Saints extend punter Thomas Morstead

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The Saints are doing business with a heavy heart, but they’re still doing business.

Punter Thomas Morstead just put out word that he had signed a new five-year contract extension.

The 32-year-old Morstead was entering the final year of his previous contract, and has been a consistent performer for the Saints. He also earned some points for toughness in the playoffs, by playing through a rib injury suffered while making a touchdown-saving tackle.

He also lined up for the anticlimactic extra point after the Vikings miraculous game-winning touchdown, earning the respect of Vikings fans who responded by making more than $100,000 in donations to his charity.

The Saints are proceeding with their offseason moves, the day after the death of owner Tom Benson.

7 responses to “Saints extend punter Thomas Morstead

  1. Makes moves to get more cap space and get some more FAs. Hopefully Suh wants to play for a winner and maybe Pryor or Matthews.

  2. He also kicked the most famous onside kick in NFL history, “Ambush”, to start the second half of Super Bowl XLIV.

  3. Heavy heart about Benson… I wonder. For all of Benson’s “accomplishments,” let’s not forget how often the threatened to move the Saints until the state ponied up money to keep them there. And, who can forget Benson’s initial declaration after Katrina that season ticket holders would not be reimbursed. He backpeddled of course after someone got in his ear how bad a look that was.

    If not for Tagliabue, the Saints would be in San Antonio. Looked like virtually a done deal at the time.

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