Vikings trading for Trevor Siemian to back up Kirk Cousins


The Vikings spent a pile of money on a starting quarterback, but all three of theirs left in free agency so they needed a backup.

They’ve apparently found one via trade.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Vikings are finalizing a deal with the Broncos for Trevor Siemian.

Having a backup with 25 NFL starts who is making $705,000 this year is a good thing when you’re dropping $86 million guaranteed on Kirk Cousins.

The deal is apparently for a late-round pick, which seems like a fair return for the former Broncos seventh-rounder, who was displaced by Case Keenum and the possibility the Broncos will draft another one fifth overall to go with former first-rounder Paxton Lynch.

28 responses to “Vikings trading for Trevor Siemian to back up Kirk Cousins

  1. A late round pick that probably wouldn’t even make the team for a super cheap backup QB with starting experience? Yeah that sounds like a pretty good deal to me, I’m on board.

  2. Keeps getting better for the rest of the NFC North. Keep er’ up Minnesota Indoor Football Vikings!!! What a difference a year makes for the QB position in MN.

  3. That’s great, the Vikes now have a guy at $28mil who will underachieve based on his price and a guy making $750K who will overachieve against his price. I guess that’s some sort of balance at the position.

    I’m sure it’s high-fives all round the office!

  4. Hopefully Sloter will develop into the number 2 (and future starter) so this won’t mean a thing. Not impressed with Siemien at all.

  5. I also called this 3 days ago..Great Move for a late round pick.. . Price is right and he has some experience starting.. He does have a up-side. Good Teammate! Reminds me of Keenum.. Same skill set.. I still think The Vikings have put themselves in box with Cousins.. Must win Super Bowl or bust with him.. No excuses.. It will be interesting to see how Bradford performs this year.. He was hands down the best FA QB if healthy.. Time will tell..

  6. 3400 yds & 18 TD’s in 2016 with 3 300 yd games in 14 games. That’s a pretty quality backup. Impressive trade.

  7. .
    I must be the only Patriots fan who likes Siemian. But, I always thought he had a poor cast surrounding him.

  8. This is FAR better deal.. than the last time they traded for a QB.
    True that.

  9. This trade, and the lower cap number, should do just fine thank you very much. And particularly after last season, I think the cheesers commenting above should review their QB back-up situation a bit before criticizing the one to their west.

  10. Hopefully he can show his true talent if called upon with a better O-Line then my Broncos could give him. Guy never had the protection to show his true worth. Good luck Trev and Vikes

  11. The Packers give up a starting CB (1st round draft pick) for QB that led his team to a winless season last year.

    The Vikings trade a late round draft pick for a QB that has 25 NFL starts.

    And cabosan is making fun of the Vikings???

  12. vikesfansteve says:
    March 14, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    3400 yds & 18 TD’s in 2016 with 3 300 yd games in 14 games. That’s a pretty quality backup. Impressive trade.

    So now we only count every other years stats for “quality backups”?

    LAST season the guy threw for over 232 yards twice. 12 TD’s, 14 picks. For reference, Brett Hundley exceeded that total four times in 10 starts.

    Backup yes. Quality, Walmarts.

  13. Great move I think, this was so smart to do. Plenty of Broncos fans liked how he played there.

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