Kyle Wilber signs with Raiders

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The Cowboys, who have yet to sign a player in free agency, lost another linebacker. Kyle Wilber has agreed to terms with the Raiders, Todd Archer of ESPN reports.

Wilber joins former Cowboys fullback Keith Smith and former Cowboys special teams coach Rich Bisaccia in Oakland. Smith followed Bisaccia to Oakland earlier this week.

Wilber, a fourth-round pick of the Cowboys in 2012, played 89 games with 16 starts in his six seasons in Dallas. He made 99 tackles and 3.5 sacks. He doubled as a core special teams player.

The Cowboys also lost linebacker Anthony Hitchens this week, as Hitchens got $14 million in guaranteed money from the Chiefs.

19 responses to “Kyle Wilber signs with Raiders

  1. Well, without Wilber there’s no way they can win the SB next year, or ever again.
    But at least they still have Ritchie Cunningham’s brother as a coach.

  2. Is it just me or does it seem that a lot of folks are taking the first available bus out of town…

  3. special teams standout- loving the depth we are adding, and 11 picks- should be a great camp for the final 53.

    Go Raiders!!!!

  4. Well jolly1234 the first step to getting a superbowl ring is to get the hell out of dallas. Other Cowboys players have and got themselves a ring.

  5. Rats off a sinking ship. They got a glimpse of how it’s gonna be goin forward with prescott and said “ no way “

  6. @1nationraidernation

    Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but this guy was never any good at anything. He was a liability on defense whenever he got on the field, and he was never one of the better ST players on the Cowboys. Without knowing the details of his contract, I wouldn’t even guarantee he makes the roster. I’m actually glad to see him sign elsewhere so that the Cowboys would actually consider replacing his wasted spot on the roster.

  7. The Boys aren’t doing anything in free agency except letting people walk out the door. I get the feeling they’re just trying to load up on compensatory picks.

  8. The biggest thing they lost in free agency was Anthony Hitchens but even he can be replaced with a LB in the 2nd round if they go that route. Keith Smith and Kyle Wilber are no loss and lettin Scandtick go has been overdue. I don’t like the Cowboys approach to free agency and letting big names go without even so much as a meeting but I’m impressed with the secondary and offense, assuming Dak can get back to ’16 form. Biggest needs are LB and D line which can and hopefully will be addressed in the draft

  9. Starting to see a trend here. These are “bridge” players that the Cowboys are losing, not integral pieces. Them not resigning and moving on just means that the place they were holding is ready to be filled by someone younger, who is either on (or soon to be)the roster.

  10. The Truth says:
    March 17, 2018
    You seem to have a lot of outspoken opinions that are worthless
    It’s not like this guy was Sean Lee. In 6 years he has 3.5
    sacks and only 81 tackles.. he is some spare that Dallas is
    better off without.

  11. @askeddie11

    Name me one defensive player BESIDES LEE that had decent stats ??? Talk about worthless opinions.

  12. The Truth says:
    March 17, 2018 at 9:58 pm
    Name me one defensive player BESIDES LEE that had decent stats ???
    Talk about worthless opinions
    Demarcus Lawrence

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