Report: Competition Committee proposes allowing NFL headquarters to eject players

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Everyone agrees Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski earned ejections for hits after the whistle last season. Officials, though, didn’t see it that way.

Thus, the Competition Committee is proposing a rule that will allow NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron to eject players from New York for “egregious violations” if officials don’t, Jarrett Bell of USA Today reports.

Gronkowski slammed his shoulder into the neck of Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White after the whistle. Officials penalized him for unnecessary roughness but didn’t eject him.

Evans gave Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore a hard shove in the back on the Tampa Bay sideline during a disagreement between Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston and Lattimore. Evans received a personal foul penalty but remained in the game.

Gronkowski and Evans served one-game suspensions instead.

Under the proposed rule, Riveron could overrule on-field officials and eject players from New York.

13 responses to “Report: Competition Committee proposes allowing NFL headquarters to eject players

  1. Someday referees will have no purpose other than to blow whistles and place balls on the ground.

  2. If there was clearly defined criteria, and he is held responsible, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea. But I think it should be a ref in New York making the replay calls.

  3. Giving Riveron More in-game control?? Seriously?? Are they trying to just eliminate on-field officiating all together? Riveron hasn’t done anything to merit such a thing…if anything, he should have less in-game control.

  4. Basically this would mean somebody monitors twitter to see if fans think somebody should be ejected and if it gets enough tweets, the guy is gone. That’s pretty much how Goodell runs the league now post Ray Rice.

  5. Normally, im against more power in NY. But in this case something needs to be done. There are so many cases of players delivering game ending (gronk on White) if not career ending(jarvis landry on aaron williams) late hits on players and getting to stay in the game themselves.

    The on field officials are too scared to get something wrong that they only eject players if the refs get hit themselves. Im willing to let a more willing NY make this call instead

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