Mitchell Trubisky: Bears in “perfect situation to really emerge”

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The Bears have addressed several positions in free agency, but the biggest theme of their approach to the offseason has clearly been the addition of weapons for their passing game.

Wide receivers Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel will join tight end Trey Burton as new pieces for head coach Matt Nagy and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich to put in play for an offense that lacked potent threats through the air last season. The lack of threats didn’t do Mitchell Trubisky any favors in his rookie season and he’s predictably excited about the changes in Chicago.

“It’s very exciting, and I can’t be more thankful for the situation I ended up in, especially with [General Manager] Ryan Pace running the show and really believing in me, this organization and the other guys we have,” Trubisky said to Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. “We did really well in free agency. We have to get a couple of other guys back healthy. But I just feel like we’re in a perfect situation to really emerge and have a great year this year.”

It won’t be too much longer before the Bears start their offseason program and getting all the new pieces on the same page offensively will be a big part of their work between now and September. If they pull it off, that big step forward may not be too far behind.

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  1. The question mark is Trubisky himself. He looked really out of his depth last season. Then again, so did Jared Goff his first year and he turned it around to have a solid second season. I’d like to see the Bears get better and make that division more interesting.

  2. Robinson – injured, one catch last year.
    Gabriel – 5′ 8″ 165, that’s being generous.
    Burton – undrafted free agent.

    Still haven’t had a decent safety since Mike Brown. Still no one to pressure the QB while they pick us apart with basic pass routes.

    Sorry, my “excitement” cup barely has anything in it right now.

  3. Last year the Bears had a good defense, good run game, and horrible receivers and offensive playbook. Mitch was asked to just take care of the football and keep them in games, which he did for the most part. Anyone who actually watched him play knows he’s got talent.

    On paper, arguably no team has improved more via free agency, and John Fox to Matt Nagy may be the most substantial coaching change this offseason outside of Gruden in Oakland.

    Bears could surprise some people this year.

  4. Signing offensive weapons may or may not help sell tickets, but it doesn’t lead to winning. You need a great QB, which I believe the Bears have in Trubisky, and you need a stout defense. A great QB can move the football regardless of his weapons, but if you want to stop the other team, you need defense. Don’t get me wrong, I love great skilled guys, but you can pick them up anywhere and everywhere, and you don’t have to pay a lot for them. I loved what the Bears’ GM did last year. He acquired two good QB’s. That was bold, but I liked it. I’m hoping this draft is all about defense. Just looking at the 49ers last year, and I realize it was a tiny sample size, but when Garoppolo took over at QB, they won every game. They didn’t change any other skilled guys.

  5. TheDPR says:
    March 20, 2018 at 8:10 am
    The question mark is Trubisky himself. He looked really out of his depth last season. Then again, so did Jared Goff his first year and he turned it around to have a solid second season. I’d like to see the Bears get better and make that division more interesting.
    It’s the best division in football. 3 of the 4 teams compete each year for the division title. The Vikings went to the NFC Championship last year, the Packers the year before that. What would it take to make it “more interesting” for you?

  6. not an NFC guy…But I like Mitch..Alot of upside.Seems to be coachable , team guy.Last year Fox didn’t Want him to do too much just manage games (my opinion)..Coach Nagy is going to let him loose this year..1st yr Mitch was just getting use to speed of the NFL…He’s young..I see the Bears taking major steps every 2020 season that division will be an All out dogfight ..4 very good Qb’s ..

  7. Mitch is an unknown but he has a ton of talent. You can’t judge him at all last year, he played for a couple of incompetents that literally had the most predictable offense in the NFL. They threw 70% of the time in 3 wide receiver formations, and ran 70% of the time with 2 tight ends. Really John Fox has nothing on Jeff Fisher and Dowell Loggains was in over his head. Completely unqualified to call plays in the NFL. As a fan it is just crushing to watch clowns call the shots for your beloved team.

  8. anyone who says that Trubisky did not show anything last year obviously knows nothing about football. he did what he was told to do in the most limited offense in the history of football. they won the games they did when he was allowed to play to his strengths which means he got to do more than hand off and throw 7 yard passes.this year he and the offense will be improved simp;y because they have a coach who knows offense is part of the game. the skill players they signed will be a huge difference to a team that had no wideouts last season.

  9. It’s the best division in football.
    What’s the world coming to when I agree with a mn fan? The north is going to be very interesting next year. I’m thinking all four teams may finish with a winning record. And if not, I suspect Detroit will be the odd man out, not the bears.

  10. Trubisky did not look “out of his depth” nor was he the “worst QB in the NFL” last year. Check the actual stats below. (Google is your friend). He looked like a rookie QB, thrown into a starting role before intended with no pass-catching targets and an offensive coaching staff with no idea how to best use him.

    He may or may not have a 2nd year breakout a la Goff or Wentz. He doesn’t necessarily need to, just continue to improve. He could also flame out, in which case it’s game over for Ryan Pace. Regardless of how this shakes out, I think this is a better approach than what the Bears have done with 1st Round QBs in the past (McNown, Grossman, etc….even McMahon and Harbaugh).

    Year Team CMP% YDS TD INT Rating
    2017 Bears 59.4 2,193 7 7 77.5

  11. This team still has holes. But I agree that Trubisky himself is the big question. He didn’t show anything last year that makes me “high” or “down” on him. But the team needs this draft and another before they can compete in this division. It’s a tough division.

  12. I’m interested to see how this kid grows with some actual offensive coaching. He’s got the tools. Good arm, excellent ability to throw on the move with accuracy, mentally tough, hard worker, etc.

    I just still don’t get why the Bears even retained Fox and his staff last season. It was obvious they were on borrowed time, it was obvious they weren’t the teams leadership group moving forward. So when you’re drafting a new franchise QB and pretty much starting your team from scratch, why not do the same with the coaching staff if they are on their last legs? All the Bears did was completely waste a year of development. Everything Trubisky spent last season learning in terms of the offense and systems and language etc is immediately flushed and he starts learning something new again this year. That’s not a good formula for developing a new team and a new quarterback.

    If you’re drafting a franchise QB and your coach is a lame duck, then just get it over with and start them both over at the same time. Bears front office just wasted a season of development because of a lack of foresight.

  13. It sounds like mitch thinks management has put the team in a position to excel on offense. It will be interesting to see if mitch improves on last year and really his previous year in college as mitch did not perform in college as well.

  14. The big difference for the Bears improving this year will be the coaching change, although it seems like they let quite a few contributing older veteran players go and I’m not sure the free agency acquisitions make up that difference. Of all the teams in the NFCN, the hardest to figure out is the Bears.

  15. Well, just remember this, when a dung beetle emerges from it’s winter home it is still just a dung beetle.

  16. I have to admit I am optimistic just on the fact the Bears got rid of John Fox. That offense was from the Stone Age. How many times will Howard get stacked 8 in the box and go down in a cloud of dust? Trubisky flashed talent vs. the Bengals but the WRs were just plain awful all year. Maybe Coach Nagy can a least keep the defenses guessing with his play calling if Allen Robinson can stay healthy.

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