Jaguars sign Austin Seferian-Jenkins

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For the second time in less than 24 hours, the Jaguars have agreed to terms with a free agent tight end.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins will sign with the Jaguars, according to multiple reports. His signing comes after the Jaguars also acquired Niles Paul.

Early in his career with the Buccaneers, Seferian-Jenkins was largely unproductive and disappointing, but last year with the Jets he had the best season of his career, catching 50 passes for 357 yards and three touchdowns (and losing a couple other touchdowns on highly questionable replay reviews).

The Jaguars have made a concerted effort to improve their offense this offseason, with Paul and Seferian-Jenkins joining guard Andrew Norwell and receiver Donte Moncrief. Last year the Jaguars rode an excellent defense to the AFC Championship Game. This year they’ll try to ride a more balanced team to the Super Bowl.

10 responses to “Jaguars sign Austin Seferian-Jenkins

  1. jetsmmt says:
    March 15, 2018 at 4:49 pm
    They are definitely overpaying for him.


    Jets need to start overpaying for somebody….anybody.

  2. They get guys that run 10 yard pass patterns. Too bad it was just yesterday they had the best young WR combo round. I never understood the Bortles selection and still don’t understand it.

    I know he looks ‘cheap’ now, compared to what the money being thrown around out there but you get what you pay for…

  3. Jags are definitely moving up to Grab the receiver out of LSU Chark or James from FSU (we’ve had tremendous success drafting from FSU even though it pains me to write that go Canes) …. Don’t believe me just watch !!!!

  4. The Jets couldn’t do 2yrs for 10 mil for this guy? He’s something the Jets haven’t had in years… a legit starting tight end. He was good with McCown last year, and he actually liked NY & wanted to stay with the Jets! So now what? Julius Thomas?? I don’t think so. Yet another position they need to fix with the draft.

  5. He demanded 8m a yr from the Jets but took 5m a year to go to Jax. I assume he thinks they are contenders but at the end of the day it’s still Bortles throwing the ball. Foolish move. Mccown>bortles. Bortles will prove once and for all who he is again, second half of last year was an aberration.

  6. @pftlol what bortles is? Ummm he’s a qb who was a few plays away from going to the super bowl? McCown sure as hell wasn’t.. Anything other than you agreeing is just silly

  7. Bortles will hand the ball off to Fournette over and over he’ll throw some dink and dunk passes to tight ends and slot receivers, and…he will take care of the ball. No INTs, no ill-advised passes, the occasional scramble and slide.

    The Jaguars #1 defense is back and will create turnovers. The offense will lead the league in FGs. If you like a throwback approach to pro football, this is as close as you’re going to get.

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