Vikings expected to sign Tom Compton

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The Vikings are reportedly set to add to their offensive line by signing a player away from one of their NFC North rivals.

Alex Marvez of Sporting News reports that offensive lineman Tom Compton is expected to sign with the team assuming he passes a physical. No terms of the deal have been reported.

Compton, who grew up in Minnesota, entered the league as a sixth-round pick in Washington in 2012 and spent last season with the Bears. He made five starts and appeared in 11 games for Chicago.

Compton has experience at both guard and tackle. The Vikings have a pair of free agents from last year’s line — right guard Joe Berger and reserve Jeremiah Sirles — so Compton would give them some needed depth at the least in the event neither one returns.

30 responses to “Vikings expected to sign Tom Compton

  1. I’ve never heard of this guy but I’m in favor of getting as much competition as possible during training camp. Depth is so important for an offensive line. I’m hoping two of the first three draft picks are for offensive linemen.

  2. Tom “the Turnstile” Compton will be an excellent addition to that already porous viking o-line.

  3. Last year when we signed Case. Keenum in free agency, I thought “yawn” so even though this signing seems pretty much a yawner, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Can’t sign away a player from a rival if they had no intention of resigning him. Guess the old saying is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  5. Sparano will whip em into shape!The Minnesota Moving Company needs depth and this guy will do all right.

  6. Bears fan.. he is good when one guy needs to take a break for a series. When he plays too much his motor wears down and.. its almost like he doesn’t see the defender anymore or something. He just starts whiffing on players. Good for depth and short bursts only.

    Honest answer there

  7. Back up utility man on the OL replacing Sirles who can double as Cousins personal body guard since they are friends. Wondering does this mean Berger is retiring….we need to draft at least 1 or 2 young OL anyways and bring back Mike Tice.

  8. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. With no good FA O-linemen remaining you have to take what’s there. What else can the Vikings do at this point, sign 3 O-linemen? Oh, wait.

  9. bordner says:
    March 22, 2018 at 12:35 pm
    Tom “the Turnstile” Compton will be an excellent addition to that already porous viking o-line.


    I’d like to hear your definition of porous. The Vikings gave up 27.0 sacks in 2017. While that dumpster fire in Wisconsin gave up 51.0 sacks in 2017. 51 sacks isn’t porous, it’s totally pathetic, no wonder Rodgers didn’t want to come back and made them put him back on the I.R.

  10. Probably an insignificant signing but low risk so can’t hate it.

    Spielman has to draft OL in the 1st and 2nd round. Our OL depth is brutal. Reiff and Elflein are the only dependable starters. LG and RG are black holes and Remmers is just OK. If Berger doesn’t come back we are in trouble.

  11. I hope they don’t draft OL in both the 1st and second. My personal preference is always best player available in the first as it’s your best chance to get game changers, and spielman seems to follow a similar philosophy. Only using need as a tie breaker when players are close enough among the best available. The second is where you begin drafting for need. I’m aware we are late in the first and all, it’s just a better shot at getting a guy that goes beyond being a good contributor and instead being a real game changing player of whatever player grouping he belongs. Especially with such a “complete team”. I’m also kind of surprised you think our starting OL is so bad when it played so much improved, and I thought remmers was pretty great. Our OL played pretty above average. Look at ours compared to the numbers of GB. Now DEPTH is somewhere I agree with you at. We definitely need depth on the line. But like I say, i don’t feel like the first round is somewhere you go hunting for depth. From what I saw of Compton I think he can be a starter on this team. I think he was a guy that severely overworked because of the guys he was having the block with. His motor gave out not out of conditioning or effort, but of just running out of gas trying to do way too much. He’s not elite and he’s not gonna be. But serviceable on a line where he can just do his job, which i think is the case with the Vikings. I’m a Vikings fan from southern Illinois where I’m now stuck with bears titans and colts games for my local games so I’ve seen a lot of the guy. I know, how awful of a tv grouping is that!

  12. Tom Compton is the missing key to winning the Superbowl. Wait, where did I hear that phrase before? Oh yea, just take out Tom Compton’s name and insert any FA the Vikings sign.

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