Jets send three second-round picks to Colts, move up from No. 6 to No. 3

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The Jets want to draft their franchise quarterback next month, and they’re getting closer to making it happen.

The Colts and Jets both announced a trade this morning that features the Jets trading up with the Colts, from No. 6 to No. 3 in the first round of this year’s draft. Moving up three spots cost the Jets three second-round picks: Their own second-round pick (No. 37 overall), the Seahawks’ second-round pick (No. 49 overall, acquired in last year’s Sheldon Richardson trade), and the Jets’ 2019 second-round pick.

After missing out on Kirk Cousins, the Jets re-signed Josh McCown and added free agent Teddy Bridgewater. But they also want to draft a quarterback, and they apparently think a franchise quarterback is going to be there at No. 3 who wouldn’t be there at No. 6.

The Colts have Andrew Luck, so they felt good about trading a pick to a quarterback-needy team. They now have the sixth overall pick in the first round, three picks in the second round, and an extra second-round pick in 2019.

107 responses to “Jets send three second-round picks to Colts, move up from No. 6 to No. 3

  1. Seems like a pretty good deal for both teams. There’s a lot of QB needy teams ahead of the Jets. This way they make sure they get one of the good ones. And the Colts must feel confident that Luck is gonna be fine.

  2. The Browns select Allen
    The Giants select Darnold or trade out with Buffalo or Denver.

    Or vice versa.

    Now what?

    I can only guess that they will be satisfied with any of the top 4 QB’s. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

  3. In the AFC East,only Brady has been a franchise QB for the last 20 yrs. Its time a team in that division gets one.

  4. You also didn’t mention that the Colts get the 6th pick. Are we supposed to assume that?

    So it’s a swap of 1st round picks and 3 #2’s.

    Ground ball trade for the Colts. I bet that was signed fast.

    I guess the Giants said no. That would make the Giants leaning QB. 3 2nd rounders and the 6 pick would have gotten them Nelson and a ton of ammo to move back into round 1 for a Center at 20 (with a RB at 33).

  5. GREAT TRADE FOR THE COLTS. 3 second rounders to drop 3 spots when they were not takings one the the heralded QB’s

    I’m a RAIDERS FAN and disappointed with our FREE AGENCY CLASS.

    don’t understand why RAIDERS could not get 1 yr “prove it” deal A’La Mo Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Tyran Matthieu.

    Denico Autry will be a great depth and rotation and worst. solid starter at best. Also good pick up for Colts

  6. No, it cost them 4 picks. Remember? Washington with RGIII and Buffalo with Sammy Watkins, everybody blasted both teams for “giving up” their first round pick. That also applies here.

  7. This must mean the Jets have three QBs they would be happy to take and at 3 and they know they are now guaranteed to get one of them. What about the Bills now? They moved to 12 to get in range of a QB. They may have just gotten priced out.

  8. Super good trade for the Colts. They’ll most likely get the player they wanted at #6 that they wanted at #3….and now they have monster currency to do whatever they want at the end of the 1st round. Either take 3 2nd rounders and rebuild their team or deal back into the 1st round for a Blue Chipper that fell. Great trade!

  9. That was supposed to be the Bills’ move for Josh Allen. Oh man. Asleep at the wheel again Buffalo.

  10. Is that the best deal the colts could get? Seems pretty weak and just screams “our season is gonna stink”

  11. That number 2 pick that the Giants have just became incredibly valuable. Gotta believe it would take 3 #1s for the Bills to get up that high.

  12. mrbiggstuff says:
    March 17, 2018 at 11:09 am

    The Colts are making a hard charge for the worst run franchise in the league
    they already are the worst run franchise in the league, but its a smart trade.

  13. Rosen to the Jets. I doubt the Giants pick a QB at 2 – they will go BPA since they have many holes to fill. Probably Quenton Nelson or Bradley Chubb.

  14. What a deal! patriot fans are in meltdown mode. Colts still get Chubb at 6, who they were planning to draft anyway hahahaha thank you Jets!

  15. Yeah, because the Jets are only a QB away from winning a Super Bowl. They couldn’t use all those picks to build the rest of their roster?

