Jarvis Landry: The Browns aren’t 0-16, everyone is 0-0 now


The new players on the Browns are bringing in a new attitude, if Jarvis Landry‘s recent comments are any indication.

Asked in Cleveland on Thursday about being traded to an 0-16 team, Landry said he doesn’t mind because that was last year’s team, and every team starts over again every year.

“That’s OK. Everybody’s 0-0 right now,” Landry said.

Everyone has a 0 in the W column right now, but only the Browns had a 0 all of last year, not to mention until Week 16 the year before. They’re hoping that with the additions of Landry, quarterback Tyrod Taylor, running back Carlos Hyde, offensive lineman Chris Hubbard, cornerback T.J. Carrie and safety Damarious Randall, they might go into a season with a 0 in the L column for a change.

47 responses to “Jarvis Landry: The Browns aren’t 0-16, everyone is 0-0 now

  1. Kind of refreshing seeing the browns agressive, and and seemingly competent with their off-season moves. With picks #1 and #4, I’d be pretty excited as a fan.

    This coming from a skins fan.. so I feel the pain of losing, and watching some tough to watch teams..

    Wish the browns nothing but the best!

  2. They won’t lose a game during the bye week either. But 0-0 baby, what else do you expect the guy to say?

    Btw, I’ll predict 4 Browns wins this year. And Tyrod could in theory be a .500 QB but the coaches & ownership aren’t built for that level.

  3. The Browns with field a good team only to have a couple of their star players get hurt. The Browns will always find a way to lose.

  4. They had four 3 point loses , OT loss vs packers and a 4 point loss to the Steelers(their biggest lose was 31-7 vs the bengals)they aren’t as bad as when the lions went 0-16(who lost 10 games by double digits). kizer was a turnover machine now with Tyrod who is safe with the ball they won’t put their evolving defense in horrible positions every game.

  5. I predict at least 6 wins, they got rid of the dumpster fire qb from last year(kizer), they brought in Hyde and Taylor, got rid of the gm(who for all accounts valued kizer over watson, what were they thinking), they are bringing in offensive line (although Joe Thomas retirement does sting, a lot ), Now all they have to do is concentrate on cbs, safety, in the draft and they should be fine. Although it is the Browns so I’m going to reserve judgement, but at least 6 wins. They should get an easy schedule and if everybody’s healthy 6 wins should be easy.

  6. I wonder what Cleveland will think of Jarvis when he begins to complain to the coach and the media that he’s not getting enough TARGETS. It’s difficult to predict how many games the Brown’s will win. The NFL benefits loosing Franchises every draft season with priority on new talent, which helps the losing teams be more competitive. Unless the team is the Cleveland Browns!

  7. The team has all the right peices they just need to draft the right QB and get a real head coach. The browns actually look like a legit team but they need to correct those two things before they get good. They have the first pick of the draft, hopefully they don’t mess that up.

  8. The Browns aren’t 0-16 but sure are $16 million in the hole with your contract…GOOD LUCK WITH THE $50 MILLION GUARANTEED CONTRACT

  9. The Browns will blow all their cap space on free agents who will underperform, draft players who will not develop (thanks to poor coaching) and end up with two to three 3-5 win seasons before they clean house and start again except with a ton of bad contracts and malcontents and a dearth of draft picks. They should have fired Hue last year and stayed the course on management. Their impatience and inability to judge even coaching talent will door them until Haslem either sells the team or hands control entirely over to a management team that has a five year set in stone mandate to do their job.

  10. With a great running back (e.g., Saquon Barkley) to help reduce the workload for T-Rod/Landry, the 2018 Cleveland Browns can surely win 8-10 games.

  11. Hue definitely will not have any excuses, with a more talented team. There’s going to have be a good deal of progress, going the right way, performing and bottom line, putting up W’s.

    Guess the question is…what is a reasonable expectation (with draft still to come, which will add a lot of talent to Cleveland) for wins in 2018? 6? 7? 8?

  12. He’s right. Why would he care about how the team did before he was on it? Do you care about how good the person who had your job was before you got the job?

    That 0-16 includes 7 losses by 1 score or less on a team that had the QB who lead the league in turning over the ball. If I’m a guy who can catch a pass I’d jump at the opportunity to turn around a team that only needs me and a QB to be competent at our job and not even be stellar at it to be good again. That’s easy money. You want a challenge go to the Colts where they can’t even figure out how to sign coaches or keep in contact with their players let alone field a competitive team now a days.

