So who do the Jets want at No. 3?

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The Jets have moved to No. 3 not to be at No. 3 but to get player No. 1 on their board. So who is it?

The prevailing reaction in response to the news of the three-spot jump seems to be that the Jets want a quarterback, and that they’re fine with any of three that would be there when they pick. It may not be quite that simple.

The Jets could be hoping to get running back Saquon Barkley at No. 3, with defensive end Bradley Chubb being viewed as an acceptable fallback. If just one quarterback is taken in the first two picks, they’re guaranteed to get one of the two top non-quarterbacks. If it’s bang-bang one-two quarterbacks (and don’t be shocked if the Bills now move up to No. 2 with the Giants to get a quarterback), the Jets will get Barkley.

Also, the Browns may now feel more compelled to take a quarterback at No. 1 instead of No. 4, if they think the Jets will take a quarterback. Which sets the stage for two quarterbacks being gone by the time the Jets pick.

Other factors support this possible strategy. First, the Jets signed Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater becomes, potentially, the young quarterback who is evaluated this year with the possibility of becoming the starter in 2019. Second, G.M. Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles may feel compelled to win now. Drafting and stashing a quarterback with the third overall pick won’t help that cause; drafting an impact player who’ll start Week One at another position will.

Consider the team’s recent experiences. Last year, the Jets took safety Jamal Adams at No. 6, and he became an instant contributor. The year before, they used a second-round pick on quarterback Christian Hackenberg, who has yet to play in a regular-season game.

The idea that the Jets definitely will take a quarterback at No. 3 means that they definitely have decided that there are three of five potential first-round quarterbacks who will become franchise quarterbacks. Given the Hackenberg misadventure, it’s hard to imagine the Jets being that confident about their ability to evaluate incoming quarterbacks.

85 responses to “So who do the Jets want at No. 3?

  1. Mayfield, Darnold, or Rosen.

    Btw is anyone going to point out how many L’s Elway has taken this off-season so far? Denver needs to fire both him and Joseph.

  2. The Jets are going no where with McCown or Bridgewater those are
    Just to stabilize the position until the REAL QB is taken and
    becomes acclimated.

  3. Josh Allen is better than Darnold and Rosen put together. That’s the guy they should target.

    Meanwhile, the Colts are gambling on a QB who hasn’t played in 16 months and hasn’t even thrown a ball in over a year. They were stupid not to take a QB. If Luck got healthy they could always trade him to some desperate team willing to take a chance on the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf. The Colts will be right back here next year trying to find a QB. Foolish.

    Luck is done.

  4. With the 3rd pick the jets Will have, for sure, a) the First qb taken, b) the belivied tô bem the best player in the draft (Barkley), or the best defensive player in the darft (Chubb).

  5. Anything but a QB at 3 for the Jets would be a terrible trade. You don’t give up that much draft capital to get a different position. Having Barkley at 3 is not better than having Fitzpatrick or Nelson at 6 and getting the second or 3rd best RB at 2.5 plus still having 2.17 and their second from next year.

    They moved ahead of spot 4 and 5, Denver sits in spot 5 and definitely wants a QB. Pick 4 would have been a QB too, whether it was the Browns QB or the Browns trading to Buffalo or Arizona.

  6. Wow,

    It seems crazy to move on from Hackenberg without ever playing a Down, but with the money they gave Bridgewater and McCown they’ll be little choice if the draft a QB

  7. fmaluf says:
    March 17, 2018 at 11:58 am
    With the 3rd pick the jets Will have, for sure, a) the First qb taken, b) the belivied tô bem the best player in the draft (Barkley), or the best defensive player in the darft (Chubb).
    Unless they don’t…
    Former Panthers GM and new Giants GM Dave Gettleman who has pick #2 could wheel & deal with former Panthers assistant GM Bills GM Brandon Beane… which in turn would give Buffalo the opportunity to:
    1) Grab the 1st QB off the board
    2) Best player on the board (Barkley)
    3) Best Defensive player (Chubb)
    Officially sticking it to the J-E-T-S Jets.

  8. .
    ” Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles may feel compelled to win now.”


    Having a top QB prospect in the development stage often alleviates the pressure to win immediately. Most fans are patient with young QBs.

  9. Mayfield. A little fire plug who’s ticked off cuz he’s a little short and people have doubted him his entire life. Burning desire to succeed. Please tell me they did this for Mayfield

  10. Lamar Jackson is the best QB in this draft but since he doesn’t pass the brown paper bag test he’s not being considered. WR my behind he is the best QB in this draft. The end.

