Jets have yet to announce Teddy Bridgewater deal

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There’s a chance Teddy and the Jets will never actually become a thing.

As MDS pointed out this morning during the morning PFT staff meeting (actually, we don’t have meetings; we just email and text whenever), the Jets have not yet announced the signing of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. They have, however, announced the signings of other unrestricted free agents: cornerback Trumaine Johnson, running back Isaiah Crowell, kicker Cairo Santos.

The official online roster also includes Johnson, Crowell, and Santos. But not Bridgewater.

We’ve commenced the process of getting to the bottom of this one (this post surely will get multiple others to do the same), and the Jets did not immediately respond to a text message seeking clarification.  For now, there’s reason to at least wonder whether something happened with Bridgewater’s physical — especially with the Jets trading up with the Colts from No. 6 in round one to No. 3 on Saturday.

Colts G.M. Chris Ballard in the immediate aftermath of the trade that the discussions with the Jets began on Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps Bridgewater’s deal became insurance against not making the trade. Now that the trade has been made, the Jets can have the same coincidental concerns about Bridgewater’s knee that, for example, the Ravens had about receiver Ryan Grant after Michael Crabtree finally became available.

Or maybe Bridgewater’s camp had caught wind of the trade efforts, opting thereafter to slow play the situation and ultimately to not sign a contract, now that the Jets have gotten themselves into even better position to take a high-profile rookie quarterback who would make Bridgewater’s presence on the roster potentially moot.

Whatever the case, there’s a reason for the team’s failure to announce the signing of Bridgewater or the placement of his name on the official roster. Soon, we’ll all likely know what it is.

UPDATE 10:32 a.m. ET: A league source tells PFT that Bridgewater has passed his physical and will sign with the Jets.

10 responses to “Jets have yet to announce Teddy Bridgewater deal

  1. So now it’s a mistake on both their parts, He thought
    he was going to start and now they really don’t want him to
    start. I doubt they ever really wanted Teddy to be their starter.

  2. He shouldn’t sign now. He should find a place where he can compete and try to get on the field again. Just not sure what team that is right now. He’s in a tough place.

  3. Why would Bridgewater want to go to a team where he wont be the starter?
    The Jets said McCown will be the starter.
    Bridgewater needs to show he can be a starter, and should take a low base with incentives but only if he gets to start.

  4. I really hope the Jets don’t pull what the Ravens did to Grant…. as a fan I would be highly dissapointed in a douchey move like that

  5. Lol love the haters, Bridgewater is coming off a major injury never proved anything before it,what exactly is he going to get in the open market, New York gives him an incentive laden contract an opportunity to start behind a decent offensive line decent running backs crap receivers but they’re not done, apparently he’s a great kid im a jets fan I hope he lights it up and wins a super bowl this makes sense for the Jets and Bridgewater.

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