Washington rolls the dice on Paul Richardson

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Most free agents get paid based on a presumption that past production will continue. Some get paid based on a prediction that new levels of production will be realized.

Washington paid receiver Paul Richardson on the possibility that he’ll step up in 2018. (If not, they paid him way too much.)

Richardon’s deal includes a $10 million signing bonus, along with a fully guaranteed base salary of $1.5 million in 2018.

His 2019 base salary of $5 million is guaranteed for injury at the time of signing, and $1 million of that amount is fully guaranteed. The balance becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2019 league year.

The 2020 base salary of $5 million includes a $3.5 million injury guarantee at signing, $2 million of which is fully guaranteed.

In 2021 and 2022, Richardson has base salaries of $7.5 million each year. The contract also has per-game roster bonuses of $500,000 each year, along with $150,000 in de-escalators based on participation in the offseason workout program.

That’s a great deal, given that Richardson’s best season in Seattle came last year, with 44 catches, 703 receiving yards, and six touchdowns. In three seasons before that, the former second-round pick had 51 catches for 599 yards and two touchdowns. Combined.

It remains to be seen what Richardson does in Washington. A year after the team signed Terrelle Pryor to a one-year deal based on the hope that he’d take off in their offense (and didn’t), Washington to rolling the dice with a much longer commitment, and a much bigger investment.

9 responses to “Washington rolls the dice on Paul Richardson

  1. Lot of money for a guy who had 3 crappy seasons and one 44 catch/703 yds/6TD season in Seattle.

  2. I’m as much of a Skins hater as anyone, but that really doesn’t sound that bad. It evens out to about $7m a year for the first 3 years. Other dudes are getting way more than that. Sammy Watkins is getting $16m/ yr after putting up less yards and catches than Richardson. And god knows the Skins need a receiver. There’s no way Richardson turns out to be worth less than Pryor was for them.

  3. When healthy, he is a real threat, going deep. He was hurt more than healthy with Seahawks, which hurt his numbers. The bet isn’t that he will get better production, but that he will remain healthy.

  4. Really not that bad of a contract when you compare his stats to the other free agents who signed this year and last year.

    From Hog’s Haven:
    Paul Richardson deal is really 3yrs, $24M; can cut in 2021 for $4M dead cap penalty.

    Best part of deal? His 2018 cap hit is only $4 million — 2.4% of cap.

  5. I think the dollars in ratio to production look pretty good compared to other WR deals this offseason. WR deals in general seem high, but this one hardly stands out from the crowd.

  6. Good signing and good value,just some Writers love jabbing the REDSKINS every chance they get!

  7. Isn’t every signing a roll of the dice? I think most players get paid for what they’re projected to do. Not many teams pay a guy for what he did last year..on another team. Those Skins are innovative!

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