  11. Elway gets the second best FA QB on the market for a reasonable price on a 2 year deal and that is a loss? Get a clue. That was a great deal for Denver.

  12. “The Jets could be hoping to get running back Saquon Barkley at No. 3, with defensive end Nick Chubb being viewed as an acceptable fallback.”

    Bradley Chubb is considered a top 5 pick and a DE though Nick Chubb, the RB from Georgia, would be thrilled to go that high

  13. Teddy is a one year contract. If they franchise him next year I don’t think they’re allowed to trade him. I’m hopeful they can deal him for some compensation if a starter somewhere goes down. His 5mil contract would certainly be attractive to a team of need.

  14. It definitely isn’t Rosen. Politics shouldn’t come into the equation but Jets owner, Woody Johnson is one of Trump’s biggest supporters and fundraisers and also his US Ambassador to the UK, while Rosen is very public about his liberal views and hatred for the President. When a team is looking for a QB to be the public face of an NFL franchise, the owner has to feel comfortable and supportive of the decision and sign off on it. One needs a very vivid imagination to see how Johnson would ever sign off on Rosen.
    I assume that the Jets really like someone else, eg Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield.

  15. This is almost in conspiracy theory mode.

    The Browns are now forced to take Darnold at 1

    The Bills are not forced to do anything. But if they made those move for a QB, they’re now forced into a corner with the Giants. Browns won’t trade. They can get Darnold/Barkley without drafting Barkley first.

    Allen is going 2. Perfect for the inclement weather the Bills have. Jets are 2nd class citizens in NY and Mayfield is the type of back page fodder they desire.

    Which means Rosen will fall into Denver’s lap at 5.

  16. It’s Barkley.

    Forte is retired and the RB depth chart is Crowell and Powell, while McCown and Bridgewater are at QB. McCown and Bridgewater arent exactly “elite,” however, they are at least more dependable than a season with only Crowell and Powell.

  17. Right now we don’t know what we don’t know. I mean, who’s going to end up being the best QB? Were teams trying to trade up for Joe Montana? No. He was the last pick in the 3rd round. Brady? No. He went in the 6th round. Brees? Nope. He went in the 2nd round. Kurt Warner? Nope. Undrafted. Dan Marino? Huh. Five or 6 QB’s were taken ahead of him. So I think there’s a real good chance that the best QB ends up going in the 3rd or 4th round this year. Weren’t teams just fighting over Kirk Cousins (4th round) and Case Keenum (undrafted)? I find it funny that these GM’s are paid all that money to guess on players. Couldn’t the owners just have their wives and daughters throw darts at a board?

  18. Well…..this means the Browns HAVE to go QB at 1. The Browns will trade 4 to Denver or the Bills, and you will see, in no particular order,, Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, and Allen go in the top 4. As another person posted, the Jets didnt give up 3 2nd round picks to get a QB. Jets going QB 100%

  19. Well…..this means the Browns HAVE to go QB at 1. The Browns will trade 4 to Denver or the Bills, and you will see, in no particular order,, Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, and Allen go in the top 4. As another person posted, the Jets didnt give up 3 2nd round picks to get a RB. Jets going QB 100%

  20. Everyone assuming the Jets are stopping at 3 overall.

    But do you think the Giants would rather move back to 12 or back 1 spot and get Barkley anyway? If the Jets don’t think the Bills will move up they can stay at 3.

    But they can also offer similar comp the bears did last year if they think the Bills will take their guy.

  21. endtimesparty says:
    March 17, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    There is not a single playmaking QB in the draft this year.
    don’t think that’s true at all, time will tell … however this years crop of QB’s looks pretty good, I think even the second tier, i.e., White, Falk, Lauletta, Randolph, have a chance to be very good in the right system.

  22. Not that I am recommending it but, 3 number 2 draft picks
    might could have gotten a Nick Foles trade.

  23. I’m actually excited about the Colts not getting anyone good in FA and trading away our #3 pick….FOR SURE we’re getting draft pick number 1 next year!!!!!

  24. I thought it was the nadir of humanity when people talked about a franchise tag for Bridgewater as a Viking. Nope! Now someone suggested the Jets may want to spend 25+ mil on 14 TD per year. Ha! Wow

  25. .
    Jets are the worst with this its comical, even if they get a guy worth anything they will cut or trade him asap.
    As for Hackenberg, they will cut him another team will pick him up and he will become a franchise QB. that is how the jets work.
    Pats most likely will pick him up initially to get the Jets playbook, like they did with Danny Woodhead.

