Report: Falcons, Patriots have contacted Danny Woodhead

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The Ravens released running back Danny Woodhead this week and he’s heard from a couple of teams that might offer him a spot for the 2018 season.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that the Falcons and Patriots have both contacted Woodhead. He has not scheduled a visit with either team at this point.

The Patriots are quite familiar with Woodhead after he spent three seasons in New England between 2010 and 2012. They have James White and the recently re-signed Rex Burkhead in the backfield, but Dion Lewis left for Tennessee as a free agent.

Atlanta has Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman returning as their top two backs. They did not tender Terron Ward as an exclusive rights free agent.

Woodhead missed eight games with a hamstring injury, missed 14 games with a torn ACL in 2016 and was limited to three games in 2014 due to a broken leg, so durability hasn’t been a strong suit. When healthy, he has remained a strong part of the passing game as a target out of the backfield.

16 responses to “Report: Falcons, Patriots have contacted Danny Woodhead

  1. What was that yesterday about Pats “haters” (or to the rest of us, those that just don’t like the team), facts, and age? Danny Woodhead is a 33 year old running back, ranked average by PFF, yet he is on the Patriots’ radar screen? And the Falcons, who also have one of the oldest rosters in football. Most – the VAST majority of RBs decline rapidly after 30, and he has had quite an injury history. Hasn’t played a full season since 2015, after missing most of 2014.

    I think this guys best left a few years ago.

  2. ajsjr40 says:
    March 15, 2018 at 12:58 pm
    Pats have enough 30+ year olds. RB is a position for a young man. This would be redundant to White and Burkhead.


    You can never have enough depth at RB and if you can get a veteran RB that’s had previous success in your system and who you can trust on 3rd down, then you take him on a cap-friendly deal.

  3. Pats have enough 30+ year olds. RB is a position for a young man.

    Do you even have the ability to check facts or do you just type gibberish and hope people take it as fact?

    A simple search using The Google would show you that the Pats have exactly 0 RBs that are older than 28, unless you want to nitpick and say Develin the FB is a RB and he’s 29.

    James White is 26 and Burkhead is 27, not exactly getting ready for blue light specials and AARP meetings.

  4. Would be a camp invite behind White in NE> I bet Dimitrioff, who has done a poor job mirroring BB and contract value in Atlanta, will pay more.

  5. Used to have a Bargain Center when I was younger. Featured large bins and tables piled high with clothing that looked like someone was raiding charity bins. Had three floors of stuff from fire sales and closeouts, all rummaged through and topsy turvy.

    Local legend had it that the Sullivan Bros used to get their team outfits here, some even suspect they used the place to find talent.

    Maybe Bill picked up a few tips from the Sullivans?

  6. He was a good story 7-8 years ago and seemed to have one last hurrah as an effective pass-catching back 3 years ago but he’s 33 and has mostly been off the field since 29.

  7. “the cheaters are all done”

    Yes, Indy has been done ever since they tossed Manning to the curb and replaced him with an overhyped bust who will not likely every play again.

  8. It would be nice to see Mike Gilislee actually contribute something. I looked it up, and I honestly couldn’t believe he had more than 100 carries last season… I honestly can’t remember. I guess it must have occurred the last time the Patriots were “done” when they were 2-2. Boy did the naysayers call that one!

  9. Ill let the haters have their trollgasms on this one. Its hard to get too excited about him given age and injury history. Even at a cheap price.go nuts guys.

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