Bills may have to make another deal now, with an old friend


The Bills have already made one trade to get higher in the first round.

They may have to make another one, and renew and old acquaintance to execute the next one.

With the Jets making a bold move Saturday to trade to the third overall pick, the Bills are faced with the prospect of falling too far down the pecking order for the quarterback they need so badly (despite their claims of affection of A.J. McCarron).

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane now has to realize that there’s a chance at least two if not three quarterbacks will be off the board in the top five (the Browns at first and fourth, the Jets third and the Broncos fifth), so sitting tight with his first pick 12th overall (acquired from the Bengals for left tackle Cordy Glenn and the 21st pick) might leave him picking through the leftovers, the same way he did in free agency.

That’s where a call to an old friend might be in the offing.

Giants G.M. Dave Gettleman, Beane’s old boss in Carolina, is sitting in the second overall spot, and has given no indication he’s ready to move on from Eli Manning by using that pick on a quarterback. And with a number of issues of his own to address (he can’t be finished adding linemen), he might be enticed to move down — unless 12th is too far for him to fall.

But the Bills have six picks in the first three rounds (12th, 22nd, 53rd, 56th, 65th and 96th), the kind of bulk that can be packaged into something that might tempt him. Their good relation is a subplot, but if the Bills are going to get the quarterback they need, moving in front of their AFC East rivals might be what they have to do to get him.

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  1. Beane isn’t a “desperation” move kinda guy. The Jets gave up WAY to much to move up 3 spots.

    For the Bills to jump from #12 to #2…it would take MORE than I am willing to part with. I say sit at #12 and take Lamar Jackson. Your homie Mr. Simms says he’s the best QB in the draft

  2. I think the Giants should take a QB ” I am NOT a NY fan”
    But if the rumors are true and they want Barkley, the Bills are not getting
    that pick, if the Giant want a QB they are not getting the pick.
    So only the Browns 4th pick is on the table, and if the Giants take a QB
    they can get Barkley.

  3. Please Giants. Make the deal.

    You get 12,21 and 53. You can also pass on 53 and demand next year’s #1. You also have pick 34.

    12 gets you a blue chip player or maybe a bit of a reach for McGlinchey

    21 gets you a choice of one of the top 2 centers or a Guard.

    34 gets you a 2nd tier RB (which Hunt and Kamura are, when paired with a good QB and WR’s).

    You can fix the line in one draft and off season (Solder). AND get a 3rd down RB to go with the pounders.

    I don’t want the QB. You can trade the pick 53 for a pick next year. Or demand next year’s #1 for ammo to get a QB in 2019.

    Just win NOW. It can be done.

  4. We NEED to get a good long term QB. He has to wheel and deal on this one. But hopefully picks are all we need to give up to get there. I still think they have something in the works but aren’t releasing the info. They had to have a better plan than let’s hope when they released Tyrod.

  5. Why wouldn’t the JETS trade for the number two pick, knowing the Bill’s and Bronco’s could jump ahead of them and take the QB they want?

    The only answer I can come up with is the Jet’s are not thinking QB or the Giant’s pick is not for sale.

  6. The Bills are getting the 4th or 5th QB if they stay put because the Jets and Dolphins will go QB and possibly still the Broncos. The only way they get their choice of the second QB (Browns take Darnold at 1) is if the Giants trade out and that won’t happen if they want a RB over QB. Either way, it will cost everything. The Jets Trade forced this and they seem set on getting any of the top 3 QBs, Barkley or Chubb. At least it will be an exciting Draft and the beginning of the end of the AFC East as we knew it.

  7. .
    If one assumes that Cleveland wants a QB and the Giants covet Barkley, then the Giants could easily drop back to #3 at no real cost.

