Josh Sitton agrees to deal with Dolphins

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The Dolphins are saying goodbye to Mike Pouncey and saying hello to Josh Sitton.

Sitton, a guard who played the last two years with the Bears and played with the Packers before that, has agreed to a two-year contract with the Dolphins.

The 31-year-old Sitton went to Miami last night and got a deal done this morning. Although the Bears decided to move on, Sitton has said that he still thinks he’s in his prime.

The Dolphins, who are making major changes up and down the roster, will give him the chance to prove he’s right about that.

10 responses to “Josh Sitton agrees to deal with Dolphins

  1. Missed opportunity for the Vikings while they took their sweet time to sign Kirk Cousins. Sitton is still a top 5 guard according to PFF.

  2. Finally! He is a road grater at LG. The Dolphins could now move Ted Larsen or Jake Brendal to Center to replace Pouncey. Pouncey asked for his release. Saves Cap and Good Riddance! Always injured and the 27th ranked Center. This is the most critical signing. It means they can take the BPA in the Draft. I bet all this Subtraction makes the Dolphins a better team. No Championships this year, but they are not tanking… just dumping prima donna players with bloated contracts.

  3. Great move. I know the media wants to poopoo on the Dolphins, but they’ve managed to get rid of old players with bloated contracts, being in a young promising wr and a proven vet wr, a pro bowl G and a former all pro DE all while clearing up over $30 mil in cap space. I like where this is going. It’s not like they were winning with Suh, Pouncey and Landry anyway. Stop spending the money, get the young guys in to compete.

  4. reason Sitton was released is because Virginia McCaskey is forcing the Bears to make a courtesy pick of a Notre Dame player with the 8th pick of the 1st rd.. In her dementia state, she thinks Notre Dame is a top program. Plus the Bear hired a coach that was gonna to get fired at the end of this upcoming season when the Irish fail to make the playoff with a cake laden schedule. In fact, Kelly and his coaches should have been fired already mind you the Bear think the 2nd time is the charm with him cause it didn’t work out the 1st time.BTW no irish player is worth a 1st rd pick. Kizer went 0-16 and got traded. Eifort is begging for a league min right now, T’eo’s girlfriend plays better than him.

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