’ve learned from the smallest RB in the league and one of the best (btw) blockers.
    You were not offered a contract because Philly was 9 million over the cap. In case you didn’t notice you were # 3 on the depth chart. Number 2 Brent Celek ( soon to be in the Eagles ring if Honor) also got cut. It’s a tough business. We all love you for memories, Philly Phans never forget greatness. The ” Philly Special” will live forever. Good luck in Chi-Town but Keep it classy Trey…As the Ownership did for you.

  7. A team with little cap space can’t pay starting money to two tight ends. If he didn’t realize that then you have to wonder about his general awareness. The Eagles couldn’t afford to pay him so making an offer would have been pointless.

  8. Nobody denies his talent at all. Its always been known. But fitting him in there with Ertz is the problem. If they’re both getting paid well they’d both have to be in the game at the same time way more often.

  9. The business side is usually ugly for a player. I liked him better than Ertz but Ertz did take it up a notch. Thanks for the pass Trey, good luck man.

  10. Not sure trey is an every down TE. But he is fast, gets open and has pretty good hands. Hope Chicago uses him right. He could really help the young qb and pull some coverage off Allen Robinson. I really like this bears team. They could be surprise contenders.

  11. If the Eagles gave him an offer it would’ve an insulting number. Simply not enough to go around right now and they have bigger priorities (extending Graham / bring back Bradham).

    Good luck in Chi, you’ll always have a place in Philly sports lore.

  12. He’s going to be even more disappointed by Week 7 as he realizes his season with his new team is already over.

  13. eaglesfan036 says:
    March 14, 2018 at 1:30 am
    I think the Eagles just didn’t want to waste his time. No way they could afford giving 32 million to their 2nd tight end

    That’s exactly what I thought. Why insult him?

  14. I love Trey but the birds couldn’t commit that much to a backup TE. I wish him nothing but success in Chicago.

  15. Thanks for everything you did here in Philly Trey, but…stay classy dude! It’s a business. The Eagles knew you could be a starter somewhere, but just not here with Ertz. They did you a favor. Your weren’t gonna get 32 million to be a back-up TE. Best of luck to you in Chicago. You’ll always be part of Philly.

  16. Trey earned his payday. I wish it could have been with the Eagles but that simply could not happen. There was no way to pay a back up TE the type of contract he got from the Bears. A really good pickup for the Bears.

  17. aj66shanghai says:
    March 14, 2018 at 6:08 am

    The Bears as contenders? Seriously? If they finish 3rd in their division they’d get a parade


    If you’re an Eagles fan and you’re saying this, you’re out of your mind? Took you how many years to win a SB?

    84 years! Seriously?

  18. If they would’ve offered him what’s in their budget for their backup TE, he would say it was an insulting offer. They are gonna have to draft a guy and pay him league min… and knowing howie and doug, he will be great.

    Burton is an awesome football player. Eagles can’t afford to keep him at his value now anyway. Go forth, young man. Enjoy the 32 mil and playing instead of league minimum and playing the three games ertz always misses and gadget/redzone snaps.

  19. “you can make anything happen if you really want to…”

    This is a great thing to say, and a great winner’s attitude…but I have found invariably that with making money appear where there is none, it does’t work that way. Trust me- I try to make money appear out of no where every day. And I believe i really deserve for it to appear. It just doesn’t though.

  20. I was hoping the Dolphins would get this guy instead of our elderly TE we currently have. Should on known they wouldn’t even sniff. Another year of SMH on what these clowns do.

  21. As an Eagles fan it does hurt to lose Burton because he was a solid member of the team but when you’re hard against the cap and having to ask players to restructure contracts just to get under it, then you have to prioritize and unfortunately the 2nd Tight End isn’t as vital as a starting linebacker.

  22. You cant pay your backup tight end $8 mill. Especially when your primary TE is a receiver whom lacks much blocking skill. You need to keep that money, and bring in an extra blocker, especially after releasing Celek.

    Burton was a nice surprise, but I don’t believe he will materialize into an $8 mill TE once the focus is actually on him. He is a good 3rd guy…the kind defenders end up leaving open because he isn’t a huge threat. Put him on the field where he is the focus at TE, and he wont be that productive. He only has 6 career TDs. Not like he was Tony Gonzalez or anything.

    But Philly loves you Trey. Great run down the stretch, and a great pass while running. We will never forget you, that’s for sure. Thanks for everything!

  23. He wanted to get paid and since Philly couldn’t afford to pay him he’s disappointed? If he wanted to stay with them too bad he could have told them he’d play for the league minimum. Don’t chase the money then blame it on your former team.

  24. 1phillyphan says:

    March 14, 2018 at 3:03 am

    You’re gone 5 hrs are you’re already disrespecting the team that drafted you and gave you the chance to be a player that other teams wanted

    How did he disrespect the Eagles. Someone asked him a question and he answered it. Would you prefer him say that he is excited to leave the Eagles ?

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