    This is why the Jets will always be a joke as long as ole’ Woody is in charge

  16. Damn, Teddy picked the worst place to go. He would have been much better off coming back to the Vikings as the backup. The only other scenario that would have made sense is if he went to buffalo before they went after McCarron. I’m thinking he will be back with the Vikes after this season.

  17. It’s two 2nd’s from this year and one 2nd next year yeah it’s a lot of picks but not a long term detriment to the team. The Sheldon Richardson trade set this up for the Jets. Good for them go get your QB.

  18. Cleveland has to love this trade as well. They are almost a lock to pick QB at #1. This trade provides clarity that the 3rd pick will be a QB. Everyone knows Buffalo wants a QB. Denver wants a QB. That makes the 4th pick a HUGE bargain chip. Buffalo has no choice but to talk with Cleveland if they want to prevent Denver from drafting the 3rd QB off the board. IF Buffalo sends #12, 22, and more to Cleveland for the 4th pick… the Browns will still be in great shape to get a top defensive prospect at #12, a LT at #22 to replace Joe Thomas, and an additional high pick to keep building a deep roster. Tanking for 2 years may hurt, but they have a chance to really build a great team for years to come.

  19. This is actually great news for the Browns. Assuming the Giants go QB at 2 (they would be stupid not to), the Browns can take their preferred QB at 1 and have Barkley waiting for them at 4.

  20. Jets made the correct move. They are now in a position to draft a top rated QB. Three 2nd round draft picks is chump change for a franchise QB.

  21. This isn’t a bad trade if the Jets get the player they want. This forces the browns to take a QB #1 which means either Saquon falls to them or the QB they covet. This forces Cleveland’s hand a bit as Indy was never going to take a QB and the giants are most likely taking one but not positively.

    I don’t think they made this for Saquon but forces the hand a bit.

  22. Great move by the Colts. They have a lot of holes to fix, especially on a defence that hasn’t looked good since Dwight Freeney was in his prime (if that). Jets aren’t a team that can afford to trade multiple draft picks. You MIGHT get the QB you want at 3, but at what cost is that to the entirety of the team.

  23. If your a Jets fan be happy with this trade you need to give something to get something and a franchise QB is something, yeah 3 2nd rounders is expensive but we kept our first next year and a franchise QB is a lot more expensive than 3 2nd rounders this is a great trade for both teams be happy Jets fans were getting a franchise QB !!!!!

  24. Jets needed to do this trade. Was it a hefty price? Definitely seems so. But the Bills were lurking. It’s clear the Jets love at least 2 of the QBs in the draft.

    Kudos to Mac for being proactive.

  25. .
    The Jets were in a tough spot picking at #6. The whole world knows that Denver is eying a QB at #5 and that Indy and Cleveland were actively shopping #3 and #4 to the highest bidder. Plus, they had division rivals, Buffalo, accumulating a bevy of picks to make their own move to the top of the board. Standing pat could have left the Jets on the outside looking in on draft day. This trade insures that they are going to get one of the top QBs no matter what any other team does.

    For the Colts, most likely the player they would have taken at #3 will still be there at #6. Plus they add the fifth and seventeenth picks in round two as a bonus.

  26. The Colts are subscribing to the Sashi Brown book of building a team. Win on draft day to lose during the season because you don’t actually have any experienced talent on your team and have to wait for everyone to develop at the same time. The Colts will have a lot of rookies in skill positions in 2018 thanks to the GM who didn’t know how to sign a coach sitting on his hands during free agency not even attempting to re-sign his own players that were good let alone bringing in new ones.

    Colts fans get ready to hear the term “believe in the process” a lot.

  27. I’m really not understanding this move by the Jets. How much money is guaranteed to McCown and Bridgewater in 2018? Probably way too much to have signed both of them pre-draft if you knew you were going to trade up for a QB.

  28. fcoprado says:
    March 17, 2018 at 11:04 am
    In the AFC East,only Brady has been a franchise QB for the last 20 yrs. Its time a team in that division gets one.

