Tyrann Mathieu heads to Houston on a one-year deal

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Not long after the Cardinals released defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt had a simple message: “Come on over bro.” It worked.

ESPN confirms what Watt strongly hinted at with a tweet consisting of three honey pots: Mathieu has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Texans.

The Cardinals released Mathieu after the two sides couldn’t agree to a new deal that would replace his $10.75 million salary for 2018.

His arrival in Houston beefs up an already strong defense, which will go along with an offense that could be dangerous, if quarterback Deshaun Watson is healthy and ready to go after tearing an ACL last year.

The one-year deal is a smart move, allowing Mathieu to prove himself and return to the market next year, where he could cash in.

The move raises the stakes in the AFC South, where the Jaguars made it to the final four, the Titans advanced to the divisional round, and the Colts could be contenders again if/when quarterback Andrew Luck is healthy.

40 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu heads to Houston on a one-year deal

  1. great signing and it’ll likely make their defense much stronger with this move. i’m surprised it’s a one year deal

  2. Damn…hoping my Vikes would snatch him. One year contracts with just released still in their prime vets is beginning to be the norm.

  3. Good move to help out the defense, but I would still be trying to shore up the offensive line. Tom Savage was a human piñata last year (in addition to his lousy play) and their running game was a lot more hit and miss with no real holes opening up.

  4. Wow, he just whiffed.

    This will be his 3rd season back after his 2nd ACL surgery.

    Teams game planned to exploit him last year.

    He should of taken the restructure, which would of still had him making between 8-9 million a season for three seasons.

  5. Don’t understand why Arizona didn’t find the money to keep him. Some of the Cardinals decisions (eg $20M for Bradford) seem pretty dumb.

  6. 1 yr 7 million with incentives. Be interesting to see those incentives. It could be 4-5 million.

    Again… he had 24-27 mill in his back pocket with a restructure.

    As for people questioning why the Cards asked for a restructure, now you know.

    As for us Cards fans who stated he has lost a couple of steps, was arm tackling, and just isn’t the same player… the free agency market has spoken.

    You don’t sign a 1 yr 7 million with incentives if the league thinks you are a top 5 DB in the league.

    It’s a prove it deal, that’s why it was for ONE year. What does he have to prove? That he isn’t the player he has been the last two years.

    This isn’t the end of free agency. He was cut before it officially started. The money was there if someone really wanted him. They didn’t.

    His agent did him wrong.

  7. houston is not stupid….most likely they will offer a extension and a new multi yr deal to stay with them. Specially if he plays well…to all the rest of the teams who were clamoring over him…keep dreaming…

  8. Love the Texans team. I’m a Lions fan but damn you guys are solid. At least thanks for Glover Quin.

  9. Man I wish the Jets snagged him he would be the perfect last piece to a Todd Bowles defense with the secondary. But I also understand the whole Todd Bowles practically being his father in law thing it would be an awkward dynamic and could rub the locker room the wrong way. Love the honey badgers play though and this is awesome for the Texans.

  10. As a Cards fan, this news makes me sick to my stomach.

    When Tyrann suffered his first knee injury and was lost the reminder of that season, when he did come back that first year back he was tentative and obviously wasn’t his old self. But the following year he was his old self, seemingly everywhere on the field and disrupting plays.

    Then he was hurt again and when he returned last year, he again wasn’t quite up to his old standards.

    If I had to bet, this is going to be another return-to-form Pro Bowl year for the Honey Badger. And all the Cards fans who loved him since he arrived here will have to watch him on TV. If Sam Bradford goes down in game 3, it will be the perfect end to a perfect season. Perfectly horrible.

  11. lionsnati0n says:
    March 16, 2018 at 11:48 pm

    Love the Texans team. I’m a Lions fan but damn you guys are solid. At least thanks for Glover Quin.


    Believe me, we really wish they hadn’t let Quinn go. Haven’t had decent safety play since he left. Another great Rick Smith free agency decision. We’ll see if Honey Badger has anything left in the tank…………

  12. So he said he wasn’t looking for money he wanted to go to a winning team, and he chose the Texans lol. I guess he didn’t care about winning.