  8. I simply don’t understand this mentality of taking a QB so high, as the chance of landing a “special” QB in the top 10 picks is at best 50/50. Enerybody thinks that it is going to be a repeat of 2015 when Golff and Wentz both turned out to be top notch QBs, but most years it doesn’t work out that way. A team like Buffalo could retool and address 6 out of 22 starting positions in the first 100 picks, you don’t get to restock your team like that very often. Say they go 50/50 in those 6 picks, that is 3 solid contributors, but if they give up 4 picks to leapfrog from 12 to 2, they have a 50/50 chance at finding their QB and possibly 1 quality starter out of the other 2 picks. For Buffalo I think the best course forward is to package one of their two back up QBs (both are former 5th round picks) and their 2nd first rounder for Nick Foles and then stock pile young cheap talent over the course of their 5 other picks. Foles, plus most of last years team, plus 3-5 quality contributors from this years draft makes them even money against NE. A rookie QB doesn’t even come close and might never pay dividends, this team it built to win now!

  9. no way… you want to trade your whole draft and your #1 (at least) from next year in order to move up to #2? You still don’t guarantee you get who you want and you in no way shape or form improve your team for this year. We (yes we) got a massive hole at MLB and could use a RT and depth all over the place. Stay at 12 and someone will fall.. probably Josh Rosen. IF not and you feel you have to take a QB wait until 21 (or 22 I forget) and take Jackson. or wait until round 2 and take Rudolph. REACHING for a QB who not even be the guy you are targeting would be a multi year mistake. Use the draft to fill holes and if McCarron doesn’t work out you will be in the top of the draft next year.

  10. We have no idea what Beane will do, but thus far the decisions he has made have been smart & calculated. Much different from the Nix/Whaley era. He doesn’t strike me as a guy who makes decisions out of desperation.

  11. Jets are taking Barkley… They know the Browns are taking a QB and Barkley.. now that they have moved in between their picks the Browns have to go QB with 1 because they know that the Jets might snatch up their QB. They probably figure the Bills are going to move up to 2 so then that would be 2 QB’s off the board and leave Barkley to the Jets. IF the Giants stay they will take that Guard for Notre Dame who is supposed to be a freak. No way they draft a 5th QB.. why would they sign two QB’s when they have 2 and then trade their 2nd Round just to get a 5th?? Makes no sense.

  12. 6ball says:
    March 17, 2018 at 12:58 pm
    If one assumes that Cleveland wants a QB and the Giants covet Barkley, then the Giants could easily drop back to #3 at no real cost.


    Jets already traded more than they can afford. Besides, the Jets would know the Giants want Barkley and would call their bluff. The Jets did this because they know Darnold and Allen will be off the table and want either Rosen or Mayfield. I would think the Bills would be drafting Allen as Mayfield and McCarron would seem like a disaster waiting to happen.

    The Jets just drafted a big guy that can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Would they want Allen if the Bills or Broncos don’t trade up? The Broncos also just drafted two big guys that can’t hit the barn.

    Rosen is injury prone. I”M injury prone. I missed a year of this or that a whole mess of times. It’s just the way it is. Like a curse you can’t control.

    I think Mayfield’s stock is higher than people think. Personally, I think he’s just a fired up version of Keenum. Not a bad thing but not worth all the lost draft capitol.

    I think the Jets want Mayfield. If you’re a Ny’r, everyone knows the Jets are 2nd class citizens. More blue collar than Giant’s fans and 2nd to the dance and stuck there. Mayfield is the type the fan base would go nuts for.

  13. But here is the thing. Giants were possibly offered a first and three second rounders from the Jets and said, “No” with the Colts saying, “Yes.” I don’t know for sure but assume. So, yes, the Bills would have to give up a bunch, like both 1st rounders and both 2nd rounders this year and most likely a high pick next year. It is certainly a great hall for the Giants if they believe that they can get quality players at that position. But if Saquon Barkley lives up to the hype and can be a Leveon Bell or David Johnson that’s pretty good. We have seen what Ezekiel Elliot has done for the Cowboys. Yes, the Cowboys have/had a good O-line but the other backs didn’t a perform like Elliot. It just seems like the Giants are going to stay where they are.

