Cleveland declares 7/3 Joe Thomas Day

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Cleveland will recognize retiring Browns left tackle Joe Thomas with a day in his honor, and Thomas wants his fans to get the day off.

After the city announced that July 3 (for his No. 73 jersey) is officially recognized as Joe Thomas Day in Cleveland, Thomas proposed that everyone get to celebrate.

“I’d like to lobby @CityofCleveland to make 7/3 an official holiday where the city government is closed, banks are closed, mandatory day off for all workers. It only make sense to roll into America’s birthday with a little pre-game holiday for all on the 3rd. Retweet if you agree,” Thomas wrote on Twitter. “This should be an ‘all-Midwest’ holiday. Anywhere you; eat brats for “special occasions”, go to fish frys on fridays, drink bloody Mary’s on sundays, opening day is a holiday, and drink beer on anyday ending in Y.”

Thomas may be best remembered for his streak of 10,000 consecutive snaps without taking a play off, but he’s looking out for his fans and requesting they get a day off.

50 responses to “Cleveland declares 7/3 Joe Thomas Day

  1. Every day people make great contributions to society and go unnoticed. But a man who made a fortune playing football gets a holiday.

  2. To get the full effect stick your car in neutral on your way to work and tear down your house without any plans to ever rebuild it in a timely fashion

  3. I really don’t understand why Thomas would want to retire now, when the Browns are finally ready to turn the corner and start winning. Maybe he’s just tired.

  4. They should have it on 10/4 instead. 10 seasons and all were 4th place finishes in the division.

  5. Can’t believe this guy doesn’t want to play for New England on a 2 yr deal….probably win more games there than he did in his 11 with Cleveland combined…

  6. There just had to be that one guy that has a problem with this. Pretty sure if we can celebrate a sadistic murderer like Christopher Columbus, we can celebrate Joe Thomas.

  7. You will be missed Joe. Thanks for stickin with us for so long. The true definition of a genuine great person. We should change Cleveland to Thomasville.

  8. Its more than about Joe and not the guy making a ton of money. A good man like Joe does good works for the community not for the notoriety but for the people plus he doesn’t boast about it. Thanks Joe for being a Leader, a great person and awesome Cleveland Brown!!

  9. It’s like the Lions hanging Divisional Title Banners–I mean Banner from the 90s.

  10. Wow, talk about illusions of grandeur. This guy thinks he deserves a holiday? Those are reserved for people who have accomplished great things for mankind, not made themselves rich by playing a sport.

  11. He’s certainly been a great player, but when you get your own day, showing a little humility would probably be one’s best reaction.

  12. Anyone who has a legitimate gripe about this is a miserable human being. Anyone else using this to take pot shots at Cleveland, especially something that happened almost 50 years ago, is just a moronic troll.

  13. Class act who deserved better than the front-office trumps who ran the team during his career.

  14. Cleveland says July 3 is Thomas day, and then Joe says everyone should stop work and drink. Sounds about right for a losing town and organization.

  15. As if giving a guy who did squat in his “career” in Cleveland wasn’t bad enough, as usual Redneck T.O. had to start running his mouth off some more.

  16. Joe is having a little fun with this, and lobbying to give all Clevelanders a break so no, he’s not being selfish or arrogant. He’s one of the most humble players I have watched for a man of his credentials. Also to to those questioning why he would retire now, just listen to his podcast, it’s amazing he made it this long for the toll it took on his body. A symbol of loyalty and toughness. Was there every play for his teammates for over 10,000 snaps.

  17. Wow ….. he retires, and thinks the city should make a holiday of it????

    Humility isn’t your strong point, Joe.

  18. I can’t believe the hate here for a guy that was just trying to have a little fun with this. Joe’s as humble as they come and was trying to turn the event about the fans. Even threw a Wisconsin shout out with the brats comments.

  19. Players take knee during national anthem = how dare they

    player says July 4rd should be a holiday for the working class people = How dare he.

    Maybe the Players aren’t the problem.

  20. And the joke zips right over most of your pointy little heads, as usual. Stop taking everything you read on the internets so seriously, people!

  21. Everyone saying Joe deserved better…..Joe was perfectly happy with his situation. He never once asked to be traded. Once he got used to the maxed out vacation time, he was all good drafting in the top 3 his whole career.

  22. The city of cleveland would also like to remind fans of the opportunity to have a brat with Joe, immediately after the parade at the “wurst of the worst” picnic celebration.

  23. Why not put up a giant 50 ft Joe statue outside the stadium and make it a destination of all football fans to pay homage to one of the greatest athletes to ever play sports.

  24. Really, The browns are going to lobby for businesses to shut down because of a Big Mouth Offensive lineman that never won anything? That is how messed this country is in general. I could see having a Joe Thomas day at the stadium but these guys have lost touch with reality.

  25. I remember when Joe Thomas got drafted. We got Calvin that day and ESPN showed a little footage of Joe with his family on a boat fishing. He did good and will live the rest of his life financially comfortable im sure. Well done Joe Thomas.

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