Sam Bradford has $5 million in per-game bonuses


The Cardinals giving Sam Bradford up to $20 million this year to play football seemed strange, because Sam Bradford seldom plays a full season of football.

But the Cardinals gave themselves some degree of cover, in case Bradford does what Bradford so often does.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the two-year, $40 million deal Bradford signed with Arizona includes $5 million this year in per-game active bonuses.

That’s a cool $312,500 and change every time Bradford is well enough to get a uniform for the Cardinals this year, and far different from the initial reports that pegged its value at $20 million a year since no reasonable person expects Bradford to play all those games.

Bradford played two games last year because of what was termed a “degenerative” knee problem by Vikings coach Mike Zimmer. Bradford has played all 16 games exactly twice in his career (2010 and 2012). Bradford declared that his knee “feels good” upon signing, and it’s possible that that proves everything is relative.

Bradford also got a $10 million signing bonus and $5 million in guaranteed base salary this year, so he’ll make $15 million regardless. Which is still a lot for Sam Bradford, who is a barely over .500 (16-15) even if you throw out the Steve Spagnuolo and Jeff Fisher years in St. Louis (which you should).

13 responses to “Sam Bradford has $5 million in per-game bonuses

  1. joker65 says:
    March 19, 2018 at 2:05 pm
    Waste of talent.

    Could not disagree more, in fact If I learned anything watching him as a Viking is he has the talent, and a strong and accurate arm , unfortunately his body (specifically his knees) have limited the success he could have at this level. It’s a shame, that first game against the Saints last year was a work of art! Wish him well in Arz, he was a good team guy and a god locker room guy by all accounts.

  2. Don’t say waste of talent like he’s some knucklehead in legal trouble. It’s such a bummer because he will always wonder what if. Do the Vikings do better last year with him? Do the Rams be not awful for a year or two with him? Probably no to both, but still

  3. Horrible move by Cardinals!!!!

    Whoever made that decision is not long for their job and should be fired ASAP

  4. Like Carson Wentz and Teddy Bridgewater, Bradford is “damaged goods” and so, it was a Great Thing that the former Saint Louie Rams splurged and handed $50M “Guaranteed” to then newly-drafted Bradford before he ever even donned a Rams practice Jersey lol

    How ludicrou$ was that, huh! ( rolling eyes)

  5. I’m rooting for the guy, and always have been. So many [miserable] people hate the guy because he made a bunch of money and kept getting hurt, as if he intended on getting hurt. I hope that he’s healthy and can finally show his true potential – we’ve seen glimpses of it.

  6. So when they are 5-9 and the Cards decide to deactivate him for the last two games to save some of that money will he file a grievance?

  7. For a guy who AT BEST has been average so far in his short career, it’s incredible how much people think that this is a signing with big upside. He’s not remarkably mobile. He’s slow as dirt. And 14/9 was his TD/INT in his best season. Add that to the fact that his knee basically exploded and anyone who thinks he will be even a good QB are delusional. Rooting for the guy bc I admire his courage. But he’s not a good QB.

  8. Everyone knows that signing Sam Bradford is a gamble, but the Cardinals have done a nice job of hedging their bets. This story reveals that Bradford’s salary is to some extent dependent on his ability to stay healthy. The contract is for two years, but according to other reports, the second year is a team option. Cardinals also got some quarterback insurance by signing Glennon. They’ve done a nice job of shoring up the position for 2018 but obviously still have to draft a quarterback this year.

  9. Good luck Sam in Arizona. He played 15 games I think for one year with the Vikings. I hope he plays all 16 for the Cards. Very talented player.

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