Dolphins signing Brock Osweiler

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The Dolphins have a new backup quarterback, again going with a veteran with plenty of money who may or may not be able to play.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Dolphins are signing Brock Osweiler.

He visited with the team today and they and he apparently liked what they saw.

The former second-round pick and one of the top free agents of the 2016 offseason has bounced from Denver to Houston to Cleveland and back to Denver.

Now, he’s got a clear path to the backup role behind Ryan Tannehill, and a familiar face in coach Adam Gase, who worked with him in Denver when he still was viewed to have potential.

The Dolphins turned to Jay Cutler last year when Tannehill was injured, and let backup Matt Moore walk into free agency.

40 responses to “Dolphins signing Brock Osweiler

  1. What the f— are the Dolphins doing? Tannebum is ruining another franchise.

  2. firerogergoodell says:
    March 23, 2018 at 4:32 pm
    This dude has stolen more money than Sam Bradford.

    *laughs in Matt Flynn

  3. As long as the contract is incentive based and at around the veteran minimum I have no problem with this. The Dolphins feel they can turn His career around and get him back to his play level when he backed up Peyton Manning. Still need to see contract details.

  4. This guy has made more money than some all pro players with no ability to back it up. How does this guy keep finding work?

  5. Why is signing a Veteran Backup QB a big deal? He is getting the same or less than Matt Moore did. Tannehill is the Starter and they only have another Practice Squad QB (Fales), hey, but let’s make dumb comments about tanking etc. He is a Camp Arm and if they Draft a QB, he will most likley be Cut anyway.

  6. You go Brock!!!!!!!

    You’ve made a ton of money doing something you love and continue to get gig’s though your ambition far exceeds your level of talent!!!!!

    Gotta love these kinds of story’s.

  7. Ryan Tannehill’s injury track record? Uh, the guy started 77 straight games until he tore his ACL and, for whatever reason, was advised that surgery wasn’t necessary.

    It’s 2018. His ACL is healed and he’ll go back to getting wrecked by opposing d-linemen and getting back up like a robot.

  8. They can have the guy that has the agility of a newborn giraffe. I bet Phins fans miss Joe Robbie.

  9. This guy has made more money than some all pro players with no ability to back it up. How does this guy keep finding work?


    Brock played OK football when Peyton was hurt because nobody knew him! Brock gets a big contract from the Texans and sinks up the joint. Goes to the Browns on a guaranteed $16M contract that the Browns brought for the Texans 2nd round draft pick but couldn’t bet out a rookie and was cut. Brock goes bad to the Broncos and sinks up the place. After all that he gets signed again for an unknown contract. How often can these failed QBs keep getting recycled around the NFL? And RG3 ROY and top 20 of 100 best players in the NFL, a player that won the NFC East Championship on one knee can’t get a tryout!

  10. I used to think that Adam Gase and the Fins might be able to turn the franchise around. I’ve changed my mind. They are going down the rabbit hole. Signing Osweiler, who’s failed with three other franchises, is confirmation of Miami’s inability to make things work. Do they really think that Osweiler can be the answer if Tannenbaum goes down? Really? No one else in the entire country believes that. This signing is simply an indication that Miami doesn’t have a clue or is tanking. Either way, it’s not good.

  11. Best seller list:

    “How to make NFL Bucks with out getting CTE” – Brock Osweiler.

  12. LOL I wonder what his signature looks like when he signs these contracts. Must be all jacked up from him giggling so much.

  13. Hmmm. No way The ‘Phins are taking m’boy Baker Mayfield now. AZ Sun Devil Osweiler is a completely different type of QB compared to Mayfield.

    Baker… Welcome to The Land (Cleveland)!

  14. what is wrong with the NFL?

    this guy is drafted and gets paid by Denver, for whom he does less than a certain celebrated Christian predecessor now playing baseball;

    he gets traded to cleveland where he does even less, but gets paid $16M;

    he’s released, goes back to Denver where he gets paid millions AGAIN;

    now he’s traded to Miami, where he will get paid more millions for nothing?

    a guy who makes Blake Bortles look like an All-Pro?

    tell me again how this bootlicking coaches’ pet slappy clown is better than Kaepernick?

  15. RG3 was mistakingly given the ROY award over Luck. Shanahan clearly limited and only exposed RG3 to 25% of the play book. He couldn’t even make the Browns roster and was cut. He was a one trick pony that got a flat and couldn’t recover.

  16. Yes, yes, we know, Osweiler is a punch line for commentators who have a bare understanding of football beyond Ws and Ls. But Osweiler actually is a decent backup. Laugh if you want, but he has starting experience, has an arm that isn’t a noodle, has playoff experience (wins, at that), and has at times played well. Stinking it up in Houston actually isn’t an exclusive trait for quarterbacks under Bill O’Brien, believe it or not, and when he came in relief in Denver he wasn’t that bad. That Houston contract was ridiculous, but grasping for the low hanging fruit is easier than actually looking at Osweiler as compared to other backups around the league.