  13. I agree with Landry. This is not even the same team, and won’t be the same team in September as it is in March. There’s a football guy in charge who made football moves, and I for one think they can compete in a pretty weak AFC.

    When Sashi – whose approach I have a lot of issues with – took over, the organization made it clear that they weren’t going to see a lot of winning until 2018. Don’t think they meant one win, but they’ve made some strong moves these last couple of weeks. I think they’re going to surprise some people.

  14. owlbania says:

    March 16, 2018 at 4:56 am

    They won’t be 0-16, they have better players.
    But they still won’t be good, they have the same coach.


    Worst head coach in the NFL, and that’s saying something…

  15. The Browns will have their annual fire sale, get rid of all talent, and start over again. They do it every year, so they can stay 0-16. Coach just gotta pick his players.

  16. stewart09 says:
    March 16, 2018 at 6:29 am
    They had four 3 point loses , OT loss vs packers and a 4 point loss to the Steelers(their biggest lose was 31-7 vs the bengals)they aren’t as bad as when the lions went 0-16(who lost 10 games by double digits). kizer was a turnover machine now with Tyrod who is safe with the ball they won’t put their evolving defense in horrible positions every game.


    As my good friend Dominic Toretto once said, ” It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning”. At the end of the day their record was still 0-16. Sure Kizer played bad but it’s more coaching than anything. Hue is still there. Those games that were close but maybe a good coach could’ve pulled at least one win out of 16 games.

  17. Honestly it’s been kind of fun to kick the Browns around. I mean, the level of ineptitude has been on a “once in a generation” scale for quite some time. And it’s been so dependable year after year – like, atomic clock dependable.

    But I’m not entirely sure we’ll have the Browns to kick around for much longer. What they’ve done so far this year has a legit chance to climb over a few other teams in the cellar. Tyrod Taylor alone is a huge upgrade and worth a few wins – they wouldn’t have been 0-16 with him at the helm last year. (And yes – I know calling Taylor a “huge upgrade” sounds odd – but that speaks more to the quality of the Brown’s past QB’s than to Taylor’s abilities)

    All they need to do is have a good draft, and…

    Oh wait… now I see the problem.

  18. He’s right… but the first week of January the Browns will be 0-16, 1-15 if lucky. Glad you got paid to end your career in a such a fine toilet town

  19. You guys are hilarious with the idea that the Browns are all of sudden going to win 6 games or even 8-10 as another stated.

    So you think that Tyrod Taylor is worth between 6 and 10 wins? Really? He was a 7-9 or 8-8 guy with the Bills, who had a MUCH better roster than what CLE has and he’s now going to be winning 10 games?

    Do you realize that the teams that they’re going to be playing are also doing things in FA and the draft plus have much better coaching on staff?

    They might win 1 game this year and that’s a stretch.

  20. I feel bad for Cleveland fans, they deserve better than they are getting. I still haven’t figured out why they kept the HC, he is terrible. On paper they have good players but until they hire a new HC they will continue to lose.

  21. If they don’t pick a quarterback in the draft and they then win a few games in 2018, they may not have a chance to pick a quarterback next season without trading up.

  22. If/when they win a game, they’ll all “huencry” that everything is different.But the reality is that even with a few better players, the HC is not competent for the job.

  23. They’ll win games based purely on improved talent and that Huge Action isn’t calling plays this year. I have no idea how many but they’re already significantly better talent wise than last year. The only caveat is that left tackle position. That hole could be a real problem.

  24. We all know what Josh Gordon can do. Last year he was 18-355-1 in five games. Corey Coleman is a talented kid if he can stay healthy. Landry is a machine. David Njoku was 32-386-4 as a rookie tight end who only got five starts. Duke Johnson caught more than 70 passes, and if they draft Saquon Barkley, he may put up Le’veon Bell type numbers, 1200 on the ground and 500 in the air.

    I don’t want to go nuts here, but when an offense has five guys on the team who are catching 50 passes or more, as well as a running back who can get those short yardage first downs, that offense becomes unstoppable. You’re in the area of the 2011 Saints (62 touchdowns) or the 2013 Broncos (71 touchdowns). Now obviously Tyrod Taylor isn’t Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, but this offense is going to be more explosive than people think.

    It wouldn’t shock me if they won the division.

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