Browns trade C.J. Smith to Seahawks for conditional 2020 seventh-round pick

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The Browns have shipped a player they were about to cut to Seattle.

Cleveland defensive back C.J. Smith was traded to the Seahawks today. The Browns get a conditional 2020 seventh-round pick in the exchange.

A conditional seventh-round pick two years from now is effectively nothing. The Browns basically gave Smith to the Seahawks instead of cutting him.

After playing his college football at South Dakota State, Smith signed as an undrafted rookie with the Eagles in 2016 and played 10 games. In 2017 he was cut by the Eagles and picked up by the Browns for their practice squad. He was later called up to the active roster and played three games for the Browns.

13 responses to “Browns trade C.J. Smith to Seahawks for conditional 2020 seventh-round pick

  1. I hope this is the offseason Pete and John find the hidden gems again that fit best in Seattle. If they can just halve their injuries next season and have a better idea of their kicking situation whatever that may be and not ‘get into 49-50’ yard range over and over and settle for the leagues worst kicker to win one for Rudy…..they can have a formula to win.

  2. My beloved hawks are hoping lightning strikes twice by grabbing scrap heap guys that everyone forgot. I’m not sure it will work the second time. I’m glad the malcontents are gone, but this feels like 4-12. Sigh.

  3. I wonder what CJ’s deal is.
    Eagles coaches didn’t seem to support him much but of what little I paid attention to him I thought he had a real upside (so did Malcolm Jenkins… he really lobbied to keep CJ, not that CJ was starter quality at the time).

  4. The downfall of the Seahawks was a combination of trading away valuable picks for players, horrible evaluation and wasting picks on bad offensive linemen who were all projects but never necessarily great in college and throwing away picks on RB’s without actually hitting on one. 11 picks spent on offensive linemen, 7 on RB’s in the last 5 drafts and nothing to to show for it in terms of strength

  5. a conditional 7th round pick of Seattle can be almost as good as a 6th round pick as the team continues to lose more games each season. LOL

  6. a 7th round pick trade made the headlines for all the wrong reasons!
    Trading in the NFL never seems to be even up –
    you trade a star for a 4th round pick (Randy Moss)
    then you trade 3 second picks to move up 3 slots in the 1st round
    never seems congruent does it?

  7. NORTH DAKOTA STATE U !!! You know the place Wentz went to. 6 natl titles in 7 years . 8 current NFL players.

    Cmon PFT you’re better than this.

    P.s. congrats CJ SMITH. 4 years ago hes at sunglass hut in Fargo Mall selling me glasses.. now hs in year 3 of NFL. Great young man!!

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