  26. theyre taking Allen. Wanted to jump Denver. Browns are taking Darnold 1 and the Giants take Barkley 2. The Jets don’t make this move at this point, this early, unless they were 100% sure of who the browns and giants were taking. And don’t feed me the “they like 3 guys blah blah blah” argument. The qb is the single more important position in a franchise other than owner. It dictates the next 2 decades in terms of marketing, ticket sales, merchandising, revenue, PSLs, etc. These teams agonize and dissect everything about each of these players. There is a 0% chance a team is going to move up targeting a qb with the approach of “eh, we’ll take whoever is available.” They want Allen, they just made sure they’d get to him before Denver does.

  27. @Ihearya They are talking about Chubb the DE/Edge LB from NC State, not Nick Chubb the RB from Georgia

    Since the draft evaluation process started it seems like Denver and the Jets are looking at the same players. The Bills also seem to have been trying to consolidate enough picks to trade up to the #3 spot. As a Jets fan I hate seeing them give up 3 picks in round 2 but it seems it was necessary. I am hoping it is Mayfield.

  28. Who knows what the Jets will do, they are disaster waiting to happen. They already signed 2 QB’s how many more do they think they may need???

  29. If the Giants were willing to trade down they would’ve taken the deal the Jets gave the Colts. The Bills will have to give a helluva lot more to get the Giants to trade down to 12. Tells me the Giants are not willing to trade out.

  30. Ya, he just blew Barkley away in college and the combine….must be the best back…

  31. Jets clearly want a “Best Available” draftee which could be either Barkley, Mayfield, Rosen or Darnold.

    “Gangrene” already has McCown, too old, and Bridgewater whom I would grade down from better QBs such as T-Rod (Tyrod Taylor) and Nick Foles.
    There is no certainty, yet, that Foles will be up-for-grabs, which is why smart team managers will not wait on a decision from the Eagles in that regard.

    Baker Mayfield, with his fiery “always feeling like the Underdog” temperament, is meant for a team that needs a commander-in-battle, like the Cleveland Browns. We have all witnessed Tom Brady at his finest, firing up teammates on the sideline to fight-the-fight, which is why Cleveland needs Mayfield.

    “Gangrene” has suffered a string of mishaps at the QB position over the past 4-5 years and could use a healthy, young QB to aid them in making further progress towards earning consistent post-season berths. Sam Darnold fits the bill here and could aid them in that quest, though he has only two years of collegiate experience.

  32. Hmmm….The Jets have not taken a QB in the 1st round in quite a while. This is a QB rich draft but lots of teams need a QB–and the Giants at #2 might draft the heir apparent to Eli Manning. The Jets figured the top four prospects could all be gone by the time they pick #6. Hence at 3 they will get somebody.

    I think the Browns might take Allen at #1 because he has the highest upside with being the least ready to start playing. With Tyrod Taylor at QB they can wait. Which means Jets now can pick Darnold, Mayfield or Josh Rosen. Even if Darnold goes #1, that means Mayfield or Rosen should still be there–and thats what the Jets badly need.

    It would be awesome if Bridgewater got some playing time and was lights out…but…Jets badly need a QB they can build around, lead and develop for the next 10 years. I don’t even want to think about how many QBs have started for the Jets while Brady was the starter for the Patriots.

    Nobody takes a RB at #3 if they have no QB. It would be a Jets move to take a RB, or a DB, but…given the draft and how they don’t want another 4-12 season or worse…this is the year for their QB.

    The later round prospects like Bryce Petty or Hackenberg have been either disappointing (Petty) or a flop too terrible to even see the field (Hackenberg). If Jets go with QB at #3 then they both will be gone. Petty tried, but really failed to impress, and got hurt a lot. Hackenberg? Awful pick!

  33. give jets all three picks and they’ll still be second fiddle til belichick hangs it up. and that’s with the good coach they currently have, once they fire him, it’s back to oblivion.

  34. “The Eagles taught the Jets that a SB is still worth winning even after 70 years of futility.”

    If for no other reason than to shut everyone up about the fact that they had never won one.

  35. “3 number 2 draft picks
    might could have gotten a Nick Foles trade.”

    No question about it that the Eagles would have done that deal in a heartbeat. I guess that the Jets didn’t think that a Super Bowl winning quarterback was worth as much as an unproven draft pick.

  36. Dorsey can now take his QB (Allen or Darnold) at #1 then have either Barkley or Chubb at #4. Thanks Jets.

  37. From pundits it seems to be that Barkely & Chubb are the only can’t miss prospects. Throw in a QB and that might be the Jets board. I know teams are desperate for QBs but would the Jets really have 3 QBs in mind and settle for potentially their 3rd rated QB? That’s similar to the Browns where people are saying they might take their QB at #4. If you can’t decide with conviction on who your #1 rated QB is and take him at #1 overall then you are probably wasting the pick.

