Michael Crabtree agrees to three-year deal with Ravens

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Nearing a deal went to done deal in a hurry. Michael Crabtree returned to the team facility to sign a three-year deal worth up to $21 million with the Ravens, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. He gets $11 million guaranteed and will make at least $15 million — possibly up to $20 million — in the first two seasons, per Rapoport.

The Ravens confirmed the signing in a tweet.

Crabtree, 30, has made 579 catches for 6,870 yards and 51 touchdowns in nine NFL seasons. He played six seasons in San Francisco after the 49ers made him a first-round pick before spending the past three seasons in Oakland.

The Raiders cut him Thursday after signing receiver Jordy Nelson.

57 responses to “Michael Crabtree agrees to three-year deal with Ravens

  1. Ravens mo is to get these back nine receivers and have some success. I’m actually surprised we got someone decent who wanted to play with Flacco in our offense 😂

  2. So, 11M for 1 year is really what it is. I’m finally starting to cut through the mumbo jumbo. Especially for WRs 30+ yrs old.

  3. Because god has a sense of humor, and because Bisciotti is garbage, Crabtree will get hurt this year and whatshisface will end up with a pretty good season somewhere else.

    Kids, never go back on your word. It’s all you have, and while you can only lose it once, you’ll need it forever.

  4. Ravens are a place where WR’s go to die. As Jeremy Maclin.

    Flacco was average at his best; Now he’s terrible and the Ravens are taking that downward spiral with him.

  5. If you win, then it will be a great pickup. Any adversity and he will fold. Just like he did for us at the end of last season.

  6. I hope the Ravens don’t draft a WR and hope that Crabtree will mentor him. He’ll learn nothing but how to pout, drop passes at the wrong time, and how to take himself out of games. I’m glad we got rid of this guy for Nelson.

  7. How fortuitous Grant failed his physical moments after Crabtree became available. Yahtzee!

  8. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. I hope ‘coach em’ up Gruden knows what he is doing or else he’s going to end up like Joe Gibbs Part 2 in Skinville.

  9. Great signing. Super Bowl bound.

    They might make it there but won’t win it. The Crabtree curse is real.

  10. Complete garbage the way they handled Ryan Grant. I know they didn’t realize a talent like Crabtree would come out of nowhere but still did Grant dirty. Hope he files for a grievance against them. Cost him money in the process with teams thinking he was going under contract and failed him for no reason

  11. Nice knowing you Crabtree. Bmore is where receivers go to die like Qb’s in Cleveland. Flacco gets worse every year. I hope you have an out after a year

  12. Great day for Crabtree. Sad day for Ravens fans who liked the winning days. Those days are in the rear view mirror. If you’re paying this kind of money to a WR you can get in the 6th round, you’re hurting.

  13. Crabtree actually is a pretty decent receiver when he wants to be. Definitely a prima donna like most receivers,gotta have his own trainer and wants nothing to do with the team medical staff. Raven fan will get frustrated when they see this guy coming out of the game after every catch he makes. Also unnecessarily jumps when the ball is coming at him, thus resulting in a lot of drops. Very frustrating.

  14. Crab catches everything thrown his way, unless it is a catch that would win a conference championship game (2013 vs. Seattle) or the Super Bowl (2012 vs. Ravens).

  15. liontuss says:
    March 16, 2018 at 6:24 pm
    So, 11M for 1 year is really what it is. I’m finally starting to cut through the mumbo jumbo. Especially for WRs 30+ yrs old.

    the Ravens should of just sent OAK a box of used jock straps just so that they could have
    Crabs at his 7.7M contract, it would of been a much better deal for OAK and BAL

  16. Why is it that the Ravens can’t get anyone of quality for Big Joe to throw to? Like Wallace before him, this guy’s decent years are way behind him and that Grant fiasco was kinda sad…

  17. isithockeyseasonyet says:
    March 16, 2018 at 8:20 pm
    But but but I thought he was going to the patriots, aww, seems like they’re not getting the free agents their used to getting, I wonder why
    When was Crabtree linked to the Patriots, show me the link? And there are $11 millions guaranteed dollars of reasons why the Patriots wouldn’t be interested.

    And yes, it is hockey season, stay off football threads.

  18. One of the best pair of hands in teh NFL, I will miss you in the Silver & Black.

    he is a true #1 WR.

  19. steelcurtainn says:
    March 16, 2018 at 9:20 pm
    Somewhere Jeremy Maclin is laughing.

    Doubtful. Crabs is much better.

  20. Unless Antonio Brown gets cut and then Michael Crabtree will not pass his physical…..wink….wink.

  21. Now we finally got someone to catch passes from SUPERBOWL MVP JOE FLACCO. At least Joe has never fumbled away a superbowl. He’s also never lost a superbowl, especially to a backup QB.

  22. If your desperate in crab town sign a Crabtree, hope he works ous for the team and player. Good Luck

  23. Flacco extended Derrick Mason’s career. Two teams and less than one full season out of Baltimore, he was out of football. He also extended Steve Smith’s career, made Dennis Pitta (an average tight end at best) more valuable than he really was, and landed Torrey Smith a big contract (which he never lived up to after leaving Baltimore). Some of you folks are amazingly clueless.

  24. Like most WRs by the time they hit 30, they are no longer a #1 if they had been 5 years earlier. It’s just the way it is. Crabs was never a #1 receiver while on the Raiders. He’s a roll receiver. He can’t get off the blocks and stretch the field anymore. If he can stay focused, okay. He’s home.

  25. JustBlameTrumpOrRussia says:
    March 16, 2018 at 10:48 pm
    Now we finally got someone to catch passes from SUPERBOWL MVP JOE FLACCO. At least Joe has never fumbled away a superbowl. He’s also never lost a superbowl, especially to a backup QB.


    I’ll take 5-3 over 1-0 in Superbowls any day.

  26. With a healthy Flacco, Crabtree, Jones, Moore and a few picks in this year’s draft could set us up for the next couple years.

    I hope Ozzie invests heavily in this offense this year or the fans, myself included, will not let him or the Ravens hear the end of it.

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