  14. Compare what the Jets gave up to the deals the Redskins, Eagles, Rams, and Texans made in recent years to move up and the Jets really gave up peanuts. The fact that the talking heads on NFL network are losing their minds acting like they just saw the Herschel Walker trade redux is hysterical and really shows you how far sports reporting on ESPN and NFLN has fallen. It’s either a Jets hate fest or a Pats hate fest and fans actually buy into it.

  15. It’s looking more and more like the Bills have found the answer at QB.

  16. If the Giants are aiming to compete and wina Super Bowl now (which, signing a 30 yo LT in decline by making him the highest paid OL in the league would suggest) they’re staying put and adding the single best college prospect since Bo Jackson in Barkley. As for a trade back w/ Buffalo, the Jets just made it impossible for Buffalo to move up that high. The Giants, who I sincerely believe value Barkley over any of these qbs anyway, to be talked out of staying at 2 would have to get twice as much value as the Colts just did. So it’d be something like 12, 22, 56, a 4th, and next year’s 1. Buffalo isn’t doing that. And I don’t think the Giants want them to anyway.

  17. I think that if the Giants wouldn’t move down to 6th with the Jets, there’s NO WAY they move down to 12th with the Bills.
    Giants will select Barkley or a QB at #2.

  18. The Giants need the picks. As appealing as Barkley or a POTENTIAL franchise QB is at #2, as a Giants fan Im hoping to trade down with the Bills or maybe even the Broncos. Reese put us in a hole and we’ll need two years to crawl out of it. getting an extra 4-5 players in the first 3 rounds of this draft would help a lot.

  19. If the Giants were willing to trade down don’t you think they would’ve taken the three 2nd round picks the Jets gave to the Colts? Tells me they aren’t willing to trade down. So what would the Bills have to offer to get them to trade down to 12? Three 1st rounders at least!

  20. Please, please, please don’t reach Beane. Would love to move up from #12 but do NOT give up #22 or next years #1. #12 and some 2nd and 3rd’s, maybe. Otherwise stick at 12 & 22 and take the best players.

  21. They’re a team for whom Lamar Jackson would actually work pretty well, better than most other teams. Sit and try him out. McCarron is young enough that, if he ends up being a good QB, he could become your long term starter. There’s no need to mortgage your draft for a QB that you might not even get. Buffalo can use this draft to fill a lot of holes, especially on their O-line (who just lost their excellent starters at center and left tackle) and in their WR corps to help out whichever QB ends up starting.

  22. doesn’t matter. bills and jets are in belichick’s division, plus jets are cursed ever since they tried to screw him the first time.

  23. buffalosunshine says:
    March 17, 2018 at 1:15 pm
    … IF the Giants stay they will take that Guard for Notre Dame who is supposed to be a freak.
    A guard at #2 overall? Why, so they can guarantee that they will be drafting second again next year?

  24. The goal is to win the SuperBowl not the summer. All moves should be made with that in mind otherwise you just end up being … well, the Bills every year.

  25. the only way a team can have Success long term is if a HC ,Offensive Coordinator can utilize a Qb’s strong points or if a Qb can “fit” into “run” a certain “system”.that coaches want…Montana.Aikman,Bradshaw..Brady…if u draft a player to try and make him into something that are not his strong points ..your setting yourself up for failure ..NE got lucky..after this up an coming season..they’ll fall..just like every “dynasty”..Its football.Perfect coach .perfect Qb !!!!…BB & TB will both retire after next year..BB might resurface as a GM somewhere …

  26. Why wouldn’t the JETS trade for the number two pick, knowing the Bill’s and Bronco’s could jump ahead of them and take the QB they want?

    The LAST team the NY Giants are going to make a deal with is the Jets. Just because the Giants are forced to share their Stadium with them, doesn’t mean they like them.

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