Earl Thomas: I’m going to be rich and happy wherever I play

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The Seahawks have lost Sheldon Richardson, Richard Sherman, Paul Richardson, Jimmy Graham and Michael Bennett already. Will Earl Thomas depart, too?

Seattle might or might not be in talks with other teams about trading the safety. Thomas seems to know about as much as we do.

“Hopefully I stay, but right now, nobody knows,” Thomas said recent in an interview with “Off the Ball” while visiting Ireland, via Brady Henderson of ESPN. “It’s a guessing game, so we’ll see.”

Thomas has one year left on a four-year, $40 million extension he signed after the 2013 season that made him the league’s highest-paid safety. He is scheduled to make $8.5 million in 2018.

Thomas already has threatened to holdout if he doesn’t get a new deal.

“In my case, whether I’m in Seattle or anywhere else, I’m going to be rich and happy regardless,” Thomas said. “So it’s a cut-throat league, but if you’re at the top of your game and you don’t give them any reasons to devalue, you’re good. That’s just how I look at it.”

53 responses to “Earl Thomas: I’m going to be rich and happy wherever I play

  1. Id rather be happy by sharing my riches and helping people. Maybe thats what he meant, but if so maybe he should say it.

  2. He is assuming that he will stay healthy. Just look at his teammates Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor whether they thought they would suffer career threatening injuries before the 2017 season began. He can also look back to the season he broke his leg and thought about retirement.

    Teams that are interested in him know that he may be an expensive one season rental, especially if Seattle asks a lot in a trade. Most likely he won’t be traded and he won’t get a new contract extension until late in the 2018 season. By then they will know whether he is still a good player but more importantly, whether the team needs a massive rebuild or not.

  3. Yeah, we get it Earl, you’re rich. Congrats. Real class act, way to relate to the common folk. Hope he stays right there in Seattle where he can whine about retiring every other game.

  4. I wish these “rich” players would spend a little on a public relations rep. That single phrase alone will give teams a reason to pause (or pass) on his services.

  5. This is the one veteran they need to re-sign. Pay him what he deserves. I’m hoping this is the reason they’ve let the other high dollar guys walk.

    There isn’t another Earl Thomas coming along anytime soon. The guy is irreplaceable.

  6. He is right. Top of his game. Only 28 years old One of the best safeties out there.

    He should get paid top dollar.

    But with a comment like “I’m going to be RICH” anywhere I go….

    I would be scared to pay him top dollar.

    But that probably goes for all athletes so to the highest bidder!!!

  7. Seahawks are down and out as it is ~ Losing Thomas is just another step in the rebuilding program ~

  8. Thomas wasn’t at the “top of his game” in SB49 when he allowed Amendola to score a TD on him in the end zone. Overrated. Trade or cut him. Use that 8.5M on the OL

  9. Ole ET bout to get a reality check. If Seattle thinks he’s overpaid, I’m not seeing too many teams lining up to break the bank for the guy. He’s older, already torn ACL… If I’m a GM and really need a playmaker at safety, I’d just position myself to draft Derwin James. You get 4 years of cheap salary and a 5th yr option. ET needs some humble pie.

  10. Hold out on a $9,500,000.00 contract that you signed your name to only 4 years ago. While the average American household pulls in $65,000 per year. And you wonder why the NFL’s audience is shrinking

  11. This is why I don’t want Dallas to trade for him.

    He wants a big contract, plus Dallas has other needs and no CAP room.

  12. Is it just me or does it seems like all Seahawks players have huge ego? Current or former. Lynch, Sherman, Bennett, now Thomas

  13. Can’t wait to see the pitch forks come out over this “headline”.

    I appreciate dude for being candid and telling it like it is. He’s a warrior and deserves to get whatever he can. Go ET. Go Hawks.

  14. He needs to show his willingness to perform wherever to keep his value for himself. In turn, it puts pressure on the team to tread correctly to keep what leaverage they have to get high trade value for him or get as much of a team, cap friendly extension worked out if he isn’t traded. Interesting to see how this plays out. Most Fans want him to remain. The business reality and proper long term value based decision is likely to get as much as you can for him and make a trade. I’m with the fans on this one.

  15. It’s good to hear a positive attitude from these guys. We all know most of them are rich and happy outside the game of football. Good for ET not making any drama out of this situation. Wish him the best.

  16. I love this. Its honest and its true. It is also a great message for the NFL. Players are and should retire earlier then before and they are rich when they do. Sorry fans this isn’t your H.S. team, this is pro ball. Get paid, get paid the best you can.

  17. “In my case, whether I’m in Seattle or anywhere else, I’m going to be rich and happy regardless,”

    You’re already rich. As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness. So, that’s on you.

  18. And with that comment (which is no doubt true) the NFL lost a few more fans on the margin who don’t want their time and money going to benefit someone like that.

  19. LOL Well, at least he’s honest about it!!! I suspect he may remain in Seattle, if they do not lower their asking price via a trade…..

  20. GB should trade Cobb, Bulaga and a mid-round draft pick for him. We’d clear over $18 million in cap space and Thomas would only account for $8.5 mil of that. That’d leave plenty of $ to resturcture Rodgers deal, plus GB has the most draft picks this year so it wouldn’t hurt too much in those regards. Cobb is overpaid for a slot WR, meanwhile Jason Spriggs could replace Bulaga.

  21. Oh, it’s all added up quite clearly by now. He is done in Seattle, the writing is on the wall. Some team will be fortunate and elated to have him on their squad.

  22. 1st contract- play hard for 2nd contract.
    2nd contract- Good players keep playing hard, some players not so much.
    3rd contract- elite players keep playing hard, some are about a money grab.

  23. Wait….so he has a year left on the contract that he signed and tonwhich he agreed but he is threatening to “hold out”?

  24. Get your money Earl why you have the leverage because once you turn 30 the league will treat you like a fossil.

  25. “I am ‘rich and happy,’ (to the tune of $84M guaranteed), thanks to Minnesota!” – Kirk Cousins

  26. Earl and all 5’9″ of him still has stone hands and the tendency to hurt his own players on head down hits. All these Seahawks were in their own world thinking they were the best of the best.. Russell Wilson actually was and is more important than all of you. They fought it hard but it’s the reality.

  27. He’s right. He’s the best safety in the league, granted it is not a super valued position, he is going to get paid one way or another. Why should he be loyal to Seattle? These teams aren’t loyal to anybody. And of course he wants to work a new deal. Any play could be your last so nobody wants to play on a one year deal. Everything going on here is par for the course, Thomas just made it public so now the peanut gallery can give their two cents.

  28. If a team were ‘loyal’ to its players…..it would be in last place pressed at the cap with the IR packed while filling its lineup out with practice player level guys.

  29. Love it! If you’re worried about what another man makes then your’e not doing something right in your own life. Get paid Earl, everyone thats mad at your comment is salty because they’re unhappy with their own paycheck.

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