  13. In Arizona coming off his first ACL ,2015 he called it a savage season. He was defensive player of the year quality. I think that’s what Houston has on its hands is a Savage Honey Badger. Look out AFC! Thank goodness the Cardinals aren’t on the schedule.

  14. I’m surprised the Pats didn’t make a bigger push for him, considering how their atrocious defense allowed Nick Foles to carve them up like a turkey in the biggest game of their lives.

  15. Smart move for Tyrann. This is a transitional year for the Cards with a slapped together, uninspired roster that has been brutally critiqued by the national analysts and sportswriters for their management inaction and questionable signings.
    As a long suffering Cards fan and season ticket holder, this season is merely a continuation of the past two seasons and the hanadwriting has been on the wall. Tyrann’s “loss of a step” was no worse than the rest of the team who were rudderly and unfocused most of last season.
    This one year contract with a young and forward thinking team makes perfect sense for a player wanting to get his career back on track and “reset” for the future without being pushed into a corner and accepting a different role.
    I have loved watching the Badger play since his LSU days and the Phoenix community has been blessed with his generosity and numerous contribution, his youth programs, appearances at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and positive influence.
    The Cardinals loss will most certainly be Houston’s good fortune.

  16. Being that the Cardinals aren’t a super popular team nationally, I am sure most of the people commenting or tweeting how bad they want him on their teams rarely watched him play. 2 years ago He was incredible. After 2 ACLs he was playing to not get hurt. He wasn’t near the same player and it wasn’t til the end of the season that you started hearing his name be called. There was no way the Cardinals could pay him what he wanted with 2 years of sub par production.
    I am a huge Honey Badger fan so I really do hope he returns to his previous form because he was something special, I just think once your confidence is shaken it’s rough to get back that swagger. Also Houston fans, you are gonna find out very quickly he pays too much attention to outside criticisms. Very Donald Trump like in his insecurities. Needs a chip on his shoulder to succeed.

  17. Honey Badger just using the Texans to bail out after 1 year with a Mega Deal to a team he REALLY wants to play for, but doesnt have the CAP room until next season. Geez people, its not hard to figure out

  18. Nice – if he’s healthy, and I think he is.
    Now for something that resembles a left tackle. On paper, Newton is the best they have, and he’s a right tackle coming back from bilateral patellar tendon blowouts.
    No more Kendall Lamm, please.

  19. I thought he wanted to go where he would win? Houston is the very definition of “ meh”. He’ll fit right in with the rest of the M.A.S.H. unit over here.

  20. I’m with jmc8888 – over the last couple of years he has slipped to being an average CB (#61 in the league). I’ve always liked him but he has clearly lost a coupe of steps thanks to injury. While everyone is saying they wish he’d come to their team, I do not, and we’re in need of some secondary help. I do wish him luck though. Players willing to go on one year prove it deals tend to have a fire in them that I’d like to see come out on the field.

  21. There is some doubt over whether Mathieu can play CB at a high level anymore, and he’s too small to be an effective safety. Doubtful whether he will have much of a positive impact on the Houston defense.

  22. filmex2000 ,

    Except you’re forgetting it’s already been 2 off seasons since his second injury. I think this was the Cardinal thought process too, but they covered themselves just in case by drafting Baker. He looked just as fried a full 2 years after the injury at the end of this past season as he did the year before, so I’m afraid the people thinking he just needs time to get it back might be disappointed this upcoming year. At this contract price though, maybe the Texans can limit his snaps even more and avoid stressing his body and get more out of him that way.

  23. Having season tickets for the Cards I’ve seen every play with Badger
    Houston fans you got a nice guy who will lead. He says all the right things…problem you will see forst hand on Sundays is Badger is quick for 3-5 yard slants, but past that he’s burned. I see him as a step slower than everyone in the field…Have fun with the signing, come Sunday’s you’ll see why he only got a one year deal.
    It’s like buying a Ferrari car that has a Honda engine.
    Always wish Badger the best

  24. Prove himself? That’s all TM has done since being in the NFL. A great addition to a rising team. I hope your QB comes back fully healthy.

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