Frank Gore visiting the Dolphins today

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Frank Gore has already been excellent in Miami.

Now, he’s at least considering trying it again.

PFT has confirmed that the veteran running back is visiting the Dolphins today, returning to the scene of his college stardom.

Of course, Gore left the University of Miami after the 2004 season, and has racked up 14,026 yards in the NFL since. That means he’s both accomplished and old, as he turns 35 in May.

But the Dolphins could use some ballast, both in terms of the offense and the locker room. And adding a player so widely respected could only be a good thing for a team that’s been in constant flux.

The Dolphins traded bell cow back Jay Ajayi in midseason last year, and don’t have a regular they can count on. Gore could change that.

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  1. I thought New England would be perfect for him, because their game plan specific. So some weeks he would be a workhorse RB, the next week he would be a outlet receiver for Tom Brady, the next week protecting his QB when the Patriots go heavy spread.

    He could have easily given them 150 carries and 30-40 receptions this season.

  2. But they do have a regular back they can count on … Kenyan Drake. They’re looking to find a complementary back to eat up some carries.

  3. .
    AFC East:

    Patriots – have a plan, as usual

    Bills – have 6 picks in rounds 1-3

    Jets – have #3 pick

    Dolphins – have no clue

  4. 6ball says:

    AFC East:

    Patriots – have a plan, as usual (Patriots have Brady too, any plan looks good)

    Bills – have 6 picks in rounds 1-3 (so? Let’s see what they do with those , they have been pretty clueless too)

    Jets – have #3 pick (haha… again, let’s see what they do with, they have been pretty clueless too)

    Dolphins – have no clue (point taken and can’t argue too much, but they are the only team other than the “Flying Elvis” to win a division title is Miami)

    6ball: some clue:)

  5. marooncat79 says:
    March 22, 2018 at 10:00 am

    This would make absolutely no sense

    I don’t know about that a lot of people’s retirement plans include Florida. Of course there are much better parts of it than the 3rd world corner of it.

  6. I guess the author of this doesn’t follow football. Kenyan Drake was ranked the NFL’s 3rd best back after he took over for Ajayi. The guy is a stud, but not a power back. I think gore would compliment him perfectly and is definitely a class act w top notch character for a team.

  7. Frank Gore is 35 and still plays at higher level than the majority of backs in the league. Only has 1 year he didn’t gain 1000 total yards from scrimmage was his rookie year. Gore’s average has been under 4ypc all 3 years with the Colts and the Colts are a bad team. They’re just not a good football team. Andrew Luck is brittle as a supersonic fracture! Despite the constant onslaught of Luck’s brittleness, Frank Gore, AKA Frank the Tank, Gore can Score, Gore the Boar, he still had over 1000 total yards.

    He’s not done. When Frank Gore finishes his career, he will be 1 of the top 3 rushing yards all time. For all those who don’t think he’s a HOF RB, go watch highlights of him. Remember the 49ers teams he played for. They were not very good

  8. Now that Damian Williams went to KC, it will be a done deal. I find it amusing that the Patriots fans seem to point out how “clueless” the Dolphins are and yet they have the most wins against them in the past 10 years. The Dolphins are not terrible; just very inconsistent. Jets, Bills and Dolphins dumped big names, got Cap healthy and new Coaches. The AFC East is about to change.

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