Report: Panthers expected to sign Jarius Wright

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The Panthers promised the offseason priority was to surround Cam Newton with more weapons.

They have certainly surrounded him with some new ones.

Per the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers are expected to sign former Vikings wideout Jarius Wright, who was released last week. Along with their trade for Torrey Smith, they’ve added a couple of veterans with speed, if not the big names some (including Newton) might have been hoping for.

Wright has 29 receptions the last two seasons, but had a career-high 42 in 2014 under offensive coordinator Norv Turner, who now works in Carolina. So that’s something.

16 responses to “Report: Panthers expected to sign Jarius Wright

  1. Jarius Wright will quickly become a fan favorite in Carolina. Great player. Even better person.

  2. 29 receptions doesn’t sound like a lot…not counting Torre Smiths 302 career receptions the Panther 8 other WR’s on the current roster have 179 career receptions (117 are Funchess).

  3. The Vikings didn’t want to get rid of him but his cap number got too high and they had to cut somebody to sign Sheldon Richardson. I wish they could have brought him back at a discount but he deserves to get paid.

  4. Always loved Wright and wish him well. He seems like a pretty similar player to that Stanford guy though. How many former Vikings are on that team now for cripes sake?

  5. Im not going to say it, but you all know I’m upset….that the Vikings chose Treadwell over Wright. Very, very upset.

    This is the worst decision Spielman has made since drafting Treadwell when they actually needed offensive tackles.

    Treadwell won’t make the team this year. You heard it here first.

  6. Clutch WR, if price was right, good signing. He hasn’t shown the ability to be an every down WR, and doesn’t add anything on Special teams so tough to have a spot on a 53 man roster. Wish him well.

  7. I think most Viking fans liked Wright, I did. He was clutch, you could depend on him in a lot of 3rd down situations. But, his production numbers just didn’t weigh out vs his pay. Panthers fans will like him when they see what he does, when he can get on the field.

    On a side note, have the Panthers become the new Seahawks? They want to sign every single player that used to play for the Vikings.

  8. Panthers grabbing all Vikings cast offs, Kalil, Sirles, Wright, Munerlyn. Yeah, yeah Vikes took Munerlyn from Panthers, but hea was in his prime at the time.

    Jarius was a good Viking who offered no trouble but I think we can replace 29 receptions over two years.

  9. Wright was great. Always made big plays in key moments. He never dropped the ball and was always in the right place. The Vikings will miss him since Treadwell is awful.

  10. Hey his catches are directly related to his opportunities. He was on a good path but abruptly fell out of favor with Zimmer when he arrived. His play count went way down and so did his catches. They fed him the ball in the last game of last year. I thought they wanted to showcase him as trade bait for draft day. I still expected them to use him that way to move up or to get more picks this year. This was a sad surprise.

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