Gayle Benson becomes Saints, Pelicans owner

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The passing of Saints owner Tom Benson raises no questions whatsoever regarding the two sports teams he owned.

Gayle Benson becomes the owner of the NFL’s Saints and the NBA’s Pelicans. Those issues were resolved by Mr. Benson’s will, and litigation pursued by family members who had been omitted from ownership interest in either teams ended months ago.

Also, both the NFL and the NBA already have approved Mrs. Benson as the eventual owner of the franchises.

Mr. Benson purchased the Saints in 1985, and he purchased the then-New Orleans Hornets in 2012.

Last year, the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium was dedicated at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Mr. Benson donated $10 million to the stadium renovation project and another $1 million toward the construction of a planned retirement facility at the Hall of Fame’s grounds for retired NFL players.

7 responses to “Gayle Benson becomes Saints, Pelicans owner

  1. Either Gayle Benson is REALLY good or Tom Benson felt like his kids were really BAD!

    Hope she proudly represents him well in New Orleans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both franchises are sold before long.

  2. So sad his trust fund kids and grandkids can’t get by without the extra 2 billion. Must be hard to only be multi-millionaires without ever having to punch a clock.

  3. Interesting how that works out, his, benson, clan were well on their way to running things and then plans disrupted. Now, her family tree is the beneficiary.

  4. reprob8 says:
    March 15, 2018 at 6:50 pm
    Either Gayle Benson is REALLY good or Tom Benson felt like his kids were really BAD!

    Not exactly… Tom wanted/expected Rita LeBlanc (granddaughter) to be heavily involved. He gave her every chance to do so – for a while she did. She had an office at the dome, managed renovations, the whole 9 yards.

    At some point she lost interest – and he warned her to take care of business. She didn’t. He warned her again.

    It seemed on the surface that the socialite life seduced her. But don’t worry – she’ll never do without, they all have trust funds like Saudi princes.

  5. Rita had a reported “30 Different Assistants” in her 6 year tenure. No doubt this child will NEVER know the meaning of “Worry”. At one time I thought she was going to be a Great Asset to the Organization but then her, her Brother and her Mother’s Pure Greed and Selfishness reared its Ugly head. Such a Shame that Tom had to deal with the Children and Grand Children bickering over HIS money and possessions the last few years of his life. Ryan, Rita and Renee’ all got Millions in legal settlements. In the end its too bad they didn’t get what they all Truly deserved, a smack up side their heads and ZERO MONEY.

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