Carson Wentz posts video of throwing workout

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Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz aims to be back in the lineup in time for the start of the 2018 regular season and he shared a glimpse of his progress in his recovery from a torn left ACL on Monday.

Wentz posted a short clip of a throwing workout to Instagram. In the video, Wentz can be seen dropping back before planting on his left leg and delivering passes while at the Eagles facility in Philadelphia. He’s wearing a brace on his left knee in the clip.

There’s not much to glean from the video about Wentz’s overall timeline, although seeing him on the field throwing the ball is a sign that things are progressing the right way for him and the Eagles.

The Eagles have Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles on hand in the event Wentz isn’t ready to go for the regular season. There was some speculation about a possible trade when the offseason got underway, but the Eagles set a price no one matched for an insurance policy that already came in handy once.

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  1. All surgeries are successful. All recoveries are ahead of schedule. All injured players will be back and at 100%. Unless they’re not.

  2. “Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles”. Is it April 1st already? Who da thunk it?
    But boy am I happy to see those words!!! THANK YOU NICK and the entire organization!

  3. I read that he could be brace dependent the rest of his career, that the injury was reminiscent of RG3. I hope they’re wrong. He’s a devout christian, I like the guy. Could be why the Eagles are keeping Foles around for insurance.

  4. Weird … he’s allowed to practice at the Eagles facility and Gruden is not allowed to meet his players.

  5. Perhaps he can learn from Nick Foles how to play from the pocket and stay healthy. You have a very good offensive line Carson, take advantage of it.

  6. the Superbowl MVP is an insurance policy…to a injury prone unknown…What kind of logic is this? When the insurance policy is better than the actual policy…is there any wonder why this organization is celebrating their first Superbowl ever…?

    It’s like a golfer spending a grand on a set of clubs and does pretty good, but while his new set is being serviced, he plays with his older less attractive looking set and does better…but goes back to the shiny new set just because he spent a grand…results take a back seat to draft politics… again this is not how perennial winning organizations operate their business… when you’ve got a winner…you stick with it until you’re not winning anymore….

  7. Carson should keep doing his thing. RG3’s whole injury and the circumstances were different, and those comparisons are idiotic. Can’t count how many games his freak athleticism gave the team the opportunity to win.

  8. LOL… Only reason Brady won MVP is Wentz got hurt and if he played in the Superbowl they would have scored in the 50s against NE. People love to hate, but Wentz is gonna be around for a while and he is going to be a special QB to watch.

    patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    March 19, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Perhaps he can learn from Nick Foles how to play from the pocket and stay healthy. You have a very good offensive line Carson, take advantage of it.

  9. People keep spouting the RG3 myth. His knee had no effect on his career. He moved around threw the ball fine the next year. His career went down hill bc defenses learned his game and he couldnt adjust. He couldn’t get away with not being able to read a defense or do progressions. Plus the fact that he was too fragile and kept getting hurt every where besides his injured knee.

  10. I mean did his right knee injury stop him from having only 4 less tds the same QBR about the same passing yards or 500 rush yards after his injury? Did it cause him to have 3x as many picks? No. Did it cause him to dislocate his ankle? Hurt his other knee? Shatter his collar bone? Get whole bunch of concussions? No.

    So stop lying about his knee injury being what derailed his career. He just wasnt good enough, tough enough, or mentally stable enough.

    By the way I was saying this before Wentz got the same injury. Its just annoying I gotta point it out again bc people are so dumb and lazy and need to make simple comparisons. Be they true or not.

  11. Plus RG3 tore his knee and still decided to play on it in The playoffs that was there first mistake. That made it worse fact is the league caught up to him and he was not that good. But Shanahan did help.

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