    16 years, nit 20. But its not just the AFC east, he has been they only guy in theentire NFL to be a francise QB for that stretch. Any others came and/or went since Brady first ascended so their stretches are shorter

  29. @nhpats

    See here’s the deal fanboy, when the jets draft mayfield they instantly become more interesting and more exciting than your fading heroes. And i’m no jets fan. The reign is rapidly coming to its end

  30. That seems like a deal you make contingent for the draft. If our guy is there, here’s what we’ll give you……

  31. Great move by both teams. The Jets are going to look like geniuses when the trade Teddy Bridgewater for a 2nd round pick after preseason.

  32. Don’t know how anyone can hate on this deal. Fair price, and they’ll get one of the top QBs in this draft without reaching. Colts got premium picks but didn’t gouge them. Win-win for everyone.

  33. Giants just hit the jackpot with that trade. The second pick just went up in value big time. QB needy Bills will be looking to move ahead of the jets. Also, does that force Cleveland to take their QB with the first pick (which I believe they would do anyway) and not Barkley? If the Bills move up, the Jets would get the third QB off the board.

  34. One of the top 4 QBs will turn out to be a bust and I believe that the Jets will draft him.

  35. therealraider says:
    March 17, 2018 at 10:59 am
    The Colts need a new QB. Banking on Andrew Luck to return to form is foolish.

    I have my doubts about Luck returning too. But no matter how you look at it this was a huge coup for the Colts. Whoever they have at QB they just dont have the team around to accomplish much either way and even have a decent chance of getting whoever is at QB killed. These picks will go a long way to help them resolve that. They can muddle along with QBs they have while they work on rebuilding the team. Then next year they can start looking at who there starting QB will be going forward and even draft a new franchise to groom. If Luck returns then great, but if not they are getting into a better position to address that.

    Im usually one of the guys making fun of Indy. But I have to admit they have played this one very smart.

  36. thermanmerman99 says:
    March 17, 2018 at 11:20 am
    What a deal! patriot fans are in meltdown mode.

    I don’t think Pats fans are laughing that hard at the Colts and Jets, two of the worst run organizations in professional sports, making desperate moves to seek NFL relevance again. The Jets and Colts should be desperate, we commend them for admitting that fact. Their obvious desperation is actually a good sign for the organizations and their respective fan bases.

  37. Everyone saying Jets got hoosed youre clueless. Lets say Jets stay at #6 with all the teams looking to move up ARZ,BUF,DEN, And other QB needy teams CLE, NTG…With Jets luck we wouldve been at 6 with all 4 off the board after all teams drafting or moving up to draft one. Jets then miss out of QB and no trade down value with all QBs off the board

    Secondly Jets are now going on 50th year anniversary of the SB victory. Haven’t had a franchise QB since Namath unless you think Pennington LOL

    Now lets look at all the 2nd rounders Jets drafted since 2010 (Ducasse, Stephen Hill, Geno, Devn Smith, Jace Amaro, Hackenberg)…Enough said. Marcus Maye only good one in years

    For those saying Jets have other holes on roster. We got tons of cap that can be accomplished and lets say we kept those 3x 2’s and plugged such holes we all know you haters would stil be saying Well McCown is still the QB. LOL

    If we would of waited BUF would of moved up to #1,2,or 3 and then would take a QB off the board and also if Jets wanted to move up after the market would of been even HIGHER and more EXPENSIVE!

    Now the Jets just positioned themselves to get one of the top 3 QBs for 3 2nd rounders (One that we stole from SEA for Richardson and next years 19’where we can always trade down in 1st 19′ and recoop that 2nd since we now have our QB)

    P.S Lets just say at #3 the QB Jets wanted is gone. We now can ask for a KINGS RANDSOM for the #3 pick to recoop the lost 2nd rounders and gain MULTIPLE 1st rounders aswell.

    Jets finally did something right instead of waiting and getting screwed. Also now what you haters fail to realize…Jets fans now have a season to look forward too.


  38. Both the Browns and the Giants are likely to pick a quarterback, so New York will still be able to pick a top quarterback out of college. Last year was not so good for a quarterback needy team looking to find one in the draft, although Houston may have found a good one.

