Report: Lions agree to one-year, $4.5 million deal with LeGarrette Blount

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The Lions have reached a one-year, $4.5 million deal with running back LeGarrette Blount, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

Detroit also had interest in DeMarco Murray, Jonathan Stewart and Frank Gore.

The Lions are trying to upgrade a running game that ranked 32nd in the NFL last season.

New Lions coach Matt Patricia coached the defense in New England when Blount played there.

Blount, 31, gained 766 yards and scored two touchdowns on 173 carries last season in Philadelphia. He has 5,881 rushing yards and 51 career touchdowns and has played in 11 postseason games in his eight seasons.

53 responses to “Report: Lions agree to one-year, $4.5 million deal with LeGarrette Blount

  1. Who would have thought Blount would have been able to carve out this role in the NFL after that post game sucker punch? I’ll be honest, never thought he would last this long and play for this many teams. Assumed he was Lendale White 2.0

  2. Congrats LeGarrette. Job well done for the Eagles, we loved your power running. You helped bring us a Super Bowl and you will never be forgotten in Philly. Good luck in Detroit.

  3. Perfect signing, the O-Line is solid now, Wr’s in place, draft Guice or Ronald Jones

  4. Blount has won three Super Bowls including two in a row, meanwhile the Lions have only won one playoff game since 1957. Something’s gotta give. I’m guessing Blount’s good luck mojo won’t overcome Detroit’s 60 year jinx.

  5. Suprised by his leadership and his team first mentality..Us Philly fans will always love you and you’ll never have buy a beer or cheese steak in Philly. Good luck.

  6. Wow…the Eagles paid 1.25 mill for LgB after he scored 18 TDs. Everybody from the most expert pundits on down to fantasy football podcasters and PFT commenters *killed* them for making that signing.

    And now the Lions are paying 4.5 mill for him.

    Congrats to Legarette. Thanks to him for running angry and being a consummate team guy in midnight green. He deserves all the $$ he can get.

  7. LeGarrette Blount has three Super Bowl rings as a valuable RB that contributed to each of those Super Bowl championships. The unusual part of that is that he has only made about $14M during his tenure in the NFL. I loved watching him help the Eagles win their first Super Bowl and wish him the best of luck with the Lions (unless they are playing the Eagles). He was a great leader and teammate in Philadelphia and I am glad he got a decent deal for the upcoming year, as it is about 3 and a half times what he played for last year. Also he is the best of the four veterans Detroit had been considering. Keep running agree big guy!!!

  8. Perhaps an overpay but I’m a little bit happy for him considering that’s about exactly what he made in the 3 years from 2014-2016 combined. Then he got a little over a mil last year. Since I’m not a team owner or GM I really don’t care about their finances or cap situation. I’m sure they will be OK.

  9. It’s probably an overpay, but we have the space, even before we cut Ebron. And since we’re getting into the second wave, there might not be much in the way of pricey signings out there left. Yes, there could be an overpay, but not the kind that messes up our cap situation.

  10. I won’t complain about what he did in Philly last year but he’s not a back you want carrying it 20 times a game. He’s slow-footed and gets stuffed a lot in comparison to the runs you see on the highlights where he’s running free and bowling people over. He’s useful but has to be used correctly and at the right time. I think the Eagles had him at just the right price and the right role w/ the other backs they have.

  11. When you win even another Super bowl your price tag goes up. I’m sure every team in the league offered him at least 2.5 mill because he can compliment any back in the league. We saved 8 mill cutting Ebron and would’ve gave Gore at least 1.5. So I know the number seems high, but a pretty high scoring offense with know running game, and throwing it 95% on 3rd and 1’s or inside the 5 it’s worth the price. He’s 31 but never has been the everydown back, and he’s a beast. I know it seems like the Lions have been quiet this offseason compared to others, I think it’s more like teams over payed for free agents this year and Quinn refused to get caught up in it all. What I find funny is all the hype for Cousins, dude never beat the Lions, he might be better then Trubisky but he’s a long ways away from being a Stafford or a Rodgers. I think the Broncos did it right by paying half the price for Keenum, have no idea why they let him go I thought he was the hero of Minny and you payed double for someone who might be worse.

  12. Eagles are left with Ajayi, Smallwood, Clement and Pumphrey for $3.7 mill. Fantastic.

  13. I’m sure he’s just as stunned about the money as everyone else. But, good for him.

  14. Coulda been on of the few NFL players to win 3 straight Super Bowls. Then he went to Detroit. Hahahahah!!! Thx for helping us win it last year LB. Fly Eagles Fly

  15. Legalrette Blunt has sunker punched one two many GMs in his career… Congratulations Lions…what a great deal…for Blunt… Eagles will scoop him back up week 12 after he forces his release late in the season…

  16. Good signing. Not a flashy diva running back, but the guy drags defenders all over the field, especially late in games. And great locker room guy. Will miss him in Philly.

  17. We just need him to be who he has been, nothing more. If we can get that, the overpay is worth it.

  18. The chants of “LG” still resonate in my head from when he played for the New England Patriots.. he is one of my favorites, plays hard and more than once saw him drive the “pile” for a significant gain..

  19. What I find funny is all the hype for Cousins, dude never beat the Lions, he might be better then Trubisky but he’s a long ways away from being a Stafford

    Isnt Stafford like 5-50 versus winning teams?

  20. Detroit have struggled for many years to get their running game going. Unfortunately, they are paying a lot ($4.5M) for Blount who doesn’t have much gas left in the tank. They really need to consider young talent like Guice or Michel in the upcoming Draft.

  21. Amazing how people make negative comments without actually seeing the player week in and week out. The guy is a beast and we loved him here in New England. Let him sniff the end zone and he was in. Not to mention he brings a winning attitude.

  22. I’m sure they’re considering a RB in the draft, where is a matter of debate. With the current moves, the Lions have filled some holes temporarily, so other than DL, there’s plenty of flexibility as to which direction they go. They know Blount is short-term, and drafting a solid RB is the future.

  23. If the Lions win the SuperBowl this year and LB makes it three in a row with three different teams he deserves to go into the Hall of Fame, if only for his ability to pick and jump on the next winner.

  24. As a lions fan I kind of can’t believe they payed a short yardage back who is 31 years old over 4M for a single season. Quinn hasn’t overspent by any means so this seems out of character and in my opinion a reach. Let’s face it with Stafford and cooters offense most of it is out of shotgun anyway Blount is going to get limited snaps for 4M. Seems crazy.

  25. They didn’t pay him to just run the ball……they payed him for his leadership, and to teach others in the Locker room the Patricia/Quinn/Lions/Patriots way.

  26. Blount on the Lions for sloppy 4ths or 5ths, this guy is at the end of his career and won’t be putting forth any kind of effort after winning back to back SB’s with actual contenders. This is quite amusing to see Lion’s fans excited, like they found the missing piece after losing their only TE who was a bust and having a pretty average to below average OL.

  27. Wow, I had no idea cheapskate NE never paid him especially after all he contributed to their offensive running game. He’s barely earned any money in his tenure in the NFL. Well good luck to him this season and to the Lions!

  28. Completely wrong on the WR; Stafford and Marvin Jones is one of the top combos in the league. And Tate leads the league in YAC. TJ Jones is a solid #3, and Golliday has potential. The OL had it’s issues, mostly through injuries, and we know about the TE.

  29. Given the Lions had no short yardage (or any yardage) running ability, a back like Blount instantly provides a solid dimension in the short yardage game. Like when we were inside the 10 against your Steelers and couldn’t punch it in in 4 tries. Blount gives us that capability; we’ll be happy if he rushes for 10yds and 10 TDs.

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