Weather forces Allen Hurns to visit Cowboys before Jets

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Receiver Allen Hurns wants to visit the Jets, but there’s no plane to take him there.

Per a league source, weather issues in the New York area have triggered the cancellation of the flight that would have taken Hurns to visit the Jets. He’ll instead visit the Cowboys first, with a visit to the Jets to follow immediately.

Of course, there will be no visit to the Jets if Hurns likes what he hears and puts pen to paper.

Hurns, undrafted out of Miami in 2014, was released on Tuesday. His production has dipped significantly since generating more than 1,000 yards in his second NFL season.

21 responses to “Weather forces Allen Hurns to visit Cowboys before Jets

  1. As a jags fan….
    I’m sad to see this guy go.
    He has the heart of a lion…
    Never short arms catches.
    Even his family is a class act….
    Wherever he lands ….they’re getting something special

  2. Cowboys will offer a low end contract….will sign w the Jets by Thursday. book it.

    Will never have another 1K yd season but fan will be mad he left DAL

    – Cowboys Fan –

  3. Don’t do it Hurns you’ll come down with the DAK’s ! Which is an affliction affecting all cowboy receivers and tight ends which sees a drop off in production. No cure in the foreseeable future and you’ll get blamed for catching it

  4. Saints would be the team to sign with. Dome team with a Hall of Fame QB throwing him the ball that has a good shot at getting to the Superbowl. No brainier to sign with them.

  5. From strictly a WR position, Hurns has to ask himself. Do I want to play with Dak throwing me the ball or whomever is behind door #2. Hurns will choose door #2.

  6. Umm…everybody who says the Cowboys have a terrible qb, have you seen what the jets have? McCown is the best qb there and that’s if the front office is smart enough to have him on the field this year instead of Bridgewater which is a stretch at best. I have no love for dak either(especially as a fantasy sports player picking dez Bryant against horrible defenses and him not getting the ball), but he’s more reliable and durable than anything in NY.

  7. Dak is a top 15 qb (ranked by pros after season ends). Thus seeing his all pro LT miss seven games and him getting CLOBBERED all year. So the coaches have to take some of the blame as well for not adjusting or game planning better.
    Now DAKOTS stats are not that far off from his ROY play! Thus only being in year two. Clueless no football IQ HATERS act as IF Dak just STUNK. WRONG, the guy was by far perfect but he was darn good ESPECIALLY considering your getting CLOBBERED and your missing zeke 10 games. And again the COACHES have to help this guy out when so many pieces are missing!
    But hay I LOVE seeing your hate cuz it just SHOWS that you are SCARED to all help KNOWING that Dak is the REAL DEAL!

  8. Cowboys have no cap room, all of their money is invested in Tony Romo (LOL!!!) Tyron (injured) Smith, Dez(can’t play no more) Bryant and Jason )can’t run anymore) Witten. LMAO…dem bums can’t sign anybody of significance.

  9. Sak Prescott is a mediocre QB, his legs give him hope, not his arm talent. Sak Prescott had the rookie year, he went down hill last year and showed who he is…a mediocre QB. He’ll make a play here and there, but, nothing special….ala walk it to em Wentz. FLY EAGLES FLY…FLY EAGLES FLY!!!

  10. Hurns will find the weather, facilities, stadium, culture, and ownership – among many other factors are far superior in Dallas than you’ll find anywhere else, especially New York. Cherry on top? No state income tax. Welcome to DFW, Allen! While it’s the Dallas Cowboys, you’ll practice in Frisco and play games in Arlington.

  11. @Handy Tim says:
    As a jags fan….
    I’m sad to see this guy go.
    He has the heart of a lion…
    Never short arms catches.
    Even his family is a class act….
    Wherever he lands ….they’re getting something special
    Well, if he’s special and his family is a class act, there’s no way he signs with Dallas!

  12. Great pickup if Dallas can land him. I love what Stephan Jones is doing in free agency, He’s not overpaying
    for anyone like all the other teams.

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