  38. Lamar Jackson is the best QB in this draft. Hope my Ravens get him as the future to bridge from Flacco. It’s possible he falls to us because he isn’t the White Type of QB for these teams. If he was a white guy they wouldn’t ask him to switch to WR. It’s BS in 2018 these things still come up.

  39. This keeps getting better for my lowly Browns. lol. I’m hoping QB,QB,QB 1,2,3 then we get our pick of Barkley, Chubb, Fitzpatrick or another CB. Another option is to trade out of 4 with a team looking for a QB and get additional picks with a team like the Bills that tipped their hand already on a QB so they are in a bad spot where they need to get to #2 or #4 in my opinion. Since the Bills and Browns already traded a week earlier for Tyrod Taylor maybe there’s a trade already in the works for the Browns #4 pick. Gonna be interesting!!!

  40. I’ve said to anyone who’d listen that in 5 years people will see Mason Rudolph as the best QB in this draft. People are too in love with Allen’s arm and aren’t focusing on the lack of big time games or wins. Darnold is Matt Leinert without the signature wins. Rosen across as a head case, and Mayfield is small but that chip on his shoulder could propel him to the top. Save your QB pick until the second round Cleveland, and take Barkley at one and Chubb or Fitzpatrick at four.

  41. This is why draft season is a fun time at guessing who will do what. No one tells the truth so as to hide their draft objectives. The Actions of moving up does not reveal objectives. However Quarterback is the most impacting and important position and unless the Jets have a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rogers; Quarterback is what the New York Jets are after…..

  42. Mike Florio is grasping straws. To suggest the Jets thinking a RB at number 3 is idiotic. You make it to get a QB. Running backs are a dime a dozen and have a short shelf life. Look at the Cowboys high pick for a RB two years ago (Ezekiel Elliott), yes he had a great rookie year but he’s already had legal issues with the law that limited him last year(accusations of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend on five occasions). I say once in trouble with the law, always in trouble with the law. For the Browns and Jets this is a no-brainer, don’t mess around and get the guy you LOVE as the QB.

  43. Barkley is very tempting, but I’d not pass on Joss Allen. Remember how just 2 drafts ago how many passed on Carson Wentz because he didn’t play at a big school. 2 seasons later Philly wins the SB. Jets, draft Joss Allen!

  44. Unlikely scenario. Jets could have stayed at 6 and been guaranteed one of Barkley, Chubb or Nelson provided three QBs taken in first five picks. There could even be four QBs taken in first five picks the way things are developing. They traded up to get their QB. Just a question of who.

  45. Yes, you can get a running back later, but not one as franchise changing as Barkley. Any comparison to the others on the board is the asinine part. He IS the best player in this draft, and it’s not even close. Don’t matter that he plays a more perishable position. You might draft a QB in the top 5 that doesn’t become a franchise player either. Saquon is as close as it comes to a sure thing in this draft. You at about a 50-50 shot at best on ALL these QB’s. Giants have the most to gain by taking him. I think it’s all but done there, that unless the Browns beat the G-men to him, Barkley is their pick, and the Jets probably already tried out the Giants and know they won’t budge on #2 till the Browns pick. That’s why they went out and got #3, well that and they probably thought the Bills had designs of trading their new #12 and a haul for the #3. Got to admire these guys, they sure are playing a chess game.

  46. It’s got to be a QB . . . consider the following:

    #3 = 2200 points

    #6 = 1600 points
    #37 = 530 points
    #49 = 410 points

    Total = 2540 points . . . normally, a future draft choice can be up to one round difference. Mid RD2 this year is 410 points, mid RD3 is 185, so another 200-300 points is a guesstimate for the value of next year’s RD2, so they paid 500-600 points premium to move up . . . late RD1 / early RD2.

  47. Book it Dano. its going to be Rosen. why i don’t know he would of been there when they drafted but they are making sure they get him.

  48. Jets should draft me….Im 6-1 225 and ran the 40 in 4.48. Oh wait, that was back in 1993.

  49. I’m glad to see the Jets taking this seriously. Going to be fun watching them win the AFCE for the next few years.

  50. I am fairly certain that the Jets themselves don’t even know who they want at #3

  51. I’m sorry but the notion that the Jets may have traded up 3 second round picks just for a running back when there are plenty they could have targeted in round 2, is beyond absurd. The Jets are not taking Barkley. They are going for Rosen and Macc already knows that the Browns will take Darnold and the Giants will take a non QB (Chubb/Barkley).

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