ESPN hires John Fox as studio analyst

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Former Bears, Broncos and Panthers head coach John Fox probably won’t roam an NFL sideline again, but he has another job.

Fox was hired by ESPN as a studio analyst, Richard Deitsch of The Athletic reports.

Although he wasn’t known as the most media-friendly coach during his days in the NFL, the 63-year-old Fox will now move into an analyst role that has previously been filled by former coaches like Herm Edwards and Bill Parcells.

The most prominent job on ESPN, Monday Night Football analyst, remains unfilled.

32 responses to “ESPN hires John Fox as studio analyst

  1. Some are too young to appreciate all that ESPN accomplished. Back in ’79, ESPN was the only game in town. They’ve done a lot for fans, and for sports. Don’t forget that.

  2. They seem to only have one requirement in Bristol. You had to be fired from your last job for incompetence. He will really liven things up as a part of their 40 person countdown crew

  3. I haven’t watched ESPN’s NFL shows since they brought Parcells back because I can’t stand him, but Fox probably won’t be bad. Can’t be any worse than what they’ve had.

  4. Singing ” What does the Fox say?” 133 and 123 , 133 and 123 , 133, and 123 — na ning na ning ning ning ning ning —
    Sorry it’s actually a funny song-
    I’m surprised he did as bad as he did in Chi-town- I think why football is getting so old and outdated is all the extras – the 3 hours of pregame – the music – every 3 minute timeouts – get back to just the game-

  5. Oh god, here come the fanboys, all believing they are the best announcers, coaches, GMs, players, anything but none on you have jobs as proven by your 24/7 presence here. LOL! Wake me when you get hired.

  6. I wonder if his ESPN team will be poorly prepared and fall apart as the season progresses

  7. Sweet, getting excited to hear him announce an entire game and not hear a single interesting thing!

  8. When will ESPN go back to hiring people who are talented at presenting sports. There are some great ex-coaches and ex-players however simply being an ex-coach or player doesn’t make someone good at communicating on television. As a Bears fan, I can say with certainty Fox does not communicate well. He is predictable though, run-run-pass.

  9. Fox is a nice guy who has a terrible, strained, unappealing speaking voice. This is gonna be painful. He’s the last person I’d hire to do television, but hey–it’s ESPN, so that should tell you all you need to know.

  10. Oh, goodie. He can look resigned to failure in a different setting. This man has been on cruise control for five years.

  11. My man!!! Watch closely with Foxy. He was the best at concealing his dip on the sidelines and also scheming up defensive plays/adjustments/calls. I am still hurt from the 2004 loss to the Panthers in the NFC Divisional Playoff Round. Best of luck.

  12. Even as a Vikings fan I don’t even love Randy Moss on ESPN. I am so done with ESPN but the only thing that has me coming back are if certain games happen to be on ESPN. The John Fox thing, yikes, that sounds like a match made in heaven

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