Two-year deal only for Case Keenum in Denver

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It was the first deal that emerged during the negotiating window, and it’s the one that has entailed the fewest details.

The Broncos have added one key fact by announcing that quarterback Case Keenum has agreed to terms on a two-year contract.

“He’s a great fit for us and is coming off a tremendous season,” Broncos president of football operations and G.M. John Elway said. “Excited to add Case’s leadership, competitiveness and experience!”

The duration of the deal suggests that the Broncos could still be in play for a quarterback with the fifth overall pick in the draft, or that current youngsters like Paxton Lynch or Chad Kelly could be developed to take over after Keenum’s tenure ends.

The most important factor in the Keenum contract — the money — remains unknown. Which serves only to increase suspicion that Keenum didn’t beat Blake Bortles‘ average of $18 million per year. Or the $20 million that Sam Bradford will get in one year from the Cardinals.

20 responses to “Two-year deal only for Case Keenum in Denver

  1. Bummed they couldn’t make it work in MN. I don’t think they should’ve broken the bank for him but it felt like he was one of us and a good player to boot. Those two qualities don’t often come together at QB in MN.

  2. My Jets best trade up with the Colts for that third pick. Both the Broncos and Bills will be in competition for a franchise quarterback. Not to mention the Brown and Cardinals and possibly the Giants. Hoping for Josh Rosen.

  3. This bronco fan thinks it’s a good move by Elway, Didn’t break the bank. Can still afford to put some other talent around the QB and can extend him if he keeps performing at last year’s level.

    Now, what to do about the Coach, the O-line, a third receiver.

  4. I like Keenum. Great guy, teammate, competitior. Played his butt off for the Vikings. But I can’t wait until this season when we get to see Cousins in that offense and Keenum back on a lesser team to shut up half of the Viking fans and everyone else. You’ll hear crickets.

  5. Good deal for Denver I think. Didnt break the bank, didn’t make a long term commitment. Only downside is if Keenum is able to re-produce last years results. But if Denver drafts and develops a quarterback over the next two years, it make not matter anyway.

  6. Elway is no fool there was no way he was going to give Kirk Cousins what the Vikings give up for a QB that has won nothing. Vikings will regret the day that they broke the bank for a QB that has choked in ever meaningful football game that he has ever played. After what Case Keenum did for the Vikings they kicked him to the curb. Case played some damn good football, the game against the Eagles was not Case Keenum fault the defense didn’t play well and the OL let Case Keenum down. What do the Vikings think they will get from Kirk “Choke” Cousins? I wonder will that make all the excuses for Kirk Cousins that they did in Washington! This will be the biggest bust in the history of the NFL because Kirk is fully guaranteed for three years…… Good luck with that!

  7. How / Why does a HOF, SB winning QB turned GM repeatedly make marginal decisions about the most important position on the field?

  8. Mr. Ed’s head should be firmly on the chopping block if he screws this up. I would have thought Bradford would have been a better thought out choice.

  9. xavier179 says:
    March 14, 2018 at 6:22 pm
    Mr. Ed’s head should be firmly on the chopping block if he screws this up. I would have thought Bradford would have been a better thought out choice.


    Degenerative, arthritic knees. Not a good combo for the cold of Denver.

  10. Don’t have any real proof on this, just watching him in college, and we know that didn’t go well for Tebow. But Chad Kelly was a heck of a college quarterback. He was hurt all last season. It would be a great story for Kelly to rise up and be fantastic for them.

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