Report: Johnny Manziel to throw at University of San Diego pro day Thursday

Getty Images

Johnny Manziel is trying to reboot his football career. On Thursday he’ll have a chance to throw in front of several scouts that could help make that pursuit a reality.

According to Bruce Feldman of Sports Illustrated, Manziel will be the quarterback throwing to receivers at the pro day workouts at the University of San Diego on Thursday morning.

Underclassmen can’t throw for pro day workouts so graduating prospects and former players are the typical players called upon to throw during the workouts if a quarterback isn’t a part of the school’s pro hopefuls. Manziel hasn’t played in a NFL game since December 2015.

Manziel has seemingly cleaned up his off-field problems and is trying to make another go of a career in football. He signed on to play in The Spring League, but the deal has an out-clause if he were to get signed to an NFL roster. The chance to throw in front of scouts on Thursday could spark a renewed interest if teams feel he’s gotten his issues under control.

Even so, it’s a long way for Manziel to go to find himself back in the running to play in the NFL. However, Thursday might present the opportunity to clear one of many hurdles standing in his way.