  17. Adam Gase knows more about this kid than any of us and he signed him. The guy has won a lot of Football games and has had to learn several different offensive systems. I can’t think of any QB that didn’t improve with experience, and a stable environment. It’s just like with Nick Foles. This kid has a super bowl ring from Denver, and he won a lot of games for them at QB. How many people thought Foles could do what he did? Now those same people don’t think much of Brock. Brock will get the last laugh. Just like Foles.

  18. mytor1962 says:
    RG3 was mistakingly given the ROY award over Luck. Shanahan clearly limited and only exposed RG3 to 25% of the playbook. He couldn’t even make the Browns roster and was cut. He was a one trick pony that got a flat and couldn’t recover.

    First, his stats speak for themselves! Rg3 took a team that hadn’t been to the playoffs in thirteen seasons on one leg. Made history by having the highest QBR of any rookie QB in NFL history. Rg3 made a burnt out Mike Shanahan relevant.

    Andrew Luck stats:
    339-627 54.1% CMP% – 4,374 YRD – 23 TD – 18 INT – 76.5 – QB Rating – 65.6 QBR

    Luck had more 234 more passing ATT than RG3 and Luck’s QB Rating was a joke.

    RG3 2012 Stats:
    258-393 65.6% CMP% – 3200 YRD – 20 TD – 5 INT – 8.1 Y/A – QB Rating 102.4- QBR 69.4

    RG3 Career Stats:
    63.3% CMP% – 8903 Yds – 7.4 Y/A – 42 TD – 26 INT

    Rg3 stats are better than 1/2 the starting QB playing in the NFL right now. But Brock, Mike Glennon, and Sam Bradford get signed! That’s a joke! Robert was not given a chance to be successful with the Browns. Robert is one of the best deep ball throwers in the NFL.

  19. Coach Adam Gase can no longer be considered a QB Guru. He hates Matt Moore, brings in Jay Cutler out of retirement just because he worked with him before, signs Tight End Thomas who played like he belonged in a middle aged touch football league. Thomas had worked with Gase in Denver. Tannenbaum and this Dolphin’s brain trust need to be very careful with any Gase recommendation. I’m a Dolphin fan and believe in the moves to get Cap healthy and bring in better talent. However I don’t have much confidence in Gase. Let’s see what happens this season….Is Brock better than Matt Lol

  20. Are the Dolphins punking their fanbase? This can’t be real, can it? They sign an injury prone 32 year old Amendola more than anybody else would have. They sign receiver Albert Wilson for $8 million even though he has scored a TOTAL of 7 tds in 4 seasons and averaged 43 yards a game in his best season. Signed Frank Gore who will be 35 years old when the 2018 season starts and has rushed for under 1,000 yards rushing in 3 consecutive seasons. Now have signed career bust, Brock Osweiler. Osweiler has 8 AVERAGE games playing in place on Peyton Manning(with help of an all-time great defense), and somehow keeps getting signed because of it. The BROWNS didn’t think he was good enough for their team. This is probably the worth free agency period I have ever seen the Dolphins have.

  21. There’s a reason he hasn’t caught on any where else. I mean he couldn’t make in CLEVELAND on a $16m contract! YIKES!

    Adam Gase is a coach that require’s “yes men” and he just got another. He doesn’t accept input kindly. He mostly (by far) brings in only those he’s worked with in the past. The problem is, other than his time with Peyton Manning, he’s accomplished nothing. Yet still he wants recognition as quarterback whisperer. This is Jay Cutler deja vu?

    FIRE Gase, bring back Dan Campbell and let him build a coaching staff and an attitude. That’s the coach the Phins should hire. NO DOUBT!

  22. The Phins’ BEST RB at the start of 2017…. GONE
    The Phins’ BEST WR at the start of 2017…. GONE
    The Phins’ BEST OL at the start of 2017…. GONE
    The Phins’ BEST DL at the start of 2017…. GONE

    And now the signing of Frank Gore (awesome , but past his prime) or Brock Osweiler (hahaha).

    The NFL 2019 Draft should see Miami picking first.

  23. charliecharger says:
    March 24, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Adam Gase knows more about this kid than any of us and he signed him.

    He knew more about Jay Cutler than any of us, too. Where did that get the Phins?

  24. viperstournaments says:
    March 23, 2018 at 4:48 pm
    Well, considering Ryan’s injury track record Brock will be the starter in Week 2
    Tannehill is actually one of the sturdiest QBs in the league. For years he was absolutely brutalized because of a historically bad offensive line and yet only came out late in 1 game until the knee injury on an illegal low hit. The issue was they made the wrong choice on how to deal with that knee and it cost him last season. IF it is healed before he tries playing football he should be just fine.

    That said, I have no idea why they chose Osweiler. His strengths are not the same as Tannehill’s so if he does need to come in then the offense will be limited…which is what Gase was complaining about before. I don’t understand why he would create a similar problem as a back-up plan.

  25. Somebody above said the worst free agency he could remember. Well we have supposedly had good free agency in the last few years, signed the best available albeit for too much money but we were still pants. Maybe this might have the opposite outcome. Ok clutching here but you never know.

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