Colts sign Eric Ebron

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The Colts announced they signed free agent tight end Eric Ebron on Monday. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports it’s a two-year deal worth up to $15 million.

Ebron, 24, gives the Colts a pass-catching complement to Jack Doyle. Doyle caught 80 passes last season, while Ebron caught 53.

Ebron also visited the Panthers.

The 10th overall choice in 2014, he started 37 games and made 186 receptions for 2,070 yards and 11 touchdowns. The Lions cut him rather than pay him $8.25 million this season.

The Lions, meanwhile, continue to search for tight ends after losing both Ebron and Darren Fells.

19 responses to “Colts sign Eric Ebron

  1. Probably a 1 year deal for all practical purposes. After foiling the Lions attempts to trade him by refusing to negotiate with another team, I hope his career goes into an even deeper nosedive. Glad he got less than he thought he was worth.

  2. Not trying to knock the signing here, but I’m not exactly a fan and here’s why: Does anyone remember when Andrew Luck was just coming into the league and the Colts thought it would be a good idea to have a nice pair of tight ends for him, a la Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen.

    And we all know how that panned out.

    Doyle was sensational last year, perhaps the lone bright spot for the colts offense last year, besides HOF Frank Gore still doing work at such an age, and also Hilton still having his usual games here and there. Brissett wasn’t all that bad, either. But still, I just don’t see the use for Ebron here. Doyle made out fine this past year, and its not like Ebron was ever anything to write home about in Detroit.

    I remember when certain mock drafts had the Bills taking Ebron with their pick in that years draft. Glad to see it never happened. Even though Sammy Watkins never was worth what was given up for him.

  3. When given the opportunity to say the right thing by the media; “You had a great game today Eric what are your thoughts?”, “I played okay but there were a couple of plays I’d like to have back. That’s on me though, I just need to get back to the lab and work on that”

    Instead, he always said the wrong thing; “You had a great game today Eric what are your thoughts?”, “I can never do enough for these fans because they’ll find fault with everything I do, so it don’t matter”

    Dude just could not figure it out, he was his own worst enemy.

  4. He will be cut next year after dropping too many passes, causing too much locker room drama and making too much for under production –
    mark it- this guy is not worth 2 million a year

  5. This is why teams like the LIONS are perpetual losers. They literally have no other options at TE, other then Ebron, who had been somewhat of a bust, but is clear cut better then any other options that they have available at TE. Thank god I am a Bengals fan.

  6. Ehhhh…..would have rather drafted for that position. This dudes hands r like 2 skillets

  7. Couldn’t live up to when he was selected. Not his fault for where he was drafted, but it was his fault for the way he carried himself, and handled adversity. He presented an “I don’t care attitude”.

  8. Why overpay by so much for a guy who has underachieved for
    most of his career? Doesn’t have good hands, and
    he’ll only be a number-2 TE on your team.

    Not a great signing by the Colts.

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