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Report: Vikings-Eagles will open the 2018 NFL season

The NFL schedule hasn’t been released yet, but the first game has reportedly been decided.

The Vikings will visit Philadelphia to take on the Eagles in the annual Thursday night opener in the Super Bowl champion’s host stadium, according to longtime Philadelphia media member Howard Eskin.

Philadelphia’s slate of home opponents in 2018 is a good one, so the NFL really couldn’t have stepped wrong: In addition to the three NFC East opponents and the Vikings, the Eagles also play the Falcons, Panthers, Texans and Colts at home.

But the Vikings game is probably the marquee game on the Eagles’ home schedule, both because it’s an NFC Championship Game rematch and because the Vikings caught the biggest fish in free agency, Kirk Cousins.

After a season dominated by news of falling television ratings, the NFL undoubtedly wanted to put a big ratings draw in the opening Thursday night slot, and the league sees Vikings-Eagles as a big one.