  39. So the Jets fighting last year for a couple of extra wins, cost them 3 second round picks. They can’t even tank right.

  40. This move forces Cleveland to keep the first overall pick and draft a quarterback, because if they try to pick one with the 4th overall pick, they may not be able to draft the quarterback they really really want.

  41. Isnt it early to send all those picks to move to #3? What if the player they want isnt available?

  42. If nothing else, this deal sets the draft capital required for the Browns at 1 and 4 and the Giants at 2.

  43. exinsidetrader says:
    March 17, 2018 at 11:10 am
    The Patriots would have taken less than that for Jimmy G.

    The Pats were not about to trade Jimmy G. to the Jets for a 2nd round pick.
    Probably not even a 1st round pick. They prefer to take talent from division rivals… not supply it.
    I think you can be pretty sure that the Pats wanted Jimmy G. in the NFC…. and most definitely not in the AFC East.

  44. To all you people who are saying the Colts need a new QB:

    Ya, you must have been in the decision room and had better information about Luck’s status than the Irsay and the GM to trade away a QB pick spot for number 6.

    Any chance we can get a look at the transcript of the conversations you had with Luck and Ballard? They must be fascinating.

  45. All the signs point to Luck being done or not being the same if he returns.

  46. Only the Jets could screw this up so bad. All they had to do was conviently lose a couple of more games but instead give up a king’s ransom for 3 spots.

  47. I just don’t get why Teddy dined with this team – backing up McCown and then being replaced by the young franchise QB. Not sure why he didn’t sign on as a back-up with a contender under those circumstances.

  48. Jets sure better hope no team jumps them and trade to #2 with the Giants…

    I’m guessing that they must feel pity comfortable getting the 3rd QB off the board though, because some team trading for #2 seems like it could be a real possibility.

    Either way the Jets should still get a very good QB. It just may not be one of the top 2.

  49. Huge bird to the Bills! I tried to tell Bills fans that the Jets wouldn’t let the Bills jump in front of them!

  50. Mayfield is the only one who you would trade up to get. I’m not saying that he is the best QB in the class, but he is a unique QB, and if your team values that unique leadership and competitive quality, then your team will go all out to get him. The other QBs-while they may have more arm talent or may be more suited to being NFL caliber starters-are not particularly unique in a way that they honestly stand out in any draft. We have a lot of good QBs this year, not any real great ones, but Mayfield certainly stands out to a degree that a tam would feel more inclined to take a chance on him, at least in my mind.

    In other words, you’re not just picking another QB, you’re picking Baker Mayfield. A unique set of challenges will come with that, so it might not end up working out, but if a team gambles that his particular skillset or makeup is desirable, I think they’d value him over most other QBs.

  51. give up three picks is stupid for a player you dont know will turn out despite massive talent, see cordarrelle patterson.

  52. The Truth says:
    March 17, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    See here’s the deal fanboy, when the jets draft mayfield they instantly become more interesting and more exciting than your fading heroes. And i’m no jets fan. The reign is rapidly coming to its end


    Right…..just like they did with Hackenberg or Denver did with Paxton Lynch

  53. It’s obvious that the Jets have hold Darnold, Mayfield and Rosen pretty equally, or they wouldn’t have made this move now.

  54. Outstanding deal for Colts, moving down three slots and obtaining two more top 60 picks this year, have 4 total and 1 next year. “Team Rebuild” if picks are use judicially. Jets also, seems they have a guy targeted.

  55. WTHeck!!!! Indy is loaded with top tier draft picks in a stocked draft. It must be brutal to be a Jets fan. They got hosed again.

  56. exinsidetrader says: The Patriots would have taken less than that for Jimmy G.
    touchdownelvis says: Well, not from the Jets…

    The Jets are using their 1st, and 3 second round picks to pick up a QB(or RB)

    I think the Pats would have taken that… even from the Jets,

  57. People who have played QB at the same college have different DNA. That is a fact. They also come from different backgrounds. Just because you take classes in a rough section of LA does not mean you have no chance of being a QB. Lets take that kid from N.